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Multivarka Philips HD3036/03 review and feedback.

If You are tired of messing around in the kitchen, if You are tired to get up the crack of dawn to prepare Breakfast — buy multiverse. Instead You will have to control the cooking. Due to the delayed start will Wake up early in the morning, she will cook.


Well-known on the Russian market, Philips is one of the largest corporations in the world market, in addition to equipment for medicine, unique lighting it is also the largest manufacturer of home appliances. The Philips engineers care about the comfort of each family in every kitchen. In the variety of types of equipment for the kitchen, which produces this company, there was a place for wonderful device — multivarka. Multivarka Phillips is a wonderful assistant for every kitchen and every housewife who prepares a variety of dishes without requiring attention on the part of the person.

In the model number multivarok Philips there are several different devices having different functions and characteristics, every woman can find a helper for himself according to his wishes, prosperity and culinary preferences.

Multivarka Philips HD3077/40 — it’s a smart and spacious home assistant, the volume of the inner Cup with non-stick coating — 5 l, which is suitable for a large family. Instead you multiverse will prepare a microprocessor, you can simply choose one of the 9 major programs prepare and load the products.

Special feature 3D heat will help to evenly cook any dish, warming him from three sides. Heating function and delayed start will allow you to adjust the device for themselves. Another device from Philips is multivarka philips HD3037/03 which many similar to the previous model, it also has a three sided heating, removable valve for steam and non-stick bowl with a capacity of 5 liters, basically the same functions, but it has 12 special modes for cooking. But it should be noted that the device Philips HD3077/40 more convenient to use because it has a removable top cover. A smaller replica of this model is multivarka philips HD3036/03. This multivarka Philips reviews which recommend it for not a large family, differs modest price and perfect for the young lady or well will serve as the second multiverse.

Another fairly functional model is Philips HD3039/00, relatively large volume combined with the variety of programs (a total of 18 modes) and high capacity wt. This multivarka Philips reviews which can be found on the numerous forums on the Internet has a unique, compared to all other models, design (orange LCD display, original button layout, stylish and comfortable shape of the body).

«twin Brothers» in the model number multivarok from Philips is Philips HD3027/03 and Philips HD3025/03. Both are perfect for the modern kitchen, with not only traditional as Philips, but also excellent options (heating, timer delay, gold plating of the inner bowl, a removable cover). The difference between the model only by the amount of the Philips HD3027/03 — a five-liter bowl, and Cup volume from Philips HD3025/03 -4 litres.

Another model worth mentioning is the Philips HD3077/03. She has a unique intuitive touch controls, special gold plating for bowls, anti-children, 6 ways of cooking rice and 5 other modes, the difference is small volume multivarki — only 1.8 liters. It should be noted that this multivarka Philips price which is quite modest, perfect for the young modern family or for a family of one person.

Multivarki Phillips — it’s invisible workers of the food that will not spoil your interior and will not take up much space, however, they have a real quality Philips and will long linger in your kitchen.

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