Radio for all, PHILIPS2



1627.) PHILIPS 14PT1352/00 BP Peeps (even when disconnected loads), naprawa outlet almost nothing. Guilty S (leak).

1732.) Philips 14CE1200 according to the owner: it was included, then no, but now is no longer included. Was surprised to read tips on faulty chokes in filipich, but prokopakis two days, was just a tweezers to close all the chokes in a row and clicking the switch and lo and behold, when the circuit 5697 (between two 47,0×160) TV turns on. Put another L — is not included. Just had to put the jumper. The jitters in the upper part of the screen was associated with drying With 2098 about MS generator / pulse.

1759.) Philips 21GX54A came with broken chip frame scan TA8403K. Checking the power line was normal. Installed a new chip and when turned on it immediately burned. Checked all the piping. In place R323 2,2 Om established to protect 100 Ohm disconnected HR coil when enabled, the new chip is not burned. Hooked HR coil. On 2 pins heavily distorted signal. Changed deflecting system returned R323 in the rate of 2.2 Ohms. Personnel work correctly. Was in the old OS in the HR coil inter-turn short circuit.

1762.) Philips 29 PT9007/58 (Shassis EM2E) the Problem: when I turn on network button you can hear the start line scan, you may receive intermittent high voltage. Raster does not appear as a defense mechanism and the led on the front panel of the TV is blinking with a frequency of 3 Hz (3 times per second). Disable the protection hotpaw Zener 6405 BZM55-C39 (SMD type). TV started, violated the correction of the raster by row. Went into the service menu: what is pressed on the remote control 062596 and tapped (i ) and dropped buffer errors. Tried to adjust the size of the raster horizontally, the raster is still great, no adjustment. Found ragged resistor 3483 according to scheme 1 actually has 100 Ohms. Raster began to be regulated. Soldered on the Zener diode 6405, protection tripped again. Again upali Zener diode and went into the service menu — buffer specified error 005. The service manual indicates a problem with the power supply 8 volts. Checked the power supply voltage of 5 volts and 8 volts is the norm. (check on the processor OTC leg 105 ( 8), 106 ( 5)). Responsible for all troubles capacitor 2495 100n (SMD type).

Radio for all, PHILIPS2

1785.) PHILIPS-21PT136B/58. The problem: Turns on from standby, the led on the front panel of the TV responds to commands from the remote control. No sound and images. The voltage at the output 36 TDA8362Е — starting line scan — inflated. Chip to replace.

1851.) Philips 28GR6780 Fault: No picture, the screen filled with milk. If a breakdown occurs was the smell of burning. Visually detected burnt R3331 = 1 Ohm. It is installed in the supply circuit of the switch input.

1853.) Philips 28GR6780 Failure: Broken findings switch control range of the tuner. Other features of the processor TMP47C634N-R364 works properly. To find such a processor is extremely difficult. The option of repair failure of some functions of the microprocessor. The processor is controlled by remote control RC-5. The TV was connected, standard MDU on ACRWH(understands the same console). Switching bands he performs. The module is powered from the TV. Discomfort in the channel setup, but that’s trivia. Thus, the modified TV, operated more than one year.

1855.) Philips 28GR6780 Failure: recurrent narrowing of the raster horizontally. Replacement transistor BD236 in the circuit size adjustment (it is installed on the heat sink). Suitable CTV.

1890.) Philips 28GR6780 Failure: no vertical scan. After elimination of ncontact on the connector deflecting system on the image at the top of the screen -«accordion». The reason contacte chip resistor 150 ohms. It is installed next to the connector, parallel HR OS.

in 1928.) Philips 28GR6781. There is no Common synchronization. Image flicker. On different channels. in a different way. After warming up can normally earn. Replacement capacitor for power supply TDA2579A (10 turn.)

1943.) PHILIPS 14PT138A/58R (L7.1A AA chassis) Distorted, weak sound. With LF input no sound. The reason is defective internal circuit мс.TDA8362E between pins 1 and 50 (switch TV/AV — adjustable amplifier). If LF input is not used, it is possible to eliminate the defect, throwing the inlet of USC (S) with you. 50 TDA8362E on you. 1 (output not adjustable amplifier) TDA8362E.

1953.) PHILIPS-21PT136B/58. The sound is there, the intensity is, the screen is dark. The twisting of accelerating the result does not. The voltage at the cathodes 30-40V (i.e. cathode tube is not locked). The test shows the absence of accelerating voltage on you.7 (G2) panel of a CRT. TDKS? But when you pull a wire accelerating from the Board Keene voltage appears. Conclusion -»replanting». Measure the resistance VIV relatively «land» PC and get Cam! Remove the PC from the tube — circuit disappears. Inspection shows interelectrode circuiting the terminals 7 (G2) and 5 (G1) tube (mutual resistance of about 1K), and WAV (G1) through R3279 (Cam) on the PC sits on the «earth» PC. Hence the desired Cam! At separation 3279 «land» and probike UIC. wire in place of the received distorted, blurred image with the LOCH. To eliminate electrode and restore proper functioning pipes managed by the following method: thaim 3279 into place. 2. put the jumper on you. resistor; 3. open wire UIC. from the PC; 4. pick out the wire focus of the socket Keene; 5. Incl. TV, 3-4 times touch for a few seconds. the wire trick you. 5 socket tube. After this operation, the operability of the kinescope fully recovered.

2028.) PHILIPS 33CE536/30R Chasiss 3A Failure: first, when the TV is turned on, twitching of the lower portion of the raster, then it is compressed to the middle, after a few seconds raster took a normal size and the TV could not work how predictable, not as predictable was the appearance of this defect again. The reason for this failure was «floating» breakage of the capacitor 2582 included with the legs 22 of the chip TDA8432 on the body. This capacitor is responsible for the vertical size.

2062.) PHILIPS 14GR1221/59R of the words of the master, periodically, randomly turn off, then stopped to turn on. Failed C3795 — was replaced by our CT machine running but any off repeated. When checking 103,5 V — the voltage is normal, but if you set using the variable resistor 103,0 V defect disappeared (apparently the thyristor F2D very sensitive to small changes in voltage).

2074.) Philips 14GR1221/59R Failure: Horizontal scanning mode start-stop, or this defect appears with a warm-up. If you turn the trimmer against AGC hour. arrow TV starts to work normally for some time. Reason — a breakdown of the capacitor 2021(22nF).

2075.) Philips 25PT5207/60 Failure: does Not turn on from standby mode (horizontal and vertical run through 5-8 seconds turns off in standby mode). Cut off the leg of the capacitor 2493 (near the base line of the transistor), so as a defense mechanism for E/W correction.

2076.) Philips 25PT5324/58 chassis A8.0 Failure: does Not turn on from standby, blinking led after a short run horizontal. Reason: solder skips one leg of the transformer on the Board of correction of the raster. You also need to solder the first leg of the connector on the deflecting system (illness Philips OS).

2077.) Philips 14PT1345 chassis L9.2 Failure: according to the client apparatus after the storm. Initially didn’t run CF, after replacing grooms transistor CF tries to start (blinking led). If the TV can switch to the operating mode (unsolder n. percent), then WED start raster appears slightly reduced horizontally and vertically, only the top half. Measurements the frequency of the triggering pulses. WED got something about 20kHz. Replacement GPU, personnel did not help. It turned out that at the time of start pulse start CF generates MS 7607 NE555D, and after starting CF starts to work 8842. After long suffering, TV earned after replacing the capacitor 2651 MF/25V (10uf) and propaivaniya transistor 7620 and Zener 6612.

2078.) Philips 25PT4103_60 chassis L6.2 Symptom: With heating decreases the horizontal size, the picture begins to relax. Food W instead of 150V. Reason — the loss of capacity of the capacitor 2515 MF/160V.

2086.) PHILIPS-14GX8512 after replacing TDKS, TDA8362, TDAV, led on front panel is blinking, replace 6474 (Zener diode 5,1V).

2091.) PHILIPS 28GR770/22B Problem: TV does not turn on, the output of the power supply instead of V (50V). After you install the jumper between the base and emitter line of the transistor appeared W, replacing TDKS 37554.

2114.) PHILIPS 14PT1345 Chassis L9.2E AA. The processor SAA5542PS/M4/0270. Problem: no picture, sound is. When checking the power supply voltage is normal, the intensity is high and accelerating voltage is normal. Suspicion has fallen on video TDA8842S. Replacing this chip did not change anything. Was tested firmware flash memory S, but it wouldn’t work. Remained human. After replacing the chip TDA9302H TV normally earned.

2148.) PHILIPS 21PT133A/58R Problem: TV does not turn on, the led on the front panel blinks constantly. Sometimes the TV may start on 10 — 15 seconds, then turns off and blinks the led. Faulty transistor 7219 BC338. The tester indicates that the transistor is working properly.

2162.) Philips 21PT136B/58 Problem: when enabled, the image shows the amount of rows in a minute sewing you’ve done all signs TDKS brightness take almost no sewing. Changed the same thing, put all the containers in the collector circuit is the same, and not the background image no, size is not walking was was so behaved capacity in BPS MC at 200v

2165.) PHILIPS 43PP8420 Proection. On the screen nevedenie red, scale and form of the signal is not regulated. Output STK392-120 (-15V)After replacing IC output -0,5V, defect remained. The reason the resistance of the resistor 6.8 Ohm in the feedback circuit is replaced.

2192.) PHILIPS — 28PT4103/160 Failure: the raster is compressed on the sides of 10-15 cm from each side. In the cliff S 0,39х250V

2245.) Philips GR1234/58R: Fault: when coming out of Standby, the noise in the dynamics, the screen is dark. The reason is that the inductance L5524 increase resistance, instead om — 8th. You can replace the resistor R=0.22-0.6 ohms./1w.

2265.) PHILIPS 14PT 138A Problem: after about half an hour of work a raster begins to fill with blue. Do not rush to change TDA8362. The reason for this failure may be the capacity of 8 leg TDA8395P SECAM decoder.

2294.) Philips Goya Brillant 889. Failure: the Relaxation power, short outage could work for hours and hours is not shutting down and not responding to the tapping. The cause of failure was a trimmer on the module power regulating 142 C.

2336.) Philips 20GX8552. The problem: when I turn on the TV goes into protection, the led flashes. When forced to run CF no voltage 8V on pin 10 TDA8362. Breakage of the transistor 7219 (2SС338)

2380.) PHILIPS 14PT1342/58 (chassis L6.1AA) Failure: periodically lost control, the processor TMP47C1637N-RA19 «freeze», the supply and discharge of working. The reason is faulty the processor, helped «frying».

2386.) PHILIPS 14PT1342/58 (chassis L6.1 AA) Failure: skips stations when tuning. Replaced conder contour AFT on external R. After a small adjustment circuit everything is working properly.

2396.) PHILIPS 21GX54A Failure: the TV turns on after a few taps on the power key, the power supply may not start, but maybe not. Looks like the solder skips. Total propeica site power has not helped, were replaced all capacitors in the primary node of the power, all the transistors, diodes — to no avail, until changed pulse transformer, then it worked. This is one of those rare cases when changing impulsec.

2401.) Philips chassis L6.2A. Failure: does not work correction of geometric distortion in the horizontal direction. Raster narrowed pillow. Faulty transistor 7908 «STP4NA40F1″. Such a transistor is not found. Put «STP4NB80″. Correction does not work. After searching found a breakage of the capacitor 2913 390n. After replacing — all right.

2409.) Phillips 21PT136B/58 Shassis Anibus A5 Fault: On the screen in the center of the narrow vertical strip. Breakage of the capacitor 9474. Standing next to TDKS

2417.) Philips 21PT133A (chassis ANUBIS S DD). The problem: after replacing the strochnik 1142 5041, TV worked for half an hour and no longer included. The standby indicator blinks. The power supply 8 volts on TDA8362 missing. It turned out apalsa collector of transistor 7219 BC338. However, after propane transistor 8 volts does not appear, although the transistor was zvonilsja as normal, even Lipany. For lack of a transistor put the roll on 8 volts, by the way, the radiator came along.

2418.) PHILIPS 29PT8507/12 (chassis EM2E AA). Failure: raster blinking bright blue with lines reverse, violation correction of the raster. Then as a defense mechanism, and the standby indicator starts to flash quickly. After verification of the respective circuits, concluded: electrode circuit of the cathode blue. Tried to fix the circuit method of tapping the neck of the kinescope. Put the TV on a soft surface with the screen down and lightly knocked on the neck. After this operation, the TV came to life. True guarantees to owner, of course, not given.

2462.) PHILIPS — 28PT4103/00 chassis L6.2 Symptom: no vertical scan, all of the secondary voltage power supply low. The culprit turned out to be the capacitor 2515 47,HV

2480.) PHILIPS 21PT133A/58R Failure: aperiodicity raster disappears. High tension, the sound remains. With increasing accelerating visible narrow band, the problem is in the vertical scan. Reason: temporary failure of the transistor regulator 8V to power the GPU TDA8362Е. Type 2SС338, marking scheme 7219, is about WITH, with the radiator. It is noteworthy that the failure 8B fell just on the volt, horizontal scanning continued to work, and personnel — had ceased.

2517.) Phlips 20PT138/58R Problem: periodically break 7445 BUT11AF. Faulty 7440 BC847 (SMD) or choke (5442) in the 7445.

2525.) Philips 14PT1556 chassis L01.2aa Fault: no sound, ULF healthy. A detailed study of the scheme has led to the idea that a faulty processor or «flew» firmware in the memory chip. After flashing S all OK!

2529.) PHILIPS 20GX8552/59T. Failure: does not turn on, blinking led on the front panel. Power 10h chip TDA8362 was underestimated. Faulty transistor 7519 US.

2532.) PHILIPS 29PT9008/12 chassis EM2 bid competitively Problem: when turned on for a second appears high, then the TV goes into standby mode, panel flashing led. He utpal Zener 6405 (protection) TV on the picture is normal, the capacitor 2642 100,h voltage gradually increases at до70V. a capacitor connected to the cathode of Zener diode passing through the chain on the basis of the chip transistor 3465 found ragged SMD resistor 5464 (22nd ).

2554.) Philips 29PT8508/12. Chassis EME. The problem: there is a picture and sound, but raster — a pillow, a power line scan low (when the load on the lamp voltage normal 140V). Reason — a short circuit in the transformer POS. 5422, 5424 (in the diagram is the primary winding in series with the deflecting system and the secondary is included in the circuit diagram of the correction of the raster). Visual defect is detected only after the roll-out of the transformer. The number of coils is not great — you can easily rewind.

2564.) Philips chassis GR2.2AA Failure: BP is not included in the operating mode, relaxes, may be included after propane or replace any part of the next day, repeat. Guilty — CNR50 (the world with optocoupler).

2565.) Philips chassis GR2.2AA Problem: intermittently fails the power transistor line scan. Ring crack on the connector itself deflecting system.

2590.) PHILIPS 32PW960B/58 Shassis FL2.24, FL2.26, FL2.27 Failure: according to the owner on the TV, something slammed and he was off. When turning on lights led standby. Transfer to the operating mode with the remote control and the front panel of the TV — is ignored. Faulty capacitor 2504 222K 3KV (2200pf 3kv). The capacitor vonitsa tester, short!

2608.) PHILIPS 28GR6780/58R. Fault: no picture. the sound is there. On a dark background alternating horizontal stripes. To eliminate defects soldering chips on the Board Teletext (installed vertically to the main Board.)

2631.) Philips 21PT3882/59R Shassis L9.2E Failure: the TV turns on, has sound, dark screen. Adding accelerating voltage appears blue raster. The modulator tube 250 volts — the tube is locked. Periodically, you may receive the image with shifted phase image. Breakage resistance 3404 value Cam. The adjustment signal phase flows through the resistance 41 of the IC leg TDA8844.

2632.) PHILIPS 25PT4103/60. The problem: when enabled, works long, 20 seconds, sometimes less, then turns off. Then, again, and so, several times. Then goes into standby mode. Further inclusion is possible only after you disconnect from the network. The power supply replaced the ill-fated transistor 7505 S-25 and standing beside the condenser 22,HW.

2655.) Philips 25CE6269. (chassis CP-110). Problem: TV does not start, the power supply is dead. Defective was the line transformer 37054, replaced by HR6214. After the launch showed the following problems: no sound — replaced the chip audio processing TDA8190, dead battery 1901 — replaced by two batteries GP 1.2V 300mA/h, in the image distortion in the form of judder (especially noticeable on vertical lines) — replaced electrolytic capacitor 2633 (filter power grooms cascade horizontal) 100,h

2720.) Philips 28CE6298/10B. The problem: after disconnecting the network forgets the settings. Faulty battery 2.4 century

2727.) PHILIPS 21PT166B/60P Failure: darkens the screen in the process, the sound is normal. The reason regulators focusing and accelerating voltage TDKS. Visible crack on the perimeter of the unit controllers. You can try to repair the unit controllers. Dismantling stretch the springs under the coal engines regulators all gathered, carefully compress the plastic crimped top and reinforce with tape.

2764.) Philips 32PW9520/12 chassis EM5.3E AA Failure: does not turn on the standby indicator is not lit. The apparatus has a B/P standby and main, switched via relay. Cause: short-circuit. 7102: BUZ90 and 6171: 6v8 (Zener diode) in B/N standby mode. The main reason is probably the low-quality components.

2786.) PHILIPS 20GX8552/59T Problem: TV does 5-10min normally then shuts off, sometimes it may not turn back on. When off TV was no voltage 8V on the GPU. Faulty proved transistor 7210 (S), substituted CTB

2805.) Philips 29PT5407/01 Failure: raster size is changed in size (the effect of «magnifying glass») depending on the brightness of the scene, distorted geometry. Visual inspection revealed a ring cracks on the findings chokes 5463 and 5401 in the horizontal scan. The quality of the solder and the Assembly as a whole continues to limp.

2825.) PHILIPS 20GX8550/58R Failure: the TV turns on, screen is blank when adding accelerating appears raster with reverse swing. After 10 minutes, you receive the image from the return stroke from the top. Replace S (100,h).

2860.) Philips 25PT4503/58 Failure: BP tries to start (zakaat). Broken capacitor C PF*2kv horizontal scanning.

2863.) Philips GX37A Failure: there is no start power supply. After the standard procedure: replace the capacitors 47,0х50V, check the secondary circuit on the subject of short circuit and check all semiconductors in the primary circuit, the result is the same. Sometimes the phone ran and worked indefinitely, but only until the removal of voltage from the PSU. Total propane gave nothing. Measurements showed the absence of start-up pulses on the basis of the key transistor Q604. After the analysis of the scheme, it became clear that there is no process of self-oscillations. Replacement transformer has not produced results. All resistive harness the switching transistors has been thoroughly tested. Remained under suspicion of two capacitor C611 (0.1х100v) and S (3.3 nFх1,5 kV), replacement S had the desired effect!

2872.) Philips 28PT4403/00 Chassis L6.2 AA Release 1997 (In addition to secrets 2078 and 2462). Video TDA8362. Problem: TV has been in repair with a diagnosis of «not included». Initial inspection showed that the voltage on the power supply goes and 300 In network capacity available. Voltage 150 on TDKS’t do that. And TDKS powered by «hot» wire. All the transistors in the power supply tested tester and swahilis as healthy, gain — not broken! Urgent scan — BU1508AX is also intact. For a huge radiator was discovered by two fully dry electrolytic capacitor, according to the scheme — 2423 and 2515 capacity 47,h Century After replacing the new 100,h In health TV was restored.

2898.) Philips 29PT5606/58 chassis L01.1E. Failure: did the repair with broken string transistor 7480 (BU4508DX). After replacing the transistor vereschit horizontal scanning. Line pulse when the oscilloscope has changed shape (pointed). Blame capacity 2455 (47,0x35V) about TMSA. The transistor replaced by BU2520DX.

2935.) PHILIPS 29PT 8608 chassis EM2E Malfunction: when you hear the start line scan, appears high, then the TV goes into standby mode and a second led will be flashing. Advice No. 2532 found ragged SMD resistor 5464 (22 Ohms), replaced include the defect is the same. Was still in the cliff SMD resistor (100 Ohms), the rooms are not found near the Zener diode 6405. After replacing the TV normally earned.

2942.) Philips 14AA0327/42B chassis Anubis A.AB Failure: not included — you could hear the PSU operation. The circuit IN TDKS on the housing (6 Ohms). Replacement TDKS AT/40 HR7488.

2994.) Philips 29PT9417/12 chassis EM5,1E Failure: the Picture on the screen is curved, as if not working ARU. Mode auto TV proccacia station. In the PIP window picture-in norm without distortion. Faulty turned out to be the chip of the radio channel TDA9321H, is a digital rendering.

3016.) PHILIPS RT 4523/13 chassis MD1.2E Symptom: entered in repair with defective horizontal scan. Broken line transistor VT7421(BU1508AX). The usual case, checked all the elements of the strapping but found nothing. Yes, and the owner said that the TV stopped working after «throw» voltage. Changed the transistor everything worked, but after a couple weeks the same thing. To my surprise after long hours of searching to find the ring cracks in the soldering deflector system in part of the kinescope. After that performance has stabilized. If you don’t have a transistor of this type is very suitable CTA (BU208A), from BP USCT!).

3039.) Philips 21GR1260/58R. Chassis GR2.1. The problem: when you switch from standby mode indicator light turns off, but the TV does not turn on. Known choke 5524 — in norm. The reason was in mid resistor 9075 (so it is marked on the Board, on the scheme of the TV it is not). Through it flows the voltage to 9 V with power supply (capacitor 2636) grooms cascade horizontal (diode 6523).

3042.) Philips 25PT4475/58 (L9.1E) Failure: by 7-14 days to fly line transistor BU1508DX, all voltages, electrolytes, chokes normal. Circular cracks on the OS (the connector on the Board otklonski until you charge will not lead!)

3050.) PHILIPS 14GX37A Failure: no color SECAM, video TA8659AN was replaced as soon as possible — to no avail. After a long diagnosis revealed that changed the face value of the capacitor built into the circuit L209 24 foot GPU (recognition SECAM). The circuit was vipan defective capacitor gently broken. Then the circuit was soldered into place. by selection of the nominal installed capacitor PF. under the circuit side of the tracks. The circuit is re-configured.

3061.) Philips chassis L9.2A Defective no raster, the sound is there. With increasing accelerating appears blue background with LOCH. Started checking modes TDA8842 and found no pulse systems ABB 18 leg. card test tube revealed the breakdown of chip Zener 6343 8,2V. Replacement of the Zener diode solved the problem.

3095.) Philips 29PT5516/58 (chassis AE) Malfunction: after 3 years of operation, about once a year for 2-3 days randomly went into standby mode, or after turning on and warming up, hung on any one channel and no manipulation did not respond. Conclusion — a faulty module P/N 313917867161. Treated by propane hot air station processor SAA5667, maybe not the first time, but this way refurbished one machine, there is no return.

3113.) PHILIPS RTV. The problem: after switching on, runs for about 20 min, and then the raster is folded in a vertical line with a width of 3-4 mm. As this line has some width clear that it’s not a cliff, but rather in the famous blue capacitor PHILIPS. Replacement suspicious capacitor on C-17 — 0,MF 400V solved the problem.

3120.) Philips 21PT135458 chassis L9.2 Failure: out of standby for a second and off again. Defective (loss of capacity) blue capacitor 2420 (560nF 250V), which is heated located near dvuhsvetny resistor (do not remember the position).

3125.) PHILIPS 28MK2490. The problem — floats the image vertically and to the left horizontally. With heating breakdown total synchronization. Reason — singleprocessor 7701 TDA2579B.

3129.) PHILIPS 29PT9008/12 chassis EM2 bid competitively Problem: when turned on for a second appears high, then the TV goes into standby mode, panel flashing led. He utpal Zener 6405 (protection) TV on the picture is normal, the capacitor 2642 100,h voltage gradually increases from 0 до70V. a capacitor connected to the cathode of Zener diode passing through the chain on the basis of the chip transistor 3465 found ragged SMD resistor 5464 (22nd ). So it all began. The woes are not over! Not regulated pillow. Periphrasis S — to no avail! Near optocouplers (through which correction) found another ragged SMD resistor (100 Ohms), the appearance of the whole, but in the mid-noughts small hole, seen through a 10X loupe. Periphrasis saved firmware and everything fell into place!

3134.) PHILIPS CTV-8148 Failure: no horizontal and vertical synchronizing, and when you try to configure a new program — he does not see them, that is, skips, stops. Was the broken resistor R235 scheme denominated Cam 33 foot GPU TA8659AN.

3141.) PHILIPS 28PW5324/01. The problem: when I turn on it beeps BP. PSU is OK. In the module line scan failed 6N60. do not short circuit and 35 Ohms. After replacing the TV is turned on, but not completely reverses the string. heated 6N60. Vipal with monoplace module horizontal, the distended capacitor 390 n near the conclusion. After replacing the capacitor 390 n all OK.

3142.) PHILIPS 2844. The problem: with warming «Selena» and turns itself off. Framed TDA6107 — the result is the same.

When gently tapped on the neck of the kinescope colored light. Switchable nominal tension (pre-measured U glow),

wrap 2 turns well insulated wire on the core strochnik and connected via a standard resistor to the terminals of the glow tube. Include all OK. U glow to alterations 6,2V after 6,3V.

3151.) PHILIPS 14PV162/58 Failure: does not resume from standby. The power supply works. After the standard check-WED,

came on human TDA3653C (short to power). The most interesting thing is that the chip dangling between the radiator and the presser

the flap. After replacement-nothing has changed. On this Board have found two burnt resistor connected in series to the anode of Zener diode TL431C. Rang TL — partially punched. Replaced and it worked

3152.) PHILIPS 14PT1345/58, chassis L9.2E AA (Polish Assembly). Fault: 20-30 sec. after start goes to the control room, on the screen only «snow». Detailed testing has shown that dried electrolytes BP in the primary and secondary circuits. And as a consequence of the overestimation of the supply voltages. As well as the poor quality of the rations in BP, CF, CR, etc. Also revealed that came with the system chip memory 24C08. After eliminating the above defects TV works fine.

3154.) Philips 25PT4503/58 chassis MD1.2E/AA Fault: line breaks transistor BU1506DX not immediately maybe in a few hours, after the workshop came to me, the service said that it is necessary to change the line transformer. Line transistor in the service was replaced by BU508DF, decided to put both on a BU1506DX but Mitinskaya choosing not found this transistor had to take BU1508DX was previously checked everything that relates to line scan nothing was revealed. TV after replacing the transistor earned, worked 8 hours. The next day, the TV does not turn on, BU1508 broke once again everything was tested only thing was that BU508 and BU1508 were fake, then was replaced by BU2508DF TV worked for more than a month, but still, the transistor burned. After replacing another transistor by turning on the TV in the area of otklonski slipped spark, after its removal it was discovered ring cracks on the connector. On otklonski is a printed circuit Board which is soldered on the connector, around the leg and formed cracks. You can solder and without removing otklanjanju, but just in case he propal the entire connector, especially as to bring the rays do not have structurally designed as if the monolith with magnets information. Line transistor is now BU2506DX.

3156.) Philips 20GR1250, the ancient device was bought in Germany. Failure: gradually there was a problem — the sound is very quiet and distorted. USC in order, from an external source is working properly. Rummaged all the secrets of repairing, anything like that for this TV is not found (probably in Russia there are very few). Tried to watch the secrets of such TV type Recor and other models Filipov on TDA8305. Meryl voltage, changed the capacitors and electrolyte and ceramic (read some secrets that sometimes they are faulty; what in them to break down not only understood). Once again holding its repair found that when touching a specific contact, the sound quality was a little better. In the end, the scientific method and mistakes found it necessary to re-adjust loop hanging on the 13 foot TDA8305 (marked on the diagram 5034, 5035). For best effect need to adjust the maximum volume.

3164.) PHILIPS 14GR1221/59R, the Problem: everything works fine, except that it does not go into the setup mode on the TV and the sound is not added, the processor TMP47C434N-3415 not in a hurry to change it, was guilty memory 24C02, you can put an empty, firmware is not required.

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