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Philips together with the organization of van Buren has released DJ headphones A1-PRO and A3-PRO

the Philips in collaboration with Dutch music producer and DJ is an organization of van Buren, known for his work in the style of trance, released DJ headphones model A1-PRO and A3-PRO. New items will delight its users with the highest quality of sound, have sets of interchangeable ear cushions, comfortable and lightweight folding design allows you to rotate the Cup relative to the headband by 90 degrees.

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the Philips A1-PRO with 40-mm speakers with neodymium magnets and a maximum sound power level of 3,500 mW, miscellaneous cushions made of elastic nylon TR90, providing maximum comfort for long time wearing.

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the Philips A3-PRO is equipped with 50-mm speakers with neodymium magnets, has a maximum sound power level equal to 3000 mW. Complete adapter size 6.3 mm allows them to connect to any device, whether it is a DJ set or hi-fi system.

Philips A1-PRO can be purchased for 4,000 rubles, and the price of Philips A3PRO/00 is 7 000 rubles.

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WOOX plans to start selling headphones Philips Fidelio M2L with Lightning connector

the Company WOOX Innovations, a subsidiary of Royal Philips aimed at promoting audio and video equipment of its own design, plans to start selling in December headphones Philips Fidelio M2L with Lightning connector used to connect to iOS devices.

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the Novelty relates to devices of the closed type, equipped with built-in 24-bit DAC and amplifier, thereby eliminating the noise cross noise inherent in analog connection.

In the headphones use 40mm dynamic drivers, providing wide frequency range, comfortable cushions with memory effect are Soundproofed.

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Headphones Philips Fidelio M2L will go on sale in Western Europe in December at a price of 250 euros.

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Philips presented a 40-inch 4K monitor for corporate use model BDM4065UC

the Philips unveiled its new 40-inch monitor for corporate use model BDM4065UC.

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