6 Things You Can Do With SnapBridge & Your Nikon D500 . I AM NIKON


Benefits of SnapBridge

1. Always-On, Low Energy Connection

SnapBridge connects the Nikon D500 to your smart device* using BLE (Bluetooth® Low Energy)**. This is convenient for several reasons. First and foremost, the biggest advantage to BLE is that it consumes considerably less power than classic Bluetooth, enabling SnapBridge’s primary feature — constant connection — without a significant depletion of power from your camera or your smart device throughout the day.

Pairing is simple and convenient, requiring a set-up just once. From then on, the camera automatically reconnects with the smart device it has been paired with using the connection history stored on both devices.

Lastly, up to five smart devices can be paired with a SnapBridge-enabled camera leaving you a wealth of choice about how to share your images.

*Compatible iPhone®, iPad® and/or iPod® or smart devices running on the AndroidTM operating system.

** Some earlier Nikon models will connect via WiFi.

6 Things You Can Do With SnapBridge & Your Nikon D500 . I AM NIKON

2. Seamless Transfer of Images

Photographers can toggle between the option to transfer images during or after shooting in their camera menu. Images are transferred to smart devices as 2-MP (Full HD) images in JPEG format. Original-sized JPEGs can also be transferred.

This is achieved automatically without the need to activate image transfer from the Nikon D500: constant connection, constant transfer, constant synching.

Note: Some movies in .mp4 and .mov format can also be transferred, but due to your phone or smart device’s storage space limitations, this must be done by manual selection via the SnapBridge app.

3. Sharing is caring…and easier than ever

Once images are transferred via SnapBridge, they are automatically loaded into the phone or smart device’s camera roll. From here, sharing via social media is as seamless and easy as ever, and you can browse your camera’s images even when it is turned off.

4. Nikon Image Space automatic upload & backup

With a registered Nikon ID, Nikon users receive unlimited online storage for 2-MP images on NIKON IMAGE SPACE. Images transferred to smart devices in the 2-MP format can be configured to upload automatically to your NIKON IMAGE SPACE account from the SnapBridge application. No images lost, ever!

5. Synchronisation of date, location, time and image credit options

The SnapBridge application takes the location and time information of your smart device and automatically synchronises your Nikon D500, removing the need to manually change the time information in your camera when travelling abroad, and adding the location data which is a completely new function! You can start shooting immediately upon arrival without having to worry about inaccurate time settings or wondering exactly where the shot was taken.

Furthermore, other information can be into the embedded image conveniently using the SnapBridge application. You can select up to two types of information — from copyright and exif information — to additional texts and logos, to be placed in the image for personal image protection and identification.

6. Remote control functioning during shooting

The SnapBridge application’s remote shooting* function allows you to confirm your shot on a smart device screen in real time before releasing the D500’s shutter via the application.

Additionally, zoom control on certain camera models and the camera’s self-timer can also be controlled via your smartphone, offering many possibilities and greater freedom during shooting.

*Remote shooting is only possible with cameras that have built-in Wi-Fi.

6 Things You Can Do With SnapBridge & Your Nikon D500 . I AM NIKON

SnapBridge will be a standard feature in almost every Nikon camera from 2016 onwards, starting with the new Nikon D500.

Before the iOS version of the SnapBridge app can be used, your camera may require a firmware update

The pairing of Nikon cameras and smart devices begins with the SnapBridge application, currently available for iOS on Apple AppStoreSM and for Android TM on GooglePlayTM.

We’re excited and would love to hear what you think. Let us know in the comments below!

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