Russia refuses iPhones in favor of Samsung.

the Russian government refused to use the iPad in favor of gadgets Samsung. It has nothing to do with the Crimean conflict and «the exchange of sanctions» between Russia and the United States, said the Minister of communications and mass media Nikolay Nikiforov.

«Refusal iPad American Apple and switching to Samsung are technical in nature, there are some American/South Korean history», — explained the head of the Ministry of communications. According to him, the degree of protection on these tablets above. «These devices can be used for handling confidential information. They have passed the rigorous certification system», — said Nikiforov.

He also noted that the ban on the purchase of foreign equipment in Russia there is, however, in connection with the American rhetoric of state customers will be careful when choosing partners. «the idea that, in this case, the American special services will significantly increase the volume of intercepted information, of course, was a serious concern for many state customers. I think they will be very careful in choosing partners», — summarized Nikiforov.

March 24, the communications Ministry said that it does not

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