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TECHNICS SL1200 Turntables

Since 1979 Grant of EAV has prepared and serviced many SL1200MK* turntables for international DJs, Clubs, Hire Companies and Retail Stores. This has experience led to various techniques and modifications aimed at making the DEX more like Musical Instruments than the family hi-fi player of the day.

The unfortunate news in 2010 that Panasonic would no longer produce the SL1200MK* range, lead EAV to buy up as many turntables and spares as possible in the hope of keeping them alive for many years to come.

UPDATE: Early January 2016 saw Panasonic re-release the Technics SL1200G and limited edition SL1200GAE. As before these dex are aimed at the audiophile market but in a changed economic climate these will cost around $4000 each likely out of reach of the average DJ and venue.

UPATE: January 2017 saw the release of the New Grand Class SL-1200GR Direct Drive Turntable System. Probable price tag is looking around $3000 each but what a lovely unit.

EAV has an unhealthy amount of SL1200 spares in stock plus unrivaled knowledge of the workings.

Below you will find our current service packs, the Club Pack and the Love Pack. You can also find current Add-Ons like the Coloured LEDs or Mogami Cable and genuine Technics Spare Parts. Perhaps you just bought one on Ebay? check out our 240V conversion and safety check .

SL1200MKx Club-Pack

Simply the best deal for your Technics SL1200MKx is $88.00 inc

This is our standard set rate for all models of SL1200mk2+. If your unit needs further parts just add the extra price from the Spares list.

You will get

Removing main board and re-soldering the usual aged connections.

Lubing the main shaft.

Remove and Cailubing the pitch control.

Factory alignment of pitch circuit.

Modifying the audio ground circuit to eliminate the ground wire.

Re-torque all chassis hardware.

Platter resurfacing and full wash and setup for your cartridge.

Full listening and performance testing with vinyl.

Testing and Tagging for electrical safety in accordance with the requirements of AS/NZS 3760:2013

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