Fujitsu Esprimo X913 T All in One Hands On дивитися на Ютуб відео безкоштовно


Fujitsu Esprimo X913 T All in One Hands On

Hey guys. This is a teardown video of a 2010 model ESPRIMO?FMVF553AR AIO PC.

I think it was only released in Japan, but if there are all-in-one Fujitsu pc’s sold anywhere else in the world, I guess it would basically be the same.

Like I’m saying in the video, it took a long time for me to figure out that you have to remove the stand (neck) part of the AIO first :X

Even after that, the plastic frame in the back is quite tightly fixed to the metallic board that contains all of the key components with little locks, and I had to work a long time with my driver to pry this thing open. Obviously. doing this ‘disassembly’ to a new ESPRIMO isn’t one of the 10 best ideas in the world ??

After removing the black plastic board though, it’s quite straightforward. The metal casing can be removed by unscrewing 10 screws that are clearly marked by arrows, and after you unlock the top metal frame, you can view the internals, those being the fans, HDD, ODD and CPU. You don’t need to do this to remove the RAM, because the memory can be accessed by opening a plastic lid that isn’t even fixed by a screw, to the right side of the back of the computer.

My warranty was already almost over a year ago, and I’m not in Japan ATM, so rather than shipping this thing overseas to get a repair, I just removed the HDD, slapped in a PLEXTORM5P 256, and put in a Toshiba h HDD in the ODD. I’m not a computer specialist — and I couldn’t figure out how to make the machine boot from the ODD bay, so I had to do that(^^), or else I would’ve liked a 4TB disk in the 3.5 inch slot as a disk backup.

Both the Plextor and the HDD Toshiba work flawlessly, at least till now, which has been about a month since I took this video. The internals bus speeds of both the HDD and ODD slots are SATA II, though. so although it’s not a problem with that Toshiba, my Plextor’s speed is limited by that.

After I did all that and actually tried to put this machine back to work, the OS kept giving me a ‘dead fan’ alarm. I guess there was a sensor in that old HDD of Fujitsu’s(Hitachi, actually). so I just uninstalled the fan software, thinking SSDs can’t go too wrong with heat, and I could detect the heat of the ODD bay anyhow with Crystal disk mark, which was barely 40 градусів Celsius. And of course, the machine doesn’t feel too hot to the touch AND I ordered new fans from pchub just to make sure I don’t have to tear this thing open anytime soon.

Just FYI, the fans were. UDQFWPH26CFJ (exact match)

and Delta electronics’ KDB05105HB, -E910 (A similar model to the one in the ESPRIMO, I couldn’t find the exact same model).

And no, I wasn’t getting the dead fan alarm because I bought the wrong fan, I tried before I switched the fans and the alarm was already there so I think it’s the HDD that detects the heat.

I’m hoping to get another couple of years from this thing. and maybe after that, upgrade to another model, possibly even Fujitsu because this machine lasted beautifully for the past 3 years, albeit not the best for gaming ??



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