Fujitsu Lifebook T4220 Tablet PC Review


Fujitsu Lifebook T4220 Tablet PC Review

Fujitsu continues to expand their Tablet PC line with an assortment of new machines including the new Fujitsu T4220. The Lifebook T4220 Tablet PC is a eye pleasing silver with a keyboard white and a matt black top. It weighs in at 4.9 lbs with the Modular Dual-Layer Multi-Format DVD Writer installed. (4.3 with the weight saver) Built to meet the needs of the business man/road warrior who is always on the go in mind everything about the T4220 feels strong and sturdy, including the bi-directional hinge that allows you to turn the screen in either direction.

Fujitsu’s new T4220 Tablet PC is running Windows Vista Business and comes with

Microsoft® Office OneNote® 2007 installed. Five pre configured base options and the ability to customize each of them to suit your personally needs makes it easy for everyone to their new order Fujitsu Tablet PC with the options and extras best suited to their needs.

When you start the first Fujitsu Primary Setting for Pc — automatically set up all of the programs and setting in your new Fujitsu Lifebook T4220 Tablet PC — this is a nice touch especially for those who are not familiar with setting up a new machine.

What’s in The Box:

  • Fujitsu T420 Tablet PC Fujitsu Lifebook T4220 Tablet PC Review
  • Getting Started Guide
  • Users Guide
  • Power Supply
  • Pen & replacement nibs
  • 6 cell battery
  • Pen tether
  • Microsoft One Note 2007 CD
  • Fujitsu Recovery and Utility Disc
  • Fujitsu Applications & Drivers Restore Disc
  • Cyberlink Power Producer & Director CD
  • Roxio Easy Media Creator
  • weight saver dummy for bay
  • Computer cleaning cloth
  • Fujitsu Lifebook Warranty book
  • Upgrade Windows Vista Experience DVD

Fujitsu Lifebook T4220 Tablet PC Review

The Pen Ink and Experience: The «Pen Feel» when your writing on the 12.1″ XGA active digitizer indoor/outdoor viewing display with wide viewing angles is very good and The pen storage compartment gives you access to the pen with a single touch, which makes it fingernail friendly for the female and executives students out there. The new pen design and storage compartment are finger nail friendly, and the right click button on the pen actually works.

Fujitsu Lifebook T4220 Tablet PC Review

Fujitsu T4220 Tablet PC Pen and Finger Print Sensor

Battery: 3 hours 12 minutes of battery life with the brightness turned all the way up, the wireless and blue tooth on, no standby, sleep disabled and the screen and hard drive set to always on.

There is no question that these setting are going to give you the shortest amount of battery life. I need to know the absolute minimum battery life I can expect, that is why I run the test battery this way. According to Fujitsu using the max battery setting you will be able to get up to 8 hours of battery life.

Display: the 12.1 screen on the Fujitsu T4220 is excellent. Its bright, crisp and clear, and looks as good outside as it does inside. Without question of of the best displays available.

Speakers: I actually have a movie playing on it as I’m writing this review and The two speakers located on the front of the T4220 Tablet PC produce sound quality that is good enough to listen to music or watch a movie without headphones if you chose to do so, which is nice.

Who is it For: The Fujitsu T4220 Tablet PC is one of the few Tablet PC’s that is truly an excellent choice for anyone and everyone. Home users, students, office and road warriors will all be happy with the Fujitsu T420 should be very happy with their choice.

Heat: Heat was not an issue with the Fujitsu Lifebook T4220 Tablet PC, it got a little warm when it was sitting on the carpet for a long time but that’s it.

Weight: starting at 4.3 pounds

Fujitsu Lifebook T4220 Tablet PC Review

Notable Features : Fujitsu Lifebook T4220 Tablet PC Review

Bi-directional Hinge — Allows users to turn the screen in both direction so you can share the screen with people on either side of you

One-Touch Launch Application and Function Buttons

There are five intuitive and easy-to-use buttons that enable you to launch applications or easily navigate within them. With one-touch launch buttons you can easily rotate your screen orientation or scroll up and down within an application document. Each of these buttons also has a secondary function and two of the secondary functions are user-programmable which means you can assign your most commonly used applications to those buttons for quick and easy access. For detail function description, please refer to the Getting Started Guide or the User’s Guide.

Fujitsu Utility MenuFujitsu’s Utility menu gives you instant access to the things you need most often, this Fujitsu feature is something I have always appreciated

is Not only the hardware user-friendly and intuitive, but the Fujitsu-designed utility software bundle is too. Pressing the Fn (Function) button twice, or clicking from the taskbar, will bring up the floating Fujitsu Menu Utility from which you have one-tap access to almost any setting imaginable for your LifeBook T4220 Tablet PC including brightness control, tablet and pen settings, Fujitsu Display Controls, power options and more. The Fujitsu Menu is completely customizable and expandable so you can use what you want and remove what you don’t want. In fact, it’s so user-friendly that you can add your own preferences directly onto the menu to give you the most productive, custom-tailored environment.

Fujitsu Lifebook T4220 Tablet PC Review

Fujitsu Lifebook T4220 Tablet PC Review
Fujitsu Lifebook T4220 Tablet PC Review

The Display on the Fujitsu T4220 Tablet PC looks as good outside as it does inside!

Indoor (Transmissive) Display Viewability on this screen is designed for typical office home and work environments. The bright 12.1″ XGA TFT display produces a high contrast ratio and complements applications that use high definition graphics. This new display offers greater than 160° viewing angles.

Indoor SXGA+ Display Higher resolution support may be important to you especially if you need to get more data and detail onto the screen. With a resolution of 1400×1050 пікселів, the SXGA+ display produces vivid imagery and brilliant graphics. A higher resolution with the same screen size will display smaller characters thus as a result provides a larger viewing area.

Security Panel

To protect your notebook from unauthorized access, the notebook features four «combination lock» buttons that can be used for pre-boot password log-in. Once set, the notebook will boot up only when the correct combination is entered.

There are 800,000 possible combinations with supervisor and user password levels allowing the IT manager to set a single supervisor password with unique user passwords for each employee for better manageability.

The buttons also allow you to easily launch applications with one easy touch. The buttons can be programmed to launch your email, Internet browser, or other favorite applications.

Fujitsu Lifebook T4220 Tablet PC Review

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