&Ldquo;A quite good sounding, universally usable Bluetooth receiver, however


Noble Audio BTS

&Ldquo;A quite good sounding, universally usable Bluetooth receiver, however

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Pros: lightweight, good audio quality for a portable BT device, microphone’s speech quality, classic design, low output impedance

Cons: bass roll-off with low-impedance headphones and IEMs

Noble BTS Review by HiFiChris

Before I start with my actual review, I want to thank Noble Audio and especially Brannan Mason for providing me with a sample of the BTS for my review and the permanently good communication.

BTS stands for «B luet ooth S olution», a tiny Bluetooth receiver that was especially designed to be used with any kind of headphone and IEM, including customs and high end універсалії.

The BTS supports high resolution Bluetooth profiles and therefore shouldn’t lack much behind wired audio transfer.

I was able to listen to some newer and older universally usable BT receivers with my premium-grade IEMs, but all of them failed my personal criteria by having an enormous amount of hiss, clearly audible sound compression and drastically altered frequency response due to a high output impedance.

Beforehand, I am glad to say that the BTS is definitely not part of the previously mentioned badly sounding BT receivers but shines with astonishing audio quality that doesn’t lack much behind wired audio transfer, wherefore it is my personal reference for universally usable, wireless audio receivers, but I will provide you with more precise information and descriptions in my following in-depth review below.

Devices that were used for audio transport to the BTS were my BlackBerry Q10 which supports aptX, as well as my jailbroken iPhone 4 and my laptop running Windows 7. Music material was FLAC rips next to high quality MP3s and AAC files from apple’s iTunes Store.

Some information about me and my preferences:

Before I start with my review, I want to tell you a little about myself and my preferences, so you get a better perception of who you are dealing with. I’ve gotten into higher-end audio some years ago and have expanded my collection of gear, especially headphones, since then (you can see my current inventory by clicking on my profile). Having developed a good knowledge, I started writing multiple in-depth reviews (in German) as I love writing, and gave purchase advice.

Though I am listening to higher-end headphones most of the time, especially when concentrating more on the music, I also like purchasing cheap stuff from time to time, just as the Brainwavz R1, as I love to evaluate how well they handle even and I like using the rather inexpensive stuff when being on the go with less concentration on the music or just sometimes in-between.

The main genres I listen to at home are jazz, elder rock and pop music, some classical, instrumental and acoustic music with a preference towards neutral headphones and IEMs.

On the go and in-between, I prefer listening to more modern pop and rock music, as well as electronica, some metal, very little hip-hop/rap and some acoustic and chamber music, with a preference of neutral-ish or balanced headphones that tend to have either a slightly v-shaped or darkish sound signature (from time to time, I also find myself desiring a more «extreme» sound signature on the go). Most of the time, I listen at rather low volume levels.

Technical Specification (taken from the Noble site):

Price: $99

Audio Codecs: Bluetooth 4.0 with aptX, SBC, AAC і MP3 decoder support (CSR 8645)

Supported Bluetooth profiles: HFP1.6 (HD Voice ready), A2DP1.2 and AVRCP1.4

Dimensions (L x W x H): 14.5 mm mm x 14.5 x 60 mm

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Джерело: «A quite good sounding, universally usable Bluetooth receiver, however with roll-off in the Lows» — HiFiChris’s Review of Noble Audio BTS

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