New ноутбук HP ProBook 430 G3 Review, Device-Boom


New ноутбук HP ProBook 430 G3 Review

February 8, 2016 by Dan Green

New ноутбук HP ProBook 430 G3 in many ways similar to its predecessor is G2 model. In any case, major changes in terms of appearance here. Also, it is still a business class notebook, which now works with more modern filling; including the low-voltage processor is the sixth generation. The design of the device fits perfectly into the interior of the office home and environment, and the trip does not attract undue attention. Let’s take a look closer with this laptop and learn how it is productive.

Design: New ноутбук HP ProBook 430 G3

The new ноутбук HP ProBook 430 G3 is made in classic colors. Cover, bottom, keypad, and display on the frame perimeter are black, while the working surface, turning into the side of the housing — silver. I must say that this is a win-win; it will be a success not only for the strong half.

Despite this range of colors, the new ноутбук HP ProBook 430 G3 does not look boring and overly strict. At the same time there are no decorative elements that would become the highlight. So, on the new ноутбук HP ProBook 430 G3 cap, there is only the usual company logo. However, he animates a little matte surface, because very brilliant. By the way, the laptop lid slightly brand, but the prints are deleted pretty quickly. But on a light background in the interior of the laptop, the tracks are hardly visible.

Assembled laptop is good, the body does not bend from the small pressing, and between the parts are no gaps. The only loop retaining screen, not too tight. The bottom of the device has two compartments. One directly to the battery, the second is to access the hard drive, memory modules, etc. Also on the bottom panel has several ventilation openings and locks the battery.

The shape of the housing new ноутбук HP ProBook 430 G3 cannot be called very strict; in particular, we can see that the corners of the lid and the base, as well as panels smoothly rounded edges. At the same time, the side ends laptop gradually narrowed toward the front face. In general, the device is visually pleasant and it keeps in the hands of no less comfortable. Крім того, he has compact dimensions 326×233.5×21 mm and a relatively low weight of 1.5 kg.

Display, sound, webcam: new ноутбук HP ProBook 430 G3

The new ноутбук HP ProBook 430 G3 is equipped with a small 13.3-inch TN-LCD with a resolution of 1366×768 пікселів. The screen surface is matte, it means that it is possible not only to work comfortably indoors and outdoors, since not bother reflection and glare. However, all is not well. For example, a narrow visibility, the brightness level of the small (about 200 cd / m2), and the contrast is far from high levels (up to 300: 1). Of course, working laptop that’s enough, but if you expand the terms of reference of the G3 ProBook 430, not limited to office tasks, it is unlikely that such characteristics are optimal. Incidentally, the color gamut is not as impressive; in particular, compliance with the sRGB space is not more than 55%.

New ноутбук HP ProBook 430 G3 Review, Device-Boom

Lattices, which are placed on the dynamics, can be seen just above the keyboard. This location does not reduce the volume, as sound does not overlap. As for office devices, the laptop sounds good, but without the bass. No and volume, resulting in monotonous playback, although it can be slightly improved thanks to DTS Studio Sound technology.

The camera is located at the top of the frame. It has a small 720p resolution, so you should not rely on more than just video into Skype.

Keyboard and Touchpad: new ноутбук HP ProBook 430 G3

In the new ноутбук HP ProBook 430 G3 a keypad HP Premium. this is water resistant. It can protect the internal components of the small quantities of spilled liquid. The medium-sized buttons have a substantially flat surface on which there is quite clearly marked. The keys are easy to press, with a good return. By the way, during the work have to get used to the control arrows, because two of them are too reduced.

New ноутбук HP ProBook 430 G3 Review, Device-Boom

Below the keyboard is the touchpad, lightly dug into a surface. Manipulator dimensions are not too large, yet its area is enough to normal position. The sensitivity of the sensor in the zone good repeat several times the same command is not necessary. From the multi-touch gestures supported scrolling, zooming, and so on. Immediately below the touchpad, you can see two physical buttons that replace the mouse. Pushing them is easy; in the process, you will hear clicks.

New ноутбук HP ProBook 430 G3 Review, Device-Boom

To the right of the touchpad is a fingerprint scanner. For office employees, businessmen sensor is especially because it is important guaranteed to protect the data from tampering.

Performance: new ноутбук HP ProBook 430 G3

Options new ноутбук HP ProBook 430 G3 (P5S47EA) comes with DOS. This means that if you want you can set, for example, Windows or another operating system at its discretion. The model is equipped with a low-voltage processor, the sixth-generation Intel Core i5-6200U, built on 14-nanometer technology. The chip has two cores, each of which operates at a frequency of 2.3 GHz. The considering that supports Turbo Boost; it can be increased up to 2.8 GHz. As for the cache level 3, then its volume is 3 MB. The processor can be considered sufficiently productive, it will be enough for a variety of tasks, including relatively complex.

The new ноутбук HP ProBook 430 G3 has only an integrated video card Intel HD Graphics 520, which supports DirectX 12, is able to decode video H. 265 / HEVC, and also allows you to display an image on multiple external displays. It’s a pretty good built-in accelerator that can quickly cope with many graphics operations. With it, you can watch a video, edit photos, and PR. However, this is not a super card game, so it will go to such toys as the World of Warships Dirt Rally or in the medium settings with HD-resolution and 47 fps/25 fps respectively.

The new ноутбук HP ProBook 430 G3 has 4 GB of RAM. In this case, it has a standard DDR3L and bus frequency to 1600 MHz. This amount of RAM is sufficient for many applications, and the smooth operation of the whole system. Крім того, the manufacturer is provided with a supply increase of up to 16 GB. As for storage, then this highlighted SSD 128GB.

Ports and Communications: new ноутбук HP ProBook 430 G3

Both edges of the notebook are not quite filled evenly. So, on the right side, there are two ports USB 3.0, VGA, HDMI, and an RJ-45 network connector. At the end of the Kensington lock slot is located.

New ноутбук HP ProBook 430 G3 Review, Device-Boom

On the opposite side you can see one more USB, but the standard 2.0. From his multiple devices can be recharged. In addition, the left provides a laptop power connector, combo audio jack and card reader, card reader SD / SDHC / SDXC formats. In addition, to the interfaces on the left side, there are performance indicators and drive battery.

The new ноутбук HP ProBook 430 G3 provides Wi-Fi 802.11 a / b / g / n / ac, as well as Bluetooth 4.0.

Battery: new ноутбук HP ProBook 430 G3

The battery is a lithium-ion laptop has four sections and capacity of 44 Wh. Let’s start with the highest rates — work time in «Idle» mode. Given the minimum level of brightness and disabled wireless modules, the device can work on a single charge for more than seven hours. If you want to watch full HD-video, the new ноутбук HP ProBook 430 G3 battery will be able to hold out for 5 hours and 30 хвилин. Thus, Wi-Fi will be disabled and the display brightness is reduced by 30%. As for surfing the Internet, in this mode, the autonomy will be six hours while the high load, of course, provided the active Wi-Fi laptop sit down already 2 hours after.

Conclusion: new ноутбук HP ProBook 430 G3

As before the representative of the family in the new ноутбук HP ProBook 430 G3 face showed that the business segment of laptops is able to much. Крім того, such a device is simple to help in making everyday workaholics productive. However, these laptops are no less useful and at leisure. In consideration of our packaging manufacturer has established ULV процесор Core i5-6200U, belonging to the sixth generation. Complementing its integrated graphics and of RAM 4GB, this is enough for daily tasks. It is seen that taken care of fast loading and operation of the device due to the SSD, as well as data security by providing a biometric sensor that allows the recovery record login. Крім того, on a business trip, you will not have to worry about the autonomy because the laptop is able to work for about five to six hours in balanced mode.

Naturally, in such a laptop brightness, contrast and color display suitable for use in word processing, the Internet and so on but not for professional photo or video editing. But the comfortable island keyboard allows you to quickly type text even for an entire working day. The only thing that speaker’s new ноутбук HP ProBook 430 G3 is not impressive, but, in fact, this notebook is not multimedia. So the critical remarks to him no, he really will be the best assistant, especially in business. For this configuration will have to pay about $ 620, in any case, the decision, as always, is yours.

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