Notebook review HP ProBook, features notebook Hewlett-Packard 4710s.4510s


Overview notebook Hewlett-Packard ProBook 4710s and 4510s

these two models are similar not only design, but also filling, including batteries, therefore, already during the preliminary assessment, it was clear that the test results will vary only slightly. It was decided not to divide the material into two parts, as usual when testing multiple models and combine them together, because laptops if not twins, but twins, which differ only in the diagonal screens.

specifications notebook HP 4710s and 4510s

Model laptop ProBook 4710s ProBook 4510s

operating system on the laptop — FreeDOS

the Processor noutbuka — Intel Core 2 Duo T6750 (2.1 GHz)

Cache laptops — L2, MB 2

the Motherboard — HP ProBook 4710s, HP ProBook 4510s

the Chipset North bridge: Intel Cantiga PM45

South bridge: Intel 82801IM ICH9-M

Video ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4330 512 MB

the Sound of Analog Devices AD1984A

the Type of matrix notebook 17,3″ TFT screen AUO B173RW01,1600×900 points; the 15.6″ TFT screen LG LP156WH2-TLC1 1366×768

RAM 3 GB (2 1) Micron 8HTF12864HDY-800G1, Micron 16HTF25664HY-800G1

the hard drive 320 GB FUJITSU MHZ2320BH G2

Optical drive LG HL-DL-STDVDRAM CT20L

Interfaces 4x USB 2.0, 1x HDMI, 1x VGA, 1x RJ-45, 1x RJ-11 (only HP 4710s), 1x memory card 1x ExpressCard (34 mm), 1x headphone,1x microphone

Wireless interfaces Intel WiFi link 5100 ABG

Network adapter Marvell Yukon 88E8072

Additionally, the laptops installed Web-camera 2 MP

Battery 8-cell lithium-ion battery (63 WHr) 6-cell Li-ion battery (47 WHr)

the 8-cell Li-ion battery (63 WHr)

the dimensions of the laptop, 410 mm,6x270x32 (front) 371,8×249,6×31,5 (front)

Weight 4710s notebook and 4510s. kg is 3.08 2,59, respectively

Package contents, appearance, and usability of laptops from HP4710s and 4510s

Sets supply laptops HP series ProBook same — this charger, CD with user’s manual, a lot of information brochures, soft cloth to clean the exterior and matrix notebook.

Design case HP series ProBook so similar — the minimum number of smooth surfaces and solid sharp corners, which is characteristic of all business laptops from HP, and the glossy cover of the matrix pane of the workspace more suited to multimedia laptops. The gloss is not always good for a notebook computer, so as fingerprints quickly «decorate» case laptops. But the HP experts and this subtlety provided by investing supplied with laptops, cleaning cloth, which is necessary to use quite often. The build quality of the notebook Hewlett-Packard ProBook 4710s and 4510s just perfect — the gaps between the body panels laptops minimal. Business laptops are easy enough — 4510s weighs 2,59 kg, 4710s — 3,08kg, i.e. between 100 and 200 grams less than the accepted norms of the weight of the laptop. The main difference between laptops data models — the matrix ( 17 inch and 15-inch), respectively. Placement of connectors and other functional elements consider the example model 4710s. Because of the design features of the notebook include: «recessed into the body of the connecting loops», open the display cover the entire rear surface is covered with the same cover, so here you can see only the back wall of the battery. The pallet is both laptops are made from thick rough unpainted plastic, and it has no vents, which is extremely rare, because good heat dissipation for laptops is extremely important. Workspace HP laptop also similar, and differ only in the broader blank strips on the sides of the keyboard unit. The laptop keyboard of Hewlett-Packard ProBook 4710s and 4510 s not quite standard — low-profile keys are not trapezoidal, and rectangular, which for smaller keys upper Playground has become more (15.5 mm), while markleville distance remained the same. The center of the top edge of the matrix laptop is built-in «non» web camera.

Display (matrix screen) laptop HP ProBook

Laptops though similar in design and technical characteristics, but matrix laptop miscellaneous: various diagonal, resolution, surface, color gamut and the manufacturer. The model has a widescreen 4710s(16:9) 17,3″ matrix with 1600×900 screen resolution pixels, LED-backlit matte surface. The model matrix AUO B173RW01, but on the manufacturer’s website for some reason she had not yet been submitted. The only thing that did not like in the matrix, is a small vertical viewing angles, making the angle of inclination of the cover periodically have to adjust themselves under. Gamut 17-inch notebook model is much wider, especially at low brightness.

Sound on laptops HP ProBook

both laptops have the same dynamics and the same audio codec Analog Devices AD1984A that in HP notebooks, often and almost always shows good results. The speakers sound pretty good except for watching movies — the supply of decent volume, when setting the maximum volume level, there is no hiss or crackles even at the sound of explosions and shooting. To listen music speakers laptop is not suitable, it is not surprising since in many models of laptops aimed at the corporate segment, and does set one poor speaker, and «our» a pair of speakers. Testing the audio was made popular in the test package RightMark Audio Analyzer with audio interface Creative E-MU 0202 USB. All the special effects in the settings is disabled, the equalizer is set to the default position. The drivers have been updated to the latest version at the time of testing. The results were consistently good and almost identical.

the Performance of laptop noise and thermal regime ProBook

heat and noise laptops from HP, there is a small problem. Both laptops the bottom deprived vents, and exhaust air is provided only one grill with left side of body. Due to such construction, the laptops have incredibly very warm, but, strangely enough, heat is small, and the air ventilation grille comes out barely warm. The working surface 4710s depending on the measurement points were heated up to 24.1-30.8 degrees, and the bottom is — to 24.4-32.8 degrees. Because of the nature of the operation algorithm of the cooling system, 4510s laptop at smaller dimensions and the mass was heated almost the same as the older model — workspace depending on the measurement point was warmed up to 25.5-29.4 degrees, and the bottom is — to 23.6-33.3 degrees. But with the generated noise the situation is ambiguous, and the algorithm of the active component of the cooling system at different laptops. When the temperature of the ambient space 21 ° C model 4710s at any load and its duration, the speed of rotation of the impeller Pismenny, and the level of generated noise is 35,9 dBA. Almost 36 dBA — not so much for idle and office mode. But under high load, for example, when viewing full HD content, the laptop is much quieter than many mobile PC. The maximum noise level cooling system $ 43.4 dBA! In the process of testing laptops the increased speed of the impeller to the maximum occurred only once — while working outdoors under the hot sun, and the maximum speed lasted only a few seconds, so the PivotChart for both modes of the load, the noise level was adopted single — 35,9 dBA. Model 4510s was much noisier. The maximum noise level 42.3 dBA recorded during the passage of the POST at high and sustained load is quite often even when the ambient temperature of 21 degrees Celsius. But at idle and low loads generated noise is slightly less than the 4710s — 34,9 dBA, but even in the short-term high load noise level jumps up to 39.0 dBA.

Performance laptops HP ProBook 4710s/4510s

From who we have checked the laptop has been very difficult to find direct competitors, so for comparison were selected laptops of different classes and, by coincidence, they are all more expensive heroes of the material. Samsung X460 Intel Core 2 Duo P7350 (2 GHz) and video NVIDIA GeForce 9200M GS (256 MB), Sony VGN-FW11ZRU, based on a bunch of Intel Core 2 Duo P9400 (2.53 GHz) and video ATi Radeon HD3650 (256 MB) and Lenovo SL400, using the Intel Core 2 Duo processor P8400 (2.4 GHz) and video nVidia GeForce 9300M GS (256 MB). Recall that in the tested laptops are equipped with Intel Core 2 Duo T6750 (2.1 GHz) and ATI video Radeon HD4330 (512 MB). Both laptops have the same hard drives FUJITSU MHZ2320BH G2 320 GB, but checked the HDD drive was carried out for each of them.

Battery, power supply and stand-alone operation HP ProBook 4710s/4510s

both laptops use the same 8-segment Li-ion battery with a capacity of 63 WH. 15-inch versions HP ProBook also possible to install a 6-segment battery capacity of 47 WH, what to pay attention to when buying. Testing has traditionally been performed in the package Battery Eater Pro modes «classic» «reading». The test results surprised because the model 4710s though not much, but it lasted longer than 4510s. The 4710s laptop lasted 100 minutes in «classic» mode and 236 — «reading»whereas 4510s — 97 and 228 minutes respectively. Given that «stuffing» laptops are identical, we can assume that a large diagonal matrix AUO B173RW01 was less voracious than the matrix LG LP156WH2. Fully charging the battery, the laptop took about 105 minutes.

Conclusions on review laptops HP ProBook 4710s/4510s

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