PHILIPS LX700 Review, Price, Feature, Players, India, A neat performer, MouthShut.


PHILIPS LX700 Review, Price, Feature, Players, India, A neat performer — MouthShut.com

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Philips’ LX700 is a home theater package with a 6 channel output. This setup comes with a Class D digital amplifier and accompanying features.

# 50 W RMS output per channel (50 x 6)

# Support DTS and Dolby Digital decoding from appropriately encoded sources

# Remote control operation


The LX700 consists of an amplifier unit, a passive subwoofer and five full range speakers for center, left, right, surround left and surround right channels. Connecting cables are supplied and are off good quality. Cables to connect a SACD (6 channel input) and digital coax connector are provided with the package too apart from batteries for the remote control. The length of wires provided especially for the surround left and surround right channels are fairly long though I didn’t measure their exact length.


This home theater kit was hooked up through the digital input connector with a Pioneer DV-366 DVD player. Minority Report, The Village, The Passion of the Christ, Matrix Revolutions, Matrix Reloaded, The Corrs, True Lies were the DVD’s used to check the multi channel output. Sound quality was quite okay after the speakers were setup in the a 10′ / 8′ room. Acoustic imaging was neat and dts output sounded a tad louder and richer in the lower frequencies that dolby digital output. Sound imaging sounded perfect when tested with DOLBY’s propreitery logo that came in Sony’s hindi movie DVD’s.

There is a ‘night mode’ provided on the set to help when watching movies in the night. This mode increased the dynamic range of the sound to highlight lower volume parts and attenuate higher volume parts. This mode is available only in the Dolby Digital mode. CD’s and other two channel sources are best played in the ‘STEREO’ mode. There are a variety of surround sound modes to choose from and soundscapes. There is also a separate BASS / TREBLE gain adjustment provided. Volume can be adjusted individually for the CENTER, SURROUND and SUBWOOFER channels. Delay can also be set for speakers as per the listeners need.

There is a test signal provided to aid in setting up the speakers or check them if any particular channel is not firing. Epilogue This one is a fairly decent HT package for the audiophile who wants to upgrade from a two channel setup to a multichannel setup. Priced at Rs.12,999/- of all inclusive taxes, it couldn’t get any cheaper than this. This price can be lowered by a couple of hundreds at a PHILIPS retailer which totally depends on how much one would want to bargain. At the moment, PHILIPS is giving out free speaker stands as a promotion.


This setup in all probability phases out PHILIPS LX600 which sells for around 14k in a reputed online website. If you are a movie buff this is the package you’d want to setup and savor until you geton to a real high end receiver. This one is very functional and absolute value for money, what are you waiting for? Go for it! ( I don’t work for PHILIPS, this is my first review on a product)

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PHILIPS LX700 Review, Price, Feature, Players, India, A neat performer — MouthShut.com

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