Portable sawmill lambermate lm29, kohler ohv 14hp (429cc) in Kiev online-store DK WOOD LLC .


PORTABLE SAWMILL LamberMate LM29, Kohler OHV 14hp (429cc)


The LumberMate LM29’s healthy appetite for hardwood and softwood logs up to 29″ (74cm) in diameter combined with its 22″ (56cm) throat opening, give it the muscle to tackle most milling needs. And it’s so easy to use that even first-time sawyers get to milling like seasoned pros in no time.

Norwood is the proven global leader in sawmilling technology. The LumberMate LM29 is equipped with some of Norwood’s latest groundbreaking advancements in sawmill innovation including Norwood’s patented auto-locking sawhead and laminated sawhead technologies.

Fully-customizable, the LumberMate LM29 keeps all your options open — Add available attachments at any time to meet your growing sawmilling needs … Like extensions to mill longer logs, trailer system to tow your sawmill from woodlot to woodlot, log loading/rolling system, toe boards, board offloading rollers, lap siding/shingle making jigs, tc..

Quality-built in the U. S. A. and Canada by highly-trained, highly-skilled operators with leading-edge fabrication and machining technologies.

  • Industrial-Grade Powder-Coat — Like all forestry equipment bearing the Norwood name, the LumberMate is protected by industrial-grade powdercoat — electrostatically-applied, thermoset polymer cured under heat to create a hard finish which is much tougher than the old-fashioned spray paint used by other companies which is more prone to premature rust, chips and scratches.
  • Smooth Sawhead Feed — Guide the sawhead through the cut with finger-tip pressure — allows you to judge the best speed for smooth cuts through knots and denser core wood. No arm-numbing cranking.
  • Patented Auto-Lock Sawhead — Patented Norwood sawhead friction-winch system delivers easy, effortless vertical sawhead operation. Auto-locking sawhead eliminates two бути досить трудомістким operations at every cut — the LM29 looks after locking and unlocking the sawhead board for every you mill. That saves hours of wasted time and increases your production.
  • Blade-Guide Rollers — Precision-machined, hardened and zinc-dichromateplated 1¼» blade-guide rollers each fitted with sealed double ball-bearings. Optional ceramic guides also available.
  • Sawdust Exhaust — Sawdust exhausts on far side of mill away from you — not at your feet and in your shoes like other sawmills.
  • Blade Lube System — Keeps the saw blade pitch-free in softwoods. Delivers water directly to the blade at the point of entry into the cut. Large custom-molded water bottle with wide-mouth filling port for easy refilling. Optional auto-lube system to automatically turn the flow of water on and off also available..
  • Comfort-Height Operator’s Station — Standard on the LumberMate LM29, the convenience and comfort of the ergonomic tilt operator’s station.
  • Easy Working Position — Elevate as for desired easy log loading or add the optional trailer system with support legs.
  • Log-Clamping System — Screw-crank log-dog and opposing dual verticaladjust log-rests firmly clamp logs in the round, cants boards and as thin as 1″ (2.5 см). 3-function log rests simplify clamping both logs in the round and squared cants, and rotating logs without hang-ups. Micro-precision log-rest adjusting bolts guarantee perfectly true 90-degree cuts.
  • Smooth-Action Carriage Wheels — Large CNC-machined upper carriage wheels fitted with sealed double bearings key to smooth, effortless rolling action. Rubber under-track wheels for extra security and stability.
  • Рок-Solid Stability — Rigid 4-post carriage frame and patented laminated sawhead construction deliver superior strength and torsional stability.
  • Versatile — Backed by the brand-name company you can trust, the LumberMate LM29 comes standard as the most reliable, easiest-to-use sawmill in its class. And it gets better … At any time … now, or ten years from now, you can add sawmill attachments to grow your ML26 — add extra extensions to mill longer logs, trailer system log loading/rolling system and more. So you keep all of your options open.
  • Made in the U. S. A. & Canada — All parts in the LumberMate LM29 are quality-built in Canada and the U. S. A. by highly-trained, highly-skilled operators with cutting-edge fabrication and machining technologies. Norwood does not make anything in China, Taiwan or Poland, like some other companies.



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