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From the beginning I wanted to take the LG Optimus with its poor design, but came along to me here Acer E110. on shares in Eldorado for R and took in the end I don’t because I love five, and here they are four, just toad choked :) There’s a 10% share was, in the end, I still lectured DVD player for 300 rubles, came home, remembered that TV nope, you have to buy TV :) When I told myself that this bullshit I will look when I am going to pay here and sit without telly a few years.

the Desire to buy something on Androind I got after I pausal Chinese tablet Eken M002. that’s when I became acquainted with Android.

Acer E110 this is the first step to Android, there is the very first version, with severe limitations, and the screen cut 240×320. For Android have 240×480 because of this, many apps and games stupidly didn’t fit, and if they fit then shift. About all this I knew before buying, but nevertheless bought it and have no regrets.

First impressions: the case done efficiently, though there are gaps, plastic, pleasant to the touch, but very smooth. Unlike device p3450 Acer and wants to slip out of his hands. The link to HTC I brought specially for comparison. Both simple similar design, same size and resolution screens, the main thing they both resistive. But, in fact, turned out to be different levels, on the Acer screen is made better, the sun doesn’t fade, very responsive. The backlight is too bright, even brighter than on my HP550 laptop so it is better to subtract, may be able to save the battery.

From the beginning I wanted to buy Pinphone 3Gs is 100% copy of the iPhone and take it I wanted it because of the capacitive screen, was just curious to pousat. Even if the Acer screen is only 2.8 inches as HTC 3400 gene. but visually, it seems more than HTC, because the device is smaller than it seems.

Came home and forgot about it the next day unzipped there were: charger with clip (large) headset (which I still have not got, as they say isdate) flash drive 2GB (not yet used) two disks (think GPS with maps and firewood) and forgot everything else for a few days.

acer e110 reviews all that was there and everything went great, and there’s little that was why I downloaded it quickly, but what there was I didn’t want that and I’ve removed due to limitations in memory. Such problems with Chinese tablet Eken M002 I didn’t have, all that was necessary was established on the first attempt, and for E110 need tambourine, which by the way is not in the kit that would run with him around it and shaman.

There is another important point, is that in the acer E110 programs and games can be set only to the internal memory, and his passport 256MB. It’s like the wind gig of RAM, and free only half. Due to the fact that a lot of the stuff installed in this device (which is by default not delete) free only 70 meters. This suggests that, in the device E110 will be able to install, only toys 5-10. You can of course and a hundred pieces all the crap to postaviti that little place to eat, but still this is a huge minus.

Sound Acer E110 deserves special attention, I have not heard. Sound like a stereo, but no volume and EQ didn’t help, I just did not find. And radio vasche super as player samsung U4 mono! If no headphones built-in speaker, in principle, to listen to you no worse than many other devices, and maybe better, but from having a 3.5 headphone Jack, as it turned out nothing. Hearing speaker is good, next to her little led as it turned out the right thing

Camera never usal, but on the cover written 3Mpx, but they say there is no autofocus, and then removes it worse than ancient Samsung U600 and video hundred pounds will not make it to the Samsung.

Autonomy You on the video above have seen what a huge battery from Acer E110 thought perhaps better how long will work on a single charge. I’m from China got a wireless headset for 7$ and so decided to potestate. For three days, Acer loaded three times, and the headset has never been charged and this despite the fact that I called couple of minutes for everything these days. You probably think the new battery is not escacena, no dick jamb in Bluetooth. The fact that he is not synchronized without third-party programs, many probably already know (by the way brutosky he tied on the machine without water code, I think it is a merit of Android and not acer) so as soon as he disconnected the headset and cut down bluetooth autonomy has grown five times. And GPS I have not even been cut, too, think not eating enough. For many the drawback may be the lack of WI-FI as on Asus 526

Still thinking why I bought it (I have a cool phone samsung 1100 ), and after a week another will begin to think like there to be at least something that I need. And until a couple of minutes per day to use the Dolphin through 3G, the joy of the device there is no limit, recommend to all!

acer e110 reviews

will Complement the theme after a couple weeks of use of the Aiser E110. What have I learned about this phone, Yes it is, now I call it a phone. Above wrote that acer E110 device, in Runet write that it is a smartphone, but as it turned out, the device is not serious and severely curtailed. Just read that and objectives of the phone Aiser not particularly good, but I have glitches and network loss was not, probably due to the fact that I use my Samsung 1100, and Aiser stupidly lying on a shelf. Add a couple of videos taken on the apple ipod nano 5g. as above posted video review was filmed on camera samsung l110 he is not particularly well writes the sound. Even accidentally learned that pressing and holding the button house shows recently used programs, convenient, and beautiful. if there is to pump all that for android 1.5 almost all installed, there I learned that there is another version 1.1 for Android are as he cut and what his capabilities. A lot of games and programs for your device on android, can download the software for android on the website

About the fact that the battery sometimes to sit down very quickly I wrote above, I thought that the case in Bluetooth, but now tend to think that the thing collapsed applications and the Internet, where Android all the time goes by itself. Sometimes, under the same load battery acer sat for two days and sometimes a week kept. The battery although it is a big 1500A, but very thin, almost like the iPod 5G.

Protester still photo camera on Acer E110, 3Mxp no auto focus, the quality is worse than on the old Samsung U600. species removes brakes, resolution 352×288 interface as well paramasivam.

Example video Acer E110

Well and give examples of photo shooting for Acer E110

Addition 1.05.2011

GPS will tell you how I was raised. Pulled from the box the disk, and there Navitel license, the EP when the price of the device, and even license.

Copy the couple on a flash drive as instructed, she’s fat and healthy it’s all images, and run the installation file from a flash drive and put the program and now the most interesting thing, then the license is given only to the region that you select and enter the key which is on the disk envelope. Then BisI if you chose? and activated, only you have to move there. But I did everything correctly chose Chuvashia, his village. but something went wrong, the program often crashes, closing the machine, reinstalling did not help, about the dough I couldn’t, because I’m tired to run, I thought of RAM is not enough, but it helped only delete when I saw what he proginet more than 20 meters of the place in the body, of which there are so few. Strange with GPS on asus 526 I was not such a problem though and it was the same program, but not the license. I’m still not upset, why should I in my village GPS between the two piles of manure can hardly be lost :)

we Met with alarm clock, tones, ringing, loud its impossible to put. As Wmobile sometimes does not work if the battery is flat or has been turned off, will not Wake up. Seen as you ship% mean ass tears to Wake up, think and battery plants are not frail. The clock blunt tolls without stopping, until the button is not pressed.

Addition 7.6.11

There is one problem in this device, about which I wrote above. Battery sometimes sits for a couple days and sometimes a week will stretch and not on what the load on the device was made even if he is just lying.

the Reason still don’t know maybe the problem is my instance, but what I have done:

— changed the charger thought the problem was, it

— changed cable

— tried to distort after a full charge and charge on

— formatnul it completely, I thought what can I strain it

— disable all modules including GSM

— had lowered the lights to a minimum

that does not help, but noticed one time with one program, then the processor operates at two frequencies mg and mg apparently if there are no tasks in the RAM it automatically switches to saver mode to the frequency MC. but apparently he sometimes forgets to do it and stupidly visnet 416 and put the battery faster

Addition 2.8.11

After a couple months of use the service concluded that it was no use. My Samsung 1100 usal the clock and has never failed, even if switched off automatically and woke and vibration without tunes on the call can be put, and the ACER E110 service bullshit, apparently for its normal work you need to download a third-party program and configure whatever in the ass worked.

the Screen scratched very quickly, none of the phone is not carried in the case and not pasted on the touch screens of the film and it was all right. And the screen from ACER E110 scratched with a nail, you have to poke your fingers, and it’s not capacitive fingers reacts a bit difficult for optimized for stylus or fingernails

For half of the year the price for ACER E110 dropped to 3500 RUB, but nevertheless if you’re serious device on Android I would not recommend it, but for that kind of money yet he is good

a Huge plus compared to other smartphones is the presence of two mechanical buttons for call answer and end call

Addition 6.3.12 and to save battery power on your device, turn off this GPS

article Summary: From the beginning I wanted to take the LG Optimus with its poor design, but came along to me here Acer E110, shares in Eldorado for R and took in the end I don’t because I love five, and then they immediately che the end, the beginning, wanted, choked, just four, fit, buy, very, screen, five, done right, design, love, action, turned up, the poor, Optimus, take acer

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