Acer Ferrari One 200: a small racing car


Acer Ferrari One 200: little racing machine

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Cooperation AMD and Acer part of the support team Ferrari racing Formula 1 gave another fruit. The company Acer has released a netbook under the trademark Ferrari, which immediately can be called flagships among all netbooks.

Acer Ferrari One 200: a small racing car

moreover, Ferrari One can be called as a netbook or a laptop. It all depends on interpretation. Itself AMD do not like to be called compact solutions based on their platforms netbooks in connection with the history of this term. Intel first used this term to denote a compact and light notebooks based on Intel Atom. But in the consumer key netbook is light and compact mobile solution for typing, surfing the Internet, playing video and audio, regardless of location.

what platform built netbook matters, but would have been able to perform their tasks as long as possible on a single charge of the battery. However, you need to remember what you want from a netbook, video in HD-quality and relatively modern games, you can forget it, but if it is, for example, is not Acer aspire One. built on the latest platform AMD Vision .

appearance Acer Ferrari One 200

Someone Acer aspire One may seem overly geeky, but I like the look of this compact laptop. Red body of the laptop and small parts such as legs, made in the form of wheels, give it involvement in racing in which the cars fly at speeds of over 300 km/h In the middle of the lid emblazoned stallion, which is a symbol of the Italian firm, earned its name as a leading manufacturer of sports and racing cars. Acer could not afford not to take this into account, therefore Ferrari One can serve as a model for netbooks in terms of performance and quality. Although, we have to mention one point. Laptop Ferrari One uses the chassis from 751 model. which is based on Intel Atom. The level of performance we’ll be back, and now, perhaps, you should consider the appearance of the laptop in more detail.

Acer aspire One made in red and black color scheme. Fully glossy surface of the cap I will not name the perfect solution. If you are worried about the quality of the laptop, you have to keep at hand a soft cloth and wipe the surface whenever you took it in his hands. In the center of the cover, as I said, the logo of Ferrari, which suggests that before you is not the laptop and the hood of the car.

Acer Ferrari One 200: a small racing car

At the right hand has a network connector, a socket for a power plug, a pair of USB ports and outputs for headphones and microphone. Here you can also find a slot for memory cards. I would not say that this is an ideal location inputs and outputs. Picture spoils plug the power adapter all the time, which is intertwined with the mouse or twisted pair. In my opinion, the perfect place for him — back, but here we have not the form factor and the battery takes almost the whole length of the netbook.

Acer Ferrari One 200: a small racing car

On the left hand engineers Acer posted in USB, analog video output D-Sub and digital XGP. The latter, in fact, is a regular PCI-E x16 slot and is designed to connect an external graphics card… don’t know when they are available «’s boxes» appears (Mobility Radeon HD 5870 does not count due to the price, at least half the cost of the entire Ferrari One) and at what price, but I can’t perceive the XGP port seriously, especially when he «replaces» even DVI, not to mention HDMI or DisplayPort. Surely there are few enthusiasts who buy an external graphics card in order to watch the video not on the display, Ferrari One, and on the big TV. About play single song, the netbook is equipped with a rather weak for gaming processor. In General, the introduction of XGP in the flagship, but still a netbook bold decision by Acer, and perhaps reckless. Here already it is impossible to say.

Front, on the right side are the indicators: WiFi, power, battery, and Bluetooth. Below them are two switches, operating on the principle trigger. They are responsible for WiFi and Bluetooth.

Acer Ferrari One 200: a small racing car

After opening the lid, which, by the way, devoid of latch catches the eye is a large power button, another Ferrari logo in the lower right corner and the touchpad is made in the shape of an inverted trapezoid. In my experience with touchpads will say that this form seems very comfortable, especially in the decisions of class netbook. For all time of stayFerrari One in my hands I never faced the fact that accidentally touched the surface of the touch panel during printing. But almost always I connect an external mouse to one of the three available USB ports. One more pleasant moment is textured pad under the wrist that prevents them from slipping during printing.

the Keyboard is almost the standard for modern laptops, but some keys Acer sacrificed due to the size of Ferrari One netbook. I missed the multimedia keys and didn’t like the combination with PgUp and PgDn, Home and End respectively. However, the lion’s share of the keys were left in place, and their sizes may be only slightly decreased, which did not affect the convenience of printing. The process was fine. The exception is limited arrows. Not very convenient, I tell you.

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