Acer, history, leaders


Acer, history, leaders

Acer (read — Acer, from lat. — maple) — the Taiwanese company manufacturing computer and electronics. Currently, the company ranks second in the world and first in the CIS countries sales of portable computers. The state of sotrudnikov exceeds 39000 and comprehensive income consists of about 13 billion

Acer was founded in 1976 in Taiwan under the name Multitech International. Founded Stan Shih (Stan Shih). The initial capital was $ 25000$, and the number of employees — 11 people. Initially the company was engaged in manufacture of microelectronic devices for game producers. However, to catch up with the leading manufacturers was no easy task, and then the company switched to the market for personal computers, which were just beginning to emerge.

In the early 80’s, the company has established a massive build a cheap PC and entered the international market.


1979 — the company designed the first Taiwanese computer destined for export.

1981 — the company has created a 8-bit processor MicroProfessor II.

1984 — based subsidiary of Acer Peripherals (eventually grew into its own brand Benq).

1985 — the company has created the world’s first 32-bit personal computer.

1987 — created company Acer Laboratories Incorporated. The company was engaged in the development and production of chipsets.

1988 — all Corporation was renamed Acer.

1988 — Acer acquired the us company, Counterpoint Computers. At that time it was a large manufacturer of mini-computers.

1989 — Acer acquired the Dutch company Kangaroo Computer B.V.

1989 — Acer and Texas Instruments have established a joint production of memory chips.

1990 — Acer acquired Altos Computer Systems (leader of that time in the production of multi-user systems).

1992 — headquarters Acer was transferred to Singapore.

1996 — the opening of the plant in Finland, the production of which was designed solely for Russia and CIS countries.

1997 — Acer acquired division of Texas Instruments, which specialized in the development of portable computers.

2000 — Stan Shih holds the structural reorganization of the company in which the company Acer has been divided into three industrial groups: Acer, Wistron and BenQ.

2001 — the company was in a difficult position: revenue decreased by $1.6 billion shares have fallen to historic lows — $22.9 per share.

2002 — the company regained the lost ground.

2005 — President of the Corporation of the company becomes Gianfranco Lanci instead of Stan Shih.

In 2005, became President of Acer Inc.

In 2008 he was appointed CEO and President of the company.

Acer in Russia

In 1991, Mr. York Chen, arrived in Russia to organize a formal delivery of computer equipment Acer. York Chen was negotiating the joint venture. His proposal was endorsed by the party and government elite. However, the first attempt Acer did not succeed, because at this time occurred the disintegration of the Soviet Union.

in the Summer of 1993 the company Acer has made a second attempt. This time in Russia came to Steve Kuzara. His task was the development of dealer network. Defining a range of distributors, he invited them on behalf of the company good rates and promised support in promoting technology Acer.

In the fourth quarter of 1993 arrived first 2-3 container with the technique. In 1994 the company opened a representative office, and by 1995, the development of dealer network was almost complete. In 1996, Acer has opened a factory in Finland, the production of which was intended for Russia and CIS countries.

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