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Acer Aspire 2930-733G25Mn (LX.APY0X.060)
Acer Laptops

Corporation Acer was founded back in 1976 by the famous entrepreneur Stan Shih in Taiwan. From the outset, Acer began to specialize in the production of various computer equipment for office work and home .

Today, the Acer group employs more than 39000 employees who work in different branches of the company located all over the world. The company’s plants are located in the United States, Finland, the Netherlands, Malaysia and Taiwan.

especially popular among fans of mobile technology use, light, compact, convenient and inexpensive Acer laptops. The company ’Acer» produces several lines of notebooks, offering models for novice users (for example, the Extensa series notebook, eMachines), and for professionals who work with powerful graphics, this series of Acer laptops Ferrari and Aspire .

Today you can buy the following lineup Acer. First of all — this series Extensa laptops and eMachines. The Extensa series notebooks and eMachines have a price that affordable for students, engineers and everybody who deals mainly office work, watching movies or performing simple tasks on the laptop.

For people who work in large enterprises and firms and those who need a full-fledged powerful computer, as a replacement for a personal computer, the company offers to buy laptops Acer series Aspire and TravelMate. This is a real business — the laptops that allow you to work with graphics programs, and also have sufficient capacity to work with various editing images. This series includes models such as the budget model Acer Aspire 5536G and Acer TravelMate 6292.

For people who are constantly traveling and have every gram in baggage weight in gold, Acer offers to purchase the series ultrathin laptop series TimeLine. Features of these models is extremely thin aluminum body, bright matrix and long battery life (up to 8 hours). These notebooks are becoming more and more popular among the fashion lovers devices.

One of the most powerful models are series notebooks Ferrari. It is expensive models Acer. buy that can only wealthy citizens. This series of laptops has a spectacular shape, glossy body and a lot of decorative elements. Typically, these models of Acer laptops have discrete graphics, a large amount of RAM, a large hard drive. The price of laptop Acer Ferrari is very high due to the use of a special carbon fiber parts, rugged housing made of magnesium alloy and very expensive components.

Each acer laptop will be delivered to your home fully equipped in a neat package. Inside the package — standard package, containing everything you need for working with a laptop acer. All acer laptops have a prestigious and respectable appearance. The main colors Acer are silver and black, although some models acer aspire one have special colors, such as blue or pink, released specially for the beautiful half of humanity.

the Top panel acer aspire one and other models of Acer for the most part made of glossy plastic, with only the sides are inserts made of matte plastic. Button, laptop aser, convenient location on the keyboard which allows you to locate keys easily, also made of glossy plastic. The keypad buttons will be pleased with its softness, even so it may seem that a key has been pressed.

All acer laptops have wide LCD glossy screen, which sometimes cover glass with anti-bacterial coating. Acer laptop will always introduce you to a colorful and vibrant color picture on the screen. The response time, which is important when watching movies, the acer laptops are very short.

acer Laptops are very good touchpad, which is a pleasant tactile sensations and gives precise cursor on the screen. Below the touch panel, under tacoda, there are additional buttons that are executed either in the form of key-swing or in the form of two different keys.

acer laptop aspire one not very large touch pad that justified its relatively small size. In order to reduce the size of the laptop, additional buttons located on opposite sides of the touchpad, which is very convenient, if You with these buttons have not worked before. Over the working part of the laptop keyboard for acer are various indicators and on/off button, with some models even button is the volume control. Side panels laptops contain various connectors and the drive, which reads any disk. At the top of the keyboard, each acer laptop, integrated indicator of the degree of charging.

acer Laptops suitable for office Desk, and work on the bed or the sofa. The main highlight of laptops acer is that it consumes very little power, then there is an economical device. Also, one of its advantages is that the acer laptop is not very hot when working, thanks to an ingenious ventilation system.

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