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Acer n311

Test drive specially prepared for publication on the disk Mobi

date of writing: may 2007

in Addition to smartphones and communicators in our test drives got a PDA. Acer n311 is among the three best-selling handhelds in the world, and is in great demand in the vastness of our vast country. It’s all in the amazing combination of price and quality. For little money you can get a stylish modern PDA with a VGA-screen TV and Wi-Fi. The Acer n311 virtually no competitors. Quite some reasonable doubt — probably somewhere lies the catch. We have tried to answer this question yourself. n311 was really very good, but not without nuances.


PDAs || HH,7 mm| 135 g || Li-Ion 1200 mA*h

  • DISPLAY: 3,7 » TFT, 65K 480×640
  • PROCESSOR: Samsung S3C2440 400 MHz
  • MEMORY: 128 MB ROM, 64 MB RAM / SD card slot (hot swap flash cards)
  • OPERATING SYSTEM: Windows Mobile 5.0 Premium AKU 2.1 (AKU 3.3 with the latest firmware)
  • COMMUNICATION: system connector Acer, connector for charger, WiFi (802.11b), Bluetooth 1.2
  • MESSAGING: e-mail client Pocket Outlook (POP3/SMTP/IMAP4)
  • AUDIO FEATURES: Windows Media Player / speaker, microphone
  • FEATURES: media player PocketTV / backup using the Backup/Restore
  • CONTROL: 4 function buttons (retargetable) and the 5-way controller, sliding lock button, enable
  • EXTRAS: setonaikai Bluetooth and WiFi
  • PACKAGE contents: disc with Outlook 2002 user manual, cradle, USB cable, power supply, carrying case, microfiber

Rating: 8,5

Even before the sale of the Acer n311 PDA has been actively discussed on the forum. Potential buyers and just interested people tried as soon as possible to predetermine the fate of the new PDA. In the beginning of last year was really something to argue.n311 attracted a very good performance and brand Acer meant that the price of the device will be affordable. The novelty bribed VGA screen (then rare), Wi-Fi, a considerable amount of memory, Windows Mobile 5.0 and stylish design. It was considered that the output is cooked if not «the bomb», a very successful model.

Immediately after the appearance of the PDA in the Russian retail sector, in March 2006, it became clear they waited not in vain. The price was slightly over 10 thousand rubles, for PDA surprisingly little. The beauty of this proposal is evaluated immediately — n311 swept by from the shelves, only appearing there. Forums immediately grew a huge branches, where buyers finally shared their experiences. And problems, which turned out to be little, but they still were.


Acer n311 was able at once to fill two niches markets handhelds. the First part of the consumer audience — people who want to get a PDA, but not ready to give him big money. Budget models have already been on the market, such as HP rx1950. But their specifications match the price — weak machines with the bland design not very attracted buyers. I can’t say about n311 and appearance, and the toppings were what is called «level». And the price is just at the level of the psychological barrier of 10 thousand rubles finally determined the choice of the buyer.

the Second part of the audience — the users for which the PDA is a personal information assistant, but not a multimedia companion. terms of pure performance, n311 not the leaders — many handhelds competitors surpass it as CPU power and graphics. Therefore, the new product from Acer is not positioned as a portable video player or game console. The PDA was intended for serious work — storing multiple notes, scheduling, contacts, mail and Internet. Thanks n311 can be called almost perfect PDA for business people wanting to get exactly what you want, without the unnecessary bells and whistles.

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