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Acer n311: getting started

Many people underestimate the PDA market — according to most PDAs are dying away his age and will soon disappear, leaving its market share communicators and smartphones. During the practical experiment, it wasn’t — the new model with VGA screen (640×480) for a long time will have a good sale.

to my hands for 2 weeks got Acer n311 and thanks to him, in my eyes PDA moved from the category of «reader/calculator» «a full-featured computer». During use of the gadget, there have been many questions and I decided to publish them along with the answers to help novice PDA users.

Acer n311: where to start, Rod angle

Windows Mobile

Acer n311 uses as Windows Mobile 5.0, therefore, to focus on the intricacies of control is not necessary. All sections similar to the desktop version of Windows and therefore you can easily understand all menus. Many beginners trying to find the menu «start» «Shutdown». His pocket PCs does not exist — is designed to turn off key on the side, and to reset you need to press the stylus into the small hole on the underside of the chassis.

the functionality of the computer can easily be extended using third party software. You can easily find in the relevant sections of the fan-forums ( but I recommend to use:

software Installation can be done with a PC via ActiveSync or directly on the PDA in the case of cab archives installer on Windows Mobile.

the place of the concept «click» if you work with a stylus is «tap» (eng. «tap»). Long tap (tap them with the stylus and hold for a few seconds) — the context menu, short tap (short press the stylus) — start applications or open a file, similar to pressing the left mouse button.

Stylus copes with its responsibilities and on the second day can cleverly them to wield. Very often these small sticks are lost and the owners very upset. Actually branded stylus is not more than 500 rubles, and at desire it is possible to make a stylus with your own hands from the stick of a Lollipop, and matches.

alternatively, you can use a regular USB mouse support incorporated in the OS, you only need to install the driver and create the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/Drivers/USB/LoadClients/Default/Default/3/Generic_Sample_Hid_Class_Driver 2 key:

  • Name: prefix, String: HID (key type — String Value)
  • Name: index, DWORD Data: 4, Base: Dec (key type — DWORD Value)

After that you need to do a soft-reset (press the stylus into the small hole next to the connector to connect the cradle/cable), and after the OS to move my mouse — will appear cherished the cursor.

In n311 has a built-in onscreen keyboard for typing at which the stylus need to click on the virtual keys. Keyboard Microsoft’s terribly inconvenient and therefore recommend to install Resco Keyboard Pro — you will be free in the choice of keyboard layouts, get additional functions like calculator and enter umlauts even when using only English and Russian layouts.

once Again, thanks to the USB host or bluetooth you can connect a USB or bluetooth keyboard. At this time no drivers to be installed. You can use any USB keyboard, but I recommend to pay attention to fake keyboard Cherry :

Acer n311: where to start, Rod angle

Cherry does not issue such keyboards, so the Chinese craftsmen used the brand well-known manufacturer. But despite this keyboard quality, convenient and cost only 500-1000 rubles. Such folding keyboard for bluetooth are available under the brand Ray-BT in price from 1500 to 2000 rubles.

USB-host and cable

Among the most useful features of the gadget can note the presence of a USB host with which to PDA you can connect many USB devices, primarily various flash drives and HDD, keyboard. Of course, the printer and the scanner is useless to attempt to connect, but the problem is only with the lack of drivers. Third-party developers to gradually eliminate the deficit of drivers and there are drivers for the mouse. cameras etc.

Many people think that the USB port is located on the PDA. Actually it is not. The connection is made to the rear side of the cradle (the cradle for charging and syncing) or separately purchased cable. Just note that for n311 there are 4 types of cables:

  • For synchronization with a PC. It lacks as a USB host, and any charges. It is the cheapest (300 rubles), but essentially useless, since synchronization is required once every six months.
  • To sync with PC and charging via USB. It is convenient for charging PDA in terms of lack of outlets. Recommend to all who want to connect USB devices to a PDA. Otherwise, see the next item.
  • Cable 3-in-1. With his help, the PDA can be synchronized with a PC to charge via USB and connect a USB device. It is quite expensive (500-700 rubles), but has maximum functionality. And purchasing the adapter 220 V -> USB. you will be able to charge your gadget from a common outlet.
  • Brand USB-host. He has only 2 options — charging from the mains adapter supplied PDA and USB devices. This cable is expensive (1200 rubles), but it does not allows you to charge via USB and generally connect to a PC.

Acer n311: where to start, Rod angle

If you think that the purchase of the cable can be postponed until better times, I will disappoint you. It is better to buy a cable 3-in-1 adapter 220 V -> USB, so as to put the PDA in the case in the cradle will fail, and get it out of the case every time is inconvenient. And indeed the cradle is far more space and does not allow you to work comfortably with PDA while charging. Skilled users can save almost a thousand rubles, and solder the cable yourself, the good, the wiring is available.

Immediately after purchasing the gadget recommend go to the section of the firmware on the FTP server support Acer. At the time of writing it was 24 version number of languages. Can choose any language, but I would not recommend proceeding with the Russian language to another. Each new version fixed bugs, added new features. It is better to update the firmware right after buying, because in the future the computer will be filled with programs to reinstall again or even restore will be very unpleasant.

so the firmware is done in several stages, to break the sequence does not recommend:

  • Download the latest version of the Russian firmware from an FTP server Acer (

30 MB).

  • be Sure to format the SD card volume 128-1024 MB format FAT/FAT16 on card-reader’e PC or laptop. Try to do this on PDA pointless (believe me, I did not believe and killed the whole night)
  • Unpack the downloaded file on a formatted card
  • Insert the SD card into the PDA
  • Hold down the 2 soft-key button on the PDA to run applications) and simultaneously hold down for 3-5 seconds press soft-reset with stylus
  • Quickly release the stylus, soft keys and the one immediately hold down the power button. This must be done very quickly, perhaps the first time will not work and you will not flashing, and hard-reset, i.e. simply reset the device settings to the factory.
  • If you did everything correctly, run boot-loader, and will not appear PDA on a white background. The power button hold it until the end of the countdown on the screen and you see the text «Loading from SD». Then, press release and waiting for about 10 minutes before the end of the firmware and run the new OS.
  • Problems with localization

    once you start using the device, users will notice very «curve» localization of some components. And in the first place — menu WLAN on your desktop. It presents inadequate inscriptions «Turn WLAN», «Turn on». In order to correct this omission Microsoft developers, is to download the patch in a cab. In the archive are:

    • — for the appearance of a legitimate «Enable WLAN» «Manager WLAN» instead of «to Turn on WLAN» «General purpose WLAN», respectively
    • — restoration of native «clumsy» label.

    sound quality of n311 no problems — external speaker sounds bright and high quality, readable even at small noise in the room. At the top end there is a standard connector for headphones, so no need to worry about the adapter. But it should be noted that the output power of the signal is not as great as for MP3 players, and so to listen to music or watch a movie in the subway difficult.

    a Significant flaw with the sound of the PDA only one — not output for an external microphone. There are built-in and hidden inside the case. This problem is easily solved by using a bluetooth headset, the benefit of the accessory is not that expensive, and can be used including a cell phone. About supported models is possible not to worry — the device has A2DP profile.

    In the metropolis PDA can be used as a skype phone — the client is available. plug the bluetooth headset and within the home, office, MKAD (thank you Golden Wi-Fi calling worldwide. In the case of infrequent use is possible to do a built-in microphone — its sensitivity during the inspection skype was quite even in the case. You can comfortably place the handset back side of the housing to the ear. In the upper part of the body is a speaker at the bottom — a microphone.

    View video

    Running the view desktop video n311, I was slightly shocked — he calmly cope with it, although just a few years ago, cheap desktops with work «digested» DivX. The culprit of such fast processing video — 2D accelerator nVidia GoForce 4000 .

    But there should be no illusions — in dynamic scenes «brakes» still present. Therefore the video you want to convert using, for example, PocketDivXEncoder. When you start a list of ready-made profiles — recommend «PDA». Resolution 320×240 enough of Slavoj, but the sound quality should increase, if you will watch the video in good headphones, not through the built in speaker. The size of the converted one and a half hour film — 150-200 MB.

    as the video itself is well-known for CorePlayer — when playing in full screen is rotated 90 degrees, there is a playlist, support for most codecs.


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