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Microsoft intends to collect royalties from manufacturers of equipment for the use of Android

Microsoft has launched a new campaign that aims to discourage manufacturers from using Linux and open source. In particular, Microsoft is trying to convince Acer and ASUSTeK in the need to pay license fees for the right of use based on Linux’s platforms. Now we are talking only about using Linux in Android handheld devices, but, apparently, the primary goal of the campaign is an attempt to undermine the release of these manufacturers new models of tablets and netbooks based on Android and Chrome OS. It is not excluded that in the future the list of platforms accused of patent infringement by Microsoft, will be expanded and the demand royalty payments to be made to producers, presetting classic Linux distributions.

According to preliminary data, in the submissions listed patents, similar to those that appear in the trial against Motorola. In particular, mentioned patents relating to various UI features, multimedia features and technologies sync email, calendar and contacts.

an Additional argument in favour of royalty payments is the mention of HTC, which has entered into a license agreement with Microsoft under which you will be paying license fees for phones using the Google Android operating system. Indicates that, as the volume of sales of devices on Linux’s from Acer and ASUSTeK quite small and does not promise obtain significant profits, this action is more of a political step, caused by the desire to persuade these manufacturers to use Windows Mobile in their products. Contributions for the use of patented technologies in Android that Microsoft is trying to get with Acer and ASUSTeK, is neither more nor less than 10-15 dollars with a single device.

in Addition: ASUSTeK said that they have not received any claims for the payment of royalties for the use of the Android platform. ASUSTeK claims that before making a decision about the use of Android was conducted internal audit platform for search of possible patent infringements. Company representatives mentioned that ASUSTeK owns quite a large package of its own patents, and always scrupulously refers to the intellectual property rights of other companies. Acer has so far said only that he could not comment on market speculation.

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