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ACER, notebook Manufacturers, the Lessons of the laptop, the wild Truth


History Acer

ACER, notebook Manufacturers, the Lessons of the laptop, the wild Truth

the Acer Group of companies is one of the most popular at the moment, PC manufacturers. It includes several brands such as Acer, Gateway, Packard Bell and eMachines. The official representation of the company is located in Taiwan, while products are known all over the world.

it all began in the distant 1976, when the Taiwanese entrepreneur Stan Shih has decided to start its own production of household appliances and electronics, microelectronics, calling their offspring Multitech International. And it would have all ended there, don’t be Stan Shih enterprising man to the depths of his soul. As befits a true businessman, he looked away into the future and realized that to compete in this area with international manufacturers in the future will be increasingly difficult. The solution was simple. Stan decided to invest in the development of massive at that time the speed the production of computer equipment. And it has paid off.

Already in the 80 years the company has been able to streamline the Assembly IBM-compatible computers. It was then that the company’s Stan Shih and learned world. 4 years later Multitech International appears first «baby» — Acer Peripherals. Currently known as the BenQ.

Just one year after this event, Japan and Germany signed with Acer agreement under which the company could place their branches in these States. And in the 87th saw the light of another «boy» called Acer Laboratories Incorporated, main specialization became chipsets.

One of the characteristic features of the group of companies Stan Shih is the opening of quite a large number of subsidiaries, which have their own specific areas of production. So, for example, AU Optronics manufactures liquid crystal matrix, Acer Laboratories Incorporated is a developer and manufacturer of chipsets, and AOpen creates accessories for game consoles.

At home Stan there is a considerable number of organizations in which «breathed life» former associates and assistants of the Stan Shih. Also the world famous computer company Asus was opened under the leadership of four experts who had previously worked on the Acer.

since 1988, the company got its present name Acer, which in Latin means «maple». No wonder the maple leaf is the label of the Corporation. It was preparation for the conquest not only of the global market space, but also other companies in different countries of the world. So literally for 3 years Acer has expanded its capabilities and sphere of influence through the acquisition of companies Counterpoint Computers (America), Kangaroo Computer B.V. (the Netherlands) and Altos Computer Systems (America). These firms worked in different areas: production of mini-computers, processors, high capacity, development of systems, running large number of users. In addition, in the late 90s Acer has signed a contract with the American company Texas Instruments for classes chips and memory cards. Herself Acer is also not stood still in the 91st year of her assistants was created a new product ChipUpTM who are interested in already strong enough at that time, the organization Intel.

In the 96th year, Acer has gone a step that still do not dare to take many renowned manufacturers of computer equipment. In Finland started assembling computers and accessories aimed at the Russian consumer. It was a serious and important point. After so many years Acer supplies to the Russian market and CIS market a large number of their products. Evidence of this can be found in any local computer store. A wide range of accessories and PC, a wide range of accessories Acer can be found even in small retail outlets.

But the rapid expansion of spheres of influence brought Acer and many problems. By the end of the 90’s the Corporation has grown so much that it has become quite difficult to manage. In 2000, Stan Shih decided on a total renovation in the control system. Thus appeared the Pan Acer Group, including Acer, Wistron and BenQ. This allowed us to increase productivity and to pay special attention to the development of new technologies, which was the key to future success and viability of the company.

But all good things can’t last forever. And in 2001, the Acer suffered significant losses due to the appalling situation on the market of high technologies. At that time the company has worked in two directions: produced components and created a PC under its own brand. Most larger customers stopped purchasing equipment and this has caused huge Corporation.

the 2001 Crisis made nervous not only members of the company management and investors, bankers who have sent their funds to maintain the Corporation afloat. A decisive role in this situation played Lian Kuo-Shu — Chairman of the Board of one of the most influential banks in Taiwan. He convinced other investors in the ability of Stan Shih to keep the Corporation from collapse. And Stan Shih has justified its high expectations. Already in 2002, the company Pan Acer Group returned lost at the time of the domination and profit. The Corporation started a new rapid ascent.

Gianfranco Lanci became widely known since 2005, when he was appointed President of the company Acer, thereby replacing Stan Shih. This promotion was made possible thanks to his thinking and the ability to rapidly advance the Corporation assigned to the course, not to miss the slightest opportunity for its development.

Acer has made a significant contribution to the development of the IT industry and in 2011 celebrated its 35th birthday. These 35 years were not easy. Grand in scale were not only the UPS but also downs. But the company has withstood all tests, thus confirming its motto: «Breaking the barriers between people and high technology». Thanks to the genius of managers and other employees they managed to break not one obstacle in achieving the goal.

today, the brainchild of Stan Shih has achieved stunning success. The production of PCs various sizes, capacities and assignments; components for any kind of electronic engineering established in America, the Netherlands, Finland, Malaysia and Taiwan. 24 countries are factories for final Assembly of the PC and accessories. And what about the marketing network spread over more than 100 countries. Acer cooperates with such bosses silicone business as Texas Instruments, Intel, Microsoft, Novell, Santa Cruz Operations.

currently, the Acer laptops are extremely popular in Russia thanks to the marketing policy of the company providing domestic customers a wide range of laptop models at low prices.

Series Acer laptop
Laptops Acer Aspire

Series notebook, designed to replace the desktop PC. Completed mostly Pentium 4 desktop. The weight of these laptops typically greater than 4 kg, so for frequent trips they are not. However, such a large weight more than compensates for the filling laptops, so its performance the Aspire series notebooks can easily compete with the most modern desktop PCs.

Laptops Acer Travel Mate

Business series laptop Acer company, built on a mobile Pentium M or Celeron m Laptops of this series are designed to work in the office and at home, and frequent movements. They are lightweight, compact size and long battery life with all the necessary devices for proper operation. And the older models of this series by its capabilities are not inferior to the most powerful desktop computers.

Laptops Acer Ferrari

Laptops Acer Ferrari symbolize the partnership between Acer and Ferrari, each of which have earned in their field reputation as a high-tech, innovative and dynamic company. The laptop case is painted in the signature red Ferrari Rossa Corsa», which for millions of people is the color of success, passion and style. Under a design and specifications of laptops that will delight the most demanding users.

Laptops Acer Aspire Ethos

Ethos is a line of multimedia laptops belong to the premium class. The laptops in this series are characterized by high graphics performance, extensive multimedia features, as well as have an attractive and stylish design. All models are equipped with powerful intel processors and, in consequence, for both entertainment and for work in the office.

Laptops Acer Aspire One

the Series netbook Aspire One, was a logical continuation of Aspire. These models are compact, and their equipment allows us to work on the Internet or just to solve the required business tasks wherever you go. Netbooks Aspire One is an indispensable mobile helpers in any case.

Laptops Acer Aspire S

Aspire S — line of ultrabooks, which differ from the others with its ultra-thin design and high performance. In addition, the main advantages of this series is fast on a laptop, long battery life and attractive design.

Laptops Acer Aspire Timeline

the Series Timeline is a model series of laptop with amazingly long battery life: up to 8 hours. The developers have tried to make these laptops have always been ready to use, how far away from home or office.

Laptops Acer Aspire TimelineX

This series of laptops in the first place is different from his other «brothers» long Autonomous operation (more than 8 hours on a single charge, low weight and thickness. Also the line is equipped with a powerful graphics card, excellent cooling system. Thanks to such as these laptops are a great tool for office work and travel.

Laptops Acer eMachines

Budget line of laptops Acer eMachines allows you to choose the optimal model in relation price-quality. Despite its low cost, the representatives of the series is equipped with everything necessary for work in the office, on vacation and travel.

Laptops Acer Extensa

Model number aspire is designed for successful and independent businessmen. These compact laptops with new improved screens and all necessary wireless ports give freedom and will allow you to work where you feel comfortable.

Laptops Acer TravelMate

Elegant and stylish model series Travelmate is one of the most powerful and high representatives of the Acer laptop. Equipment widest range of ports I/o, large screens and a huge opportunity to turn them into mobile workstations.

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