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My acquaintance with the Acer Liquid E3 started very ambiguous. The smartphone is the first time behaved as if vengeance is trying to stare me. But I have the opinion that any device has to be something good, and I decided to do this «good» to dig through a bunch of glitches sample. And it worked! Looking ahead, I say — smartphone interesting and more than worthy.

Speak and write, say, tablets already killed netbooks and actively displace laptops. This is partly true. Those portable device is needed for Internet surfing, watching movies and occasionally for correspondence, will be enough touch of acclamatory with a large screen. But still there is a large enough group of people that does something more useful than the touch display input device. Affordable Acer Aspire V5-122P — a sort of modern alternative to a tablet. And the netbook. In the sense that we have before us a small notebook, read — a netbook with touch screen running on a hybrid processor, referred to as APU. Hybridity it is in the combination of graphics and CPU in a single chip. Used in the Acer Aspire V5-122P processor does not apply to fast, occupying the position performance gap between Intel Atom and Intel Core i3. But don’t use a lot of precious energy.

we had Not time to get used to the canons of ultrabooks, as there were some renegades manufacturers, mercilessly them breaking. Especially those canons that remained unwritten. Thin, mean, and light? Thin — unconditionally (without this ultrabook is not ultrabook at all), but light — fire. Compact? And who said that only such; not everyone wants to «break» the eyes of 13-inch screen, with the «course» somehow freer. Yes and integrated graphics system is not always enough. Give gaming performance!

September 15 in Ukraine will begin selling Android smartphone Acer Liquid 700, which feature is the ability to work with three SIM cards (it goes in standby mode). In the rest of the specifications are fairly standard for this type of smartphones.

a Large photo exhibition IFA 2014.

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Source: Acer: reviews, prices, reviews, news

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