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Acer: the traditions of quality


Acer: the traditions of quality

the main objective of the company was the production of microelectronics. Although the first years Mulitech International (originally known as Acer) was engaged in various development for game producers in Taiwan. In the early years of the company, its Director Stan Shih decided that will develop personal computers, as the home appliances market the competition was very high, so to overtake global brands will be extremely difficult.

as soon As was planned course for the development of computers, the company, in fact, started the development of this direction, considering it a priority.

Thanks to the support of the government in the early 80-ies, Acer began EN masse to collect inexpensive IBM-compatible computers and tried to enter the international market.

Before creating phones Acer naturally had to create a PC that on its basis to develop a mini-computer with the capability of conventional «wired» phone — now called mobile phone (about 2 sim smartphone. of course, then nobody thought). It happened in 1981. The world saw the appearance of the first computer company Acer, it was called a MicroProcessor-I. Starting with him, went the rapid development of PC.

1984 marked the creation of subsidiaries Acer Peripherals (now known brand BenQ). In the following year opened offices in Germany and Japan.

In 1987, created the company Acer Laboratories Incorporated, which began to produce their own chipsets.

in 1988, the entire Corporation is renamed to Acer

From Latin it is translated as smart and purposeful.

a Major breakthrough leadership occurred in 1988. Acer bought the American company Counterpoint Computers, which at that time was one of the largest developers of mini-PC. Similarly, in 1989 Taiwanese acquired Dutch company Kangaroo Computer B.V.

In 1990, the company buys Altos Computer Systems (number one in the production of multi-user systems) for 94 million dollars.

In 1992, is moving to Singapore, which is based headquarters Acer. This was done due to the fact that the company is rapidly growing, and in this country was very pleasant business climate.

In 1997, the company Acer bought Texas Instruments, which specializes in the marketing and development of portable computers. In the same year, Acer has included in the list of leaders of the computer industry.

In the second half of the 90-ies Acer abandoned their own production and have focused on the promotion of their brands.

In 2006 the company celebrated its 30th anniversary and she celebrated her birthday. During its existence it has made a major contribution to the development of the IT industry worldwide.

Acer involved in the development of phones always placed at the head of innovative development and marketing. Thanks to this strategy, the company has achieved significant success.

Today, Acer, in addition to development excellent cellular phones such as. for example, the smartphone Acer liquidimini Ferrari Edition. engaged also in other directions. The release of desktop and laptop computers, monitors, network equipment and different solutions for e-business — this is not a complete list of goods and services, providing Acer.

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article Summary: Mobile phones have become part of human life. Today we will talk about the famous Taiwanese company Acer, which was founded in 1976 by a man named Stan Shih. Acer acer

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