Articles and reviews. Acer Ferrari. Online store for computer and home appliances


Articles and reviews. Acer Ferrari. Online store for computer and home appliances

Call speed from Acer Ferrari

the Result of cooperation between Acer and car manufacturer Ferrari came to light a whole range of sports exclusive laptop business class — Acer Ferrari. Each firm is a leader in its field and has established itself as a dynamic company that uses innovative and high technology. Acer is one of the ten world leaders in the supply of personal computers and the development of innovative technologies.

Laptops Acer Ferrari — the only series laptop with a striking design from Ferrari, they are painted in signature color Ferrari ’Rossa Corsa», which is already a symbol of speed, success, impeccable style and leadership.

Acer Ferrari represent racing Formula-1. When you look at this impressive aggressive creation, there is no doubt that the speed of the laptop is not inferior race car, is the same maneuverable and easy to operate and is the undisputed leader among laptops.

Silver and red colors, the prevailing models of Ferrari 3000 series moved now into the background and was replaced coal-black. Red insets on the sides and on the front end look great. Now the laptop looks more athletic, imposing and aggressive. This visual Supplement approved by the owners of the Acer Ferrari sports. To work for such a machine becomes doubly pleased, feel its power and strength.

Laptops Acer Ferrari 4005WLMi (LX.FR405.163) and Acer Ferrari 4005WLMi (LX.FR405.160) — made in the original, attractive design, which is getting closer to the design of high-speed car. Only one appearance is the pursuit of speed, the sense of power and confidence in victory. Laptop lid is made of carbon fiber (in racing cars from such material are some parts of the body to reduce their weight and achieve the highest strength)than more like racing a Ferrari. Both models are equipped with a 2-gigahertz processor Turion 64 ML37, the screen is 15.4 inch diagonal matrix, have a RAM of 1Gb and capacity of the hard disk 100GB. The presence of wireless models are slightly different: unlike Acer Ferrari 4005WLMi (LX.FR405.160), which has only Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, Acer Ferrari 4005WLMi (LX.FR405.163) boasts an infrared port (IrDa).

Articles and reviews. Acer Ferrari. Online store for computer and home appliances

Articles and reviews. Acer Ferrari. Online store for computer and home appliances

Both externally and technical characteristics of these two cars have a lot in common:

Display ACER Ferrari 4005WLMi

• 15.4″ WXGA TFT LCD with a resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels

• 16.7 million colors

• the Ability to view via Acer GridVista

video Subsystem ACER Ferrari 4005WLMi

• ATI MOBILITY™ RADEON® X700 with 128 MB of VRAM, supporting ATI POWERPLAY™ 5.0, Microsoft® DirectX® 9.0 and PCI Express™

• Supports DualView™

• supports Hardware MPEG-2/DVD

• Support for S-video/TV-out (NTSC/PAL)

• Supports DVI-D

Drives DVD Super Multi c slot-loading (not intended for use with mini CD 8 cm)

• Read: 4X DVD + R, 4X DVD-RW, 4X DVD-R, 4X DVD-RW, 8X DVD-ROM, 24X CD-ROM, 2X DVD-RAM

• Write: 2.4X DVD + R, 2.4X DVD-RW, 4X DVD-R, 2X DVD-RW, 16X CD-R, 8X CD-RW, 2X DVD-RAM


• Built-in stereo speakers

• MS-Sound compatible

• Support for S/PDIF (Sony/Philips Digital Interface)

• Supports Intel® AC97

• Built-in microphone

Subsystem communications ACER Ferrari 4005WLMi

• Integrated network adapter-10/100/1000 MB/s Gigabit Ethernet. supports Wake-on-LAN ready

• Built-in 56K V.92 modem, supports Wake-on-Ring

• wireless network Adapter Acer InviLink™ IEEE 802.11b/g Wi-Fi certified

• Support for Acer SignalUp

• Built-in Bluetooth™

Ports I / o ACER Ferrari 4005WLMi

• 4 x USB 2.0 Port

• 1 — Infrared (FIR) port

• 1 — VGA Port

• 1 x PC Card slot (Type II)

• 5-in-1 card reader (SD/MS/MS-Pro/MMC/xD-Picture card™)

• 1 — S-video output (NTSC/PAL)

• 1 x DVI-D Port

• 1 x IEEE 1394 Port


• Standard ACPI supports Standby and Hibernation

• 71 W Li-jnovy battery pack

o Up to 3 hours battery life

o 2.5 hours fast recharge

o CAS recharging during operation

• 3-pin AC adapter 90 watt

input Device ACER Ferrari 4005WLMi

• 88-/89-key branded keyboard Acer FineTouch™with a bend 5°

• Touch pad and scroll key 4 directions

• 12 function keys; 4 cursor keys; 2 Windows® keys; «hot» keys; digital panel

• 4 shortcuts start applications: web, email, Empowering Key, softkey

• Two buttons on the front panel: WLAN and Bluetooth®

dimensions and weight of the ACER Ferrari 4005WLMi

• 363 x 265.7 x 30.5/34.5 mm

• 3.0 kg

Additional options for ACER Ferrari 4005WLMi

• Acer ezDock


• Extra battery pack

• ACPI 1.0b

• Mobile PC2001

• DMI 2.0

• Wi-Fi®

• Cisco Compatible Extensions (CCX).

Despite the fact that laptops have become a little more size, they weigh no more than previous models and feature amazing subtlety. Small size is compensated by a huge number of all facilities, which hardly can be added without increasing the parameters.

In the set, except for the laptop, includes power supply, network cable, documentation kit, set of four CDs ’Recovery CD» (includes the operating system, drivers, and other software), dry cloth for cleaning the screen of a laptop, the cable to connect the modem to the phone line (RJ-11) and the bonus is an optical wireless mouse. A nice addition is made in the same style as the laptop itself, it also features the Ferrari logo. The mouse is quite large and very comfortable in use.

Articles and reviews. Acer Ferrari. Online store for computer and home appliances

Notebook 5004WLMi ACER (LX.FR506.058) is designed using the latest technology. The case is also made in black and red colors with the use of carbon fiber.

unlike previous models, the Acer Ferrari 5004WLMi based on 2-core processor AMD Turion 64 X2 TL-56, to h KB cache memory of the second level with a clock frequency of 1800 MHz and a set of core chipset ATI® Radeon® Xpress 1150. Different RAM 2048 (2×1024) MB DDR-II expandable up to 4 GB, and hard disk 120GB optical drive DVD Super Multi.

On the display, video, audio subsystem, the communications subsystem and nutrition security, additional options for compliance with the standards of this model is similar to the Ferrari 4000.

Acer Ferrari 5004WLMi (LX.FR506.058) delightfully blended impressive performance and luxury design. Thanks to the dual core processor it can provide extremely high performance even in «hard» applications requiring a large number of resources.

Articles and reviews. Acer Ferrari. Online store for computer and home appliances

Acer Ferrari 1005WTMi (LX.FR606.083) — the laptop business class, which combines the revolutionary technology of high-speed world of Formula 1 with a magnificent dual-core processor AMD Turion 64 X2.

Despite the fact that it significantly decreased in size, hard disk size increased up to 160GB. Small parameters laptop obliged 12.1-inch screen with a resolution of 1280 by 800 pixels. While the image quality remained relatively high. RAM is 1Gb and 2-core processor enable you to execute even the most demanding tasks.

Articles and reviews. Acer Ferrari. Online store for computer and home appliances

Brief technical specifications: AMD Turion™ 64 X2 TL60 2,0GHz; RAM 1024MB DDRII; HDD 160GB SATA; 12.1″ WXGA Acer CrystalBrite; ATI Radeon® Xpress 1150 256MB VRAM; external IEEE1394 DVD-RW SuperMulti, FM 56K; LAN10/100/1000; WLAN 802.11a/b/g; Bluetooth® 2.0 EDR, Irda, 1xPC Card; 3xUSB, Win XP Pro, 1.65 Kg

subsystem communications and security differs from the above models:

Subsystem communications ACER Ferrari 1005WTMi

• Support video conferencing (Voice and Video over Internet Protocol. VVoIP) using built-in 1.3 megapixel digital camera Acer OrbiCam™ and Acer Bluetooth® VoIP headset

• Built-in 1.3 megapixel Acer OrbiCam camera™:

o the Ability to rotate 225 degrees

o Technology Acer VisageOn™

o Technology Acer PrimaLite™

• Network adapter 10/100/1000 Mbps Gigabit Ethernet; Wake-on-LAN

• wireless network Adapter 802.11n, Wi-Fi certified, supporting Acer SignalUp™

• Bluetooth® 2.0 EDR

• Modem 56K ITU V.92; Wake-on-Ring


• Technology to protect the hard disk from physical damage Acer DASP (Disk Anti-Shock Protection Plus):

o Acer DASP

o Acer GraviSense

o Anti-Theft HDD

• slot for Kensington security lock

• BIOS passwords.

Exclusive, ultra-lightweight ACER Ferrari 1005WTMi — the perfect tool for the job, which will leave only the best experience when using.

Laptops Acer Ferrari — are equipped with the best of the existing ATI cards that work well with modern three-dimensional games and allow for any problems to handle captured on video materials.

the Design of all models of the Acer Ferrari made in full accordance with the concept developed by experts Ferrari and became the standard design elite sports laptops, they are designed for those who need a powerful high-speed sports car.

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