Computex 2008, a brief overview of netbooks from Acer, ASUS, Gigabyte, ECS and GeCube. RUSSIAN DOCUMENTS


Computex 2008 — a brief overview of netbooks from Acer, ASUS, Gigabyte, ECS and GeCube

Author: Alexander Mitrofanov


over the last two years, the IT community has been the subject of various plans to release a hundred dollar laptops. Various consortia long and tedious claimed specifications, selected components, argued about, and rates. The latter had been steadily increasing. And while officials shifted the paper, the price rose from $100 to $200. And this despite the fact that none of these laptops on sale and missed. It all ended the way it had to end — the development of low-cost laptop went dead. Therefore, the appearance of the ASUS Eee PC stunned everyone as a bombshell. The public has been thoroughly «heated», and new instant success. Yes, the price of the Eee PC is around $400, and the availability of this product at first left much to be desired. And yet, it is the ASUS Eee PC has opened a new sector of the market — supportative cheap laptops.

Natural, the other major producers were not willing to stand aside and decided to take part in the section of this pie. In fact, various analytical studies indicate that the share of such devices will only grow. A significant portion of the oil was added to the fire company Intel, which first released the family of Atom processors with incredibly low power consumption, and in recent days announced the WiMAX technology, which compared with Wi-Fi is a real revolution.

so, in this review we will briefly talk about the latest netbooks, which appeared on the Taiwanese computer Computex.

Acer AspireOne

firstly, Acer has introduced a new, ultra-portable laptop AspireOne.

However, the representatives of Acer refrained from words «laptop», preferring to call AspireOne «mobile Internet device». Anyway, this laptop is designed on the Intel Atom platform, has on Board 512 MB or 1 GB of RAM, and as the drive supports up to 8 GB NAND flash memory or 2.5″ hard disk capacity 80 GB. The user can easily increase the amount of flash memory cards (SD/MMC, Memory Stick/PRO and xD-Picture Card).

Next — AspireOne has a 8,9″ CrystalBrite screen with a maximum resolution of 1024×600. Typically, the physical size of the display determines the dimensions of the entire device, and battery features — weight and duration of operation. This is true for AspireOne. Size — h cm, and weight — less than a kilogram.

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Source: Computex 2008 — a brief overview of netbooks from Acer, ASUS, Gigabyte, ECS and GeCube :: RUSSIAN DOCUMENTS

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