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Personal computers have come a long way, playing the role of the instrument scientists and entrepreneurs in the object required in every home. But today their role as the main among the personal devices are slowly becoming less necessary. Cumbersome system blocks are often bought home only by inertia: to work with a browser and a word processor they are no longer needed. With the need to install the drivers and to ensure that the system was not Samusocial, too, was ready to put up all more than the narrow circle of users. All are used to gadgets that can be turned on and immediately start working.

Therefore, the advent of computers running Android has not kept itself waiting. Meet mini PC the size of a large USB flash drive, but now in our lab got a much larger instance. Acer DA223HQL — representative fashionable tide all-in-one with Android. In his example, we will determine whether viable such devices as an alternative to the usual computers.

Technical specification

the included AC adapter, Micro USB cable, Type B, wireless keyboard and mouse, user manual and warranty card.


Design Acer DA223HQL can be perceived differently. The design of the device looks like a pretty razdobrevshaya tablet like Iconia Tab B1 — the size of the monitor and cumbersome «extra» back.

the Case is plastic, glossy front panel, coupled with a rough matte plastic on the sidewalls distinguish it from the army utilitarian black monoblocks with Windows, but overall, nothing special. Leg-stand flexible and tilt candy bar can be adjusted from ten to ninety degrees relative to the surface, and you can not pull the prop, if the device will be used as a tablet. Strictly vertical position the design does not allow: the display will always be lightly rejected.

Looking at the glossy front panel, you may think that it will be very dirty, but in reality, things are not so bad: if that very easy to get dirty, it is lacquered black plastic around the display. Glass equipped with a protective layer and does not collect fingerprints with meticulous detective. On display — two-megapixel camera and microphone for video chatting.

Beyond the perforated section under the manufacturer logo hidden stereo speakers, and the lower face of the monoblock is equipped with two rubber inserts — they increase stability and protect the white plastic pollution.

the control Buttons are located on the right side, they are for the most part with the monitor controls: volume control, menu monitor settings, activate presets eColor, the toggle button between his picture and HDMI input, and the power button-turn off and lock the screen.

Back in the eye immediately catches rectangular «bag», which concluded battery capacity 10000 mAh and the computer. Power connector and the HDMI input is located on the bottom, and lateral sides are equipped with data transmission interfaces. On the left side — two conventional connector USB 2.0 connector USB 2.0 Type B, acting as the root hub. Along the right edge is located SDHC card reader, 3.5mm input for headset and an Ethernet interface with a maximum data rate of 100 Mbit/s

To the device attached wireless keyboard and mouse — simple and made of cheap plastic. Keyboard size approximately similar to those that are set in fourteen-inch laptops. Layout — something between kromboom and a standard PC. The motion is average, no backlight and indicator in the notification of low battery. Place block F1-F12 took management tools to the browser, and the top section of keys controls the operation of the media players. Mouse — the ordinary and the sizes are slightly inferior to the desktop relatives. No one bothers to replace the standard accessories on the model better, but will have enough of these.


Acer DA223HQL equipped with a display diagonal of 21.5 inches and a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. The manufacturer does not specify the type of matrix, but high contrast and wide viewing angles make it clear that we have before us the IPS panel in the middle price category.

the image Quality is high, moderate flare — from household gadget, more is not needed. Compared to tablets and smartphones, this device boasts enhanced image calibration — this is done from the settings menu on the monitor. This feature is particularly useful when the monoblock will need to connect via HDMI external image source.

article Summary: — Android on the table. Review monoblock Acer DA223HQL Acer DA223HQL, ASUS Transformer P1801, HP Slate 21-s100 acer

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