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Spectacular exhibition matches strongest gamers in the largest cities of Russia in the framework of the Intel Challenge Cup in 2008 will contribute to the further development of domestic e-sports

MOSCOW, March 3, 2008. — Intel and Acer has announced the launch in 2008 of a series of regional eSports competitions conducted under the General name of the Intel Challenge Cup («Intel challenge Cup») with the participation of the team — the current champion of Russia on the game CounterStrike, signed a sponsorship agreement with Intel. Virtual battles are organized by Intel and Acer with the support of the Federation computer sports of Moscow in the 7 largest cities of Russia: Volgograd (March),

St. Petersburg (April), Krasnodar (may), Irkutsk (September), Krasnoyarsk (October), Perm (November) and Moscow (December).

it is Pertinent to note that a similar series of gaming events held last year, allowed the tournament Intel Challenge Cup firmly occupy one of leading places in the «table of ranks» eSports competitions held in Russia. Exciting virtual battle in the discipline of CounterStrike, organized in 7 cities of our country in a series of exhibition matches and tournaments Intel Challenge Cup 2007, was attended by more than 50 thousand spectators.

as the hardware that will be used by gamers — the participants of the game series Intel Challenge Cup 2008, will deliver superfast «dueling pistols» from Acer, one of the leading providers of computing solutions in the global and Russian it market. Desktop gaming PC Acer Aspire M5630-based Quad-core Intel® Core™ 2 Quad Q6600 is one of the most powerful gaming platform in the world today. Innovative systems allow Acer to satisfy the most demanding computer users, providing unprecedented realism in modern computer games and high quality sound through the use of advanced technologies, designed to enhance your gaming experience on the PC. As additional equipment will be involved widescreen Acer monitors with response time of 2 MS and a screen diagonal 19 inches.

a Powerful Quad-core processor Intel® Core™ 2 Quad Q6600, created on the basis of the latest microarchitecture Intel® Core™ not only provides a record of system performance, but also has advanced energy efficiency indicators, thereby providing the Foundation for building high-performance and functional platform for gamers. According to independent analysts, systems based on the Intel Core 2 Quad win more than 90% of the performance tests for a gaming PC.

a Special highlight of the series Intel Challenge Cup 2008 will be held in each city «duel» on laptops between team captains — participants of the tournament. Mobile computers Acer will illustrate the most advanced ideas in the development of modern PC — today the laptops in no way inferior to desktops for gaming performance and is able to replace the gamer desktop computer with a set of peripheral devices. The spectators who attended eSports competition in the tournament «Intel challenge Cup» 2008, organized by Intel and Acer will be able to evaluate live graphics realism and dynamism of modern games obtainable on the Acer laptops.

Technical partner «the high-technology» exhibition matches Intel Challenge Cup is also NVIDIA — one of the world leaders in the design and production of graphic solutions.

Virtual battles as part of the Intel Challenge Cup will be held in the city’s best halls in the format of the tournament show, while the audience will be able to observe not only the emotions of the players, but with widescreen monitors — directly behind the game each of them. The games are accompanied by comments, and in part «commentator brigade» certainly there is a local specialist in computer games. Thereby meeting the strongest gaming teams is not only interesting from the point of view of the result, but also attracts with its exciting action and intensity of the struggle. For all participants and visitors eSports competitions full entertainment programme, as well as contests with exciting prizes.

moreover, everyone will be able not only to see their idols-gamers in the case, but to get autographs, and those who want to capture the good time exploring, will be given the opportunity to be photographed with the stars of the world of e-sports. .

«the Development of eSports in our country in a civilized way, drawing attention to the spectacular eSports tournaments is one of the elements of the increase of computer culture users in General, — said Director of Intel marketing in CIS Kamil Isaev. — Top sports art that reach the participants of tournaments, owning a PC based on the latest Quad-core Intel Core 2 Quad, are an excellent promoting the use of the most modern computing platforms.

«the Emergence in Russia of a new sport, and it is to this category can be attributed to computer games competitions, which are held at the Federal level, industry leaders — Intel and Acer, promotes seamless introduction of computer technology in everyday life and its aim was to bring people together both within one country and at the international level. In addition, such events substantially increase the awareness of users about the latest developments in the field of PC and the capabilities of modern computing», — said Grigory Lower, commercial Director, Acer CIS Inc.

Team was established on 1 November 2003. According to the voting results at the largest eSports portal CIS she was recognized as the best team in 2003. In the summer of 2004 won a bronze medal at the world Championships, held in France, and in 2005 became the world champion under version ACON 5. Currently, the team is deservedly eSports leader in Russia.

Intel Corporation supports the gaming community and eSports industry worldwide. Since 2001, Intel collaborates with the League e-sports (Electronic Sports League, ESL) — a major European League of eSports, with more than 600 thousand participants. In addition to supporting the ESL Intel is a sponsor of the popular gaming clan SK-Gaming, which is considered one of the most powerful in the world. Among its professional members, you can call the team from Germany FIFA Twins, in 2006 won the world title in the discipline of FIFA. In addition to professional athletes, community SK-Gaming registered more than 700 thousand participants.

the Intel Corporation, the world leader in silicon innovation, develops technologies, products and initiatives to continually improve the quality of people’s lives and improving their methods of work. Additional information about Intel can be found on the Web site on a Russian Web server Intel ( ), as well as on the website .

Intel, Centrino and Core are trademarks of Intel Corporation in the U.S. and other countries.

*Other names and trademarks are the property of their respective owners

Acer is one of the largest manufacturers of computer equipment. Since 2004 Acer ranks first in Russia and EMEA for the supply of laptops, and in Western Europe — for the supply of LCD monitors. Acer ranks third in the world and first in Russia among suppliers of personal computers, and — second place in the world and the second in Russia for the supply of LCD monitors.

Among the numerous products Acer — personal computers and laptops, servers and disk arrays, monitors and projectors, PDAs, and computer peripherals, modern electronic solutions for business, government and educational organizations, end-users.

Founded in 1976, Acer Group has a wide network of dealers and distributors in more than 100 countries. The company’s turnover in 2007 amounted to $14,06 billion In Acer Group employs more than 5600 employees.

for More information about the Acer can be found on their Web site

computer sports Federation, Moscow aims to promote the development of e-sports as a new sport of competitive activity and special practices for the preparation for the competition on the basis of computer technology, software, interactive devices and other capabilities of computer technology.

article Summary: Spectacular exhibition matches strongest gamers in the largest cities of Russia in the framework of the Intel Challenge Cup in 2008 will contribute to the further development of the national eSports MOSCOW, 3 March 2008. — Intel and Acer has announced the launch in 2008 of a series of regional acer


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