Laptops Acer (Acer)


Laptops Acer (Acer)

Acer (Acer) — a Taiwanese company, founded in 1976, she was named Multitech, but in 1987 it was renamed Acer. The headquarters of the company is located in the district of Taipei, Taiwan. By 2005, the Acer was among the four largest companies in the world, engaged in the manufacture and sale of computers. This company offers a wide variety of products: desktop and mobile PCs, servers, storage devices, LCD monitors, telemetry, high-resolution projectors, portable navigators In 2000 Acer transmits a large part of the existing production subsidiaries in order to focus on developing advanced technology and user-friendly computing. In addition, it was decided to support the sales of its products through the application of specific marketing strategies that best meet the needs of distribution channels. As a result, the company’s revenues grew from 4.9 billion. in 2003 to $ 7 billion. 2004. By 2005, the Acer worked only about 7.800 people, but it was enough to maintain the level of sales and the implementation of the required services around the world. By 2006, the revenue of the company was $ 11.32 billion.

Acer produces and the number of portable computers — at present it’s products line TravelMate, Aspire, or Acer Ferrari, the last line is the most modern and high-tech of all three. Laptops Acer Ferrari maintain a high standard of quality, making them managed to find their place in the market. They are already popular in the markets of Asia and Europe, and currently trying to win the attention of a very lucrative U.S. market. Acer ranks first in importance among similar firms in countries such as: Italy, Spain, Austria, Holland, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Russia, Portugal, Belgium, Denmark, Poland, Hungary and Slovakia. Wide range of laptop computers manufactured by Acer, has a number of advanced and modern characteristics, such as high computing power, flexibility, speed, excellent image and product support, and also superb style.

Acer produces laptops with the following characteristics: processor 299.00 Intel Pentium III 600 MHz, 128 MB RAM, 12 GB hard drive, CD-RW, built-in modem, ethernet 10/100, IR port, ports, audio input / output and microphone, 2 USB ports, one parallel and serial port, external keyboard, a device for reading memory cards. Provided by the expandable device operative and permanent (hard drive) memory. Laptops are shipped with ion-lithium battery and a CD with drivers.

among the products include laptops, Travel Mate, tablet PC with sliding case design based on Intel Pentium processes, widescreen multimedia Aspire laptops and portable computers Ferrari, different bright red body. In addition, Acer offers a full range of personal computers: Veriton (business class), AcerPower, or Aspire, corporate servers Altos, CRT and LCD monitors.

the share of the Acer Laptop on the North American market over the past few years has decreased, and on the European market, on the contrary, increased. Mostly success in Europe due to the ongoing cooperation with the Ferrari team, and, in 2001, in cooperation with the Simple command, both of these teams are members of the Formula 1. In the recent past, the extent of cooperation with Ferrari expanded when Acer announced that it will sponsor up to 2008, a team of Formula 1.

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