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Asustek and MSI enters the market desktop #

August 15, 2014

After Asustek Computer, which has increased its investment in branded desktop computer, Micro-Star International also start developing their own traditional desktop PC, PC all-in-one games and desktop.

After Asustek Computer, which has increased its investment in branded desktop computer, Micro-Star International also start developing their own traditional desktop PC, PC all-in-one games and desktop.

This information was spread by the Chinese wholesale suppliers, who also note that this may affect the sale of these brand suppliers such as Hewlett-Packard (HP), Dell, Lenovo and Acer.

Previously motherboard manufacturers have invested in the market branded PC insignificant amount, but recently they have become more aggressive. The reason for this may be the decline in the market for self-Assembly, while the demand for gaming PCs and systems for industry began to grow.

News about Acer NVIDIA WORLD

Asustek took aggressive market policy in the second half of last year. The company wants to get the number of orders for the production of computers for businesses. Also the manufacturer is interested in the market of desktop gaming PC, however, this strategy may affect the market motherboard and graphics cards.

last year the company sold almost two million PCs are expected this year sales of 20 million, and after five years the company plans to ship 50 million PC and to compete with Lenovo.

Some time ago, MSI has released a series of games desktop products, including machinery for self-Assembly mini form factor and 27″ PC all-in-one.

in Addition, the company ASRock has decided to concentrate on the market mini-PC and gaming systems for self-Assembly.

the Largest player in the motherboard industry, Gigabyte Technology, will continue efforts to promote these products, and focus on collaboration with Intel and AMD in the preparation of the table of minicomputers Brix.

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Acer produces chromebook based on the NVIDIA Tegra K1 #

August 14, 2014

System on chip NVIDIA Tegra K1 has found another use. This time the shelter for her was chromebook high-end class from Acer.

As the name implies, the laptop Chromebook 13 based on the operating system, Google Chrome, and has a screen with a diagonal of 13″. While Acer is planning two versions of the laptop — with a screen resolution of 1920×1080 and 1366×768 pixels.

Device Acer Chromebook 13 uses a Quad-core processor ARM Cortex-A15. The processor is equipped with the fifth «shadow kernel», which performs background processes are idle. This architecture is not new and has long been used NVIDIA, but thanks to her new chromebook demonstrates an incredible 13 hours of battery life.

the Main feature of the laptop will be a graphics system that is hidden in the Tegra K1. As you know, the GPU in this SoC contains 192 kernel Kepler, just like in desktop computers. This means the performance level 300 gigaflops using such an API like OpenGL. OpenCL. CUDA or DirectX. The latter, for obvious reasons, the Linux operating system is not working.

In comparison with competitors, such as Samsung Exynos 5800 or Intel Celeron N2830, K1 processor with ease ahead of, at least, so says NVIDIA itself. While the second place will be CPU from Samsung. As for the graphics, it is unattainable. Performance in WebGL in K1 from 2.5 to 5 times higher than that of competitors.

in Addition to excellent SoC Chromebook 13 is equipped with a large trakadol and anti-glare display, two USB 3.0 ports, HDMI port, and built-in camera at 720p. The thickness of the laptop is 18 mm, and weight — 1,5 kg

One of the important factors is the cost of the device. Acer has announced that in Europe it will be sold for 280 euros for a model with lower resolution and 300 euros for the FullHD version.

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the World’s supply of notebooks in the second quarter fell by 5% #

July 23, 2014

Despite the promised slow decline of the market for personal PC and cautious growth forecasts, the actual decline in the supply of notebooks in the second quarter of this year amounted to 4.9%, according to Digitimes Research.

Despite the end of Windows XP support, which resulted in rising demand for PCs, emerging markets such as China, South and Central America showed a sharp decline that has led to a General decline in sales.

News about Acer NVIDIA WORLD

However, this fact some manufacturers were not affected. For example, Hewlett-Packard showed a 19.1 per cent a year, compared with the second quarter of 2013. The reason for the growth of the commentators see in the termination of support for Windows XP and aggressive sales policy of the company, which since the second half of 2013 has begun to position their devices as an ideal solution for students. It is noteworthy that the biggest loser in recent years, Acer also showed quarterly growth by increasing the supply of 31.3% in connection with ordering inventory and production of new models.

as for OEM builders laptops on the market two companies occupy 61%. While Wistron has shown consistent growth of 13.3%, while Inventec and Pegatron have shown a marked decline, having made less than three million laptops each.

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Acer launches world’s first 4K display with NVIDIA G-Sync #

may 31, 2014

with 4K in a gaming environment actively gaining popularity, becoming a new dream for gamers, instead of 3D technology. And every new flagship GPU, manufactured by manufacturers, raises one important question: «how it will work in 4K?»

And if you have a card capable of pulling this resolution in modern games, you get great 4K monitor becomes extremely important. In this case, the display selection becomes an important task, to help cope with which is Acer and NVIDIA.

So, Acer introduced the monitor model XB280HK with screen sizes 28″. The resolution of the new display is h peaks. (4K). The display itself is quite trivial. He supports dimming to 15%, has viewing angles of 170 degrees and is equipped with DisplayPort 1.2 (without marking «a», and hence without FreeSync). On display are also 4 USB 3.0, and its bracket allows you to tilt the monitor at an angle from -5 to 35 degrees.

However, the main feature of the monitor is to support the hardware synchronization NVIDIA G-Sync. Separately, however, this charge sync NVIDIA sells for $ 100. As you know, technology G-Sync allows you to solve all the problems of image distortion caused by desync prepare and output frames.

unfortunately, not yet named a price for the new display Acer XB280HK, so to compare it with competitors is not possible.

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Care in the past Windows XP has really helped sales of PC #

April 22, 2014

As analysts had expected, the death of Windows XP had a positive impact on PC sales in the first quarter of this year, and many users have bought new computers to upgrade the OS and not become victims of hackers.

As you know, Microsoft has discontinued support for XP on April 8, as shown by a manufacturers sales growth due solely to the information about this event.

News about Acer NVIDIA WORLD

According to the schedule prepared by Statista based on data from Gartner, most of the major PC manufacturers have actually been able to increase sales of their systems in the first quarter of 2014. For example, Lenovo has been able to increase sales by 10.8%and HP by 4.1%. Dell increased by 9%, and Asus is 4.8%. The only company that the death of Windows XP did not help, became Acer showed a reduction in sales by as much as 14.8 percent. However, it is much more likely to associate problems with the Acer, and if not XP, the decline could be even more significant.

However, Windows XP is still installed on 28% of the desktop, but experts believe that in the coming months, users will upgrade their computers and OS. Also be interested to know how it will change the statistics, if someone will find important vulnerability in an outdated and unsupported operating system.

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