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Repair Acer laptop (Acer) in St. Petersburg (SPb). Repair Acer in St. Petersburg


Acer laptop Repair
Acer laptop Repair in St. Petersburg (SPb)

Our company provides all types of restoration work, including we carry the most popular repair laptop keyboard Acer in cases of mechanical damage, or if moisture is present:

  • repair and replacement of the matrix
  • motherboard
  • video card
  • rechargeable batteries
  • power supply
  • install hard drives and recovering data
  • prevention (removal of dust, the cleaning of the cooling system ),
  • configuring the software,
  • removing viruses
  • modernization and other

the Availability of specialized equipment and regularly replenished stock of spare parts for laptops Acer, experience and professionalism of our employees and the desire to save Your time and enable us to operate at a high level and in the shortest possible time. Information for owners of laptops line of Acer Aspire is on this page.

many Years of practice has shown that the most common failures that apply to our service center, there are problems with the display (matrix) laptop, and keyboard. The nodes of the laptop are more susceptible to wear, compared to the rest, since they are constantly under pressure from the owner.

In the case of matrix Acer laptop we are talking about the constant opening-closing lid, the hinges can be damaged or accidentally hit it against a hard surface, which can damage the screen. It is also possible, in which you need to replace the backlight of the laptop.

Keyboard fails due to careless handling, namely liquids. Tea, coffee, juices, spirits — it is a reason to the service center. However, many do not realize that getting these fluids leads to oxidation of the Board, which leads to even greater financial expenditure when Acer laptop repair .

data Recovery — this increasingly popular service, which is needed every third owner of the laptop. Service staff provide her with almost 100% positive result.

additionally, firm, You may be interested in our service center for other manufacturers.

You can also visit the page Model number acer laptop. serviced in our service center.

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