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notebook Review Acer Aspire 8930

Acer Aspire 8930 — it’s the successor model Aspire 8920, who was the founder of the new gemstone design new, won numerous awards. The dimensions and proportions of the laptop without the hints say that he should be a home entertainment centre. Further testing will show how the alignment specifications of the laptop is its purpose. And now we turn to the packaging and completeness of the test. The packaging matches the exterior of the laptop at 100%, it is made of black cardboard coated with a company logo Acer. This package differs from the packaging of other models in the Aspire product series and, especially, Extensa.

despite the high price of the laptop and its positioning Acer has not abandoned its principles, complete and included all we can see is:



the Manual

— Demostraciones BD drive

As you can see from the list, picking poorer not much, especially looking at the positioning and the cost of the laptop.

Look did the manufacturer to compensate for their avarice kit software. On a laptop running Windows Vista Home Premium, opportunities which will last for 100% open gaming and multimedia capacity 18-inch monster. Vista Home Premium contains Microsoft Media Center, which is built on top of the operating system and pozvolit with the remote controller to control all the multimedia content of the laptop. Fortunately the kit was not limited to required operating system and includes the following:

— Acer Empowering Technology (Acer ePower, eAudio, eDataSecurity, eRecovery, eSettings Management)

— Acer Arcade™ Deluxe featuring Cinema, Album, Music, Acer HomeMedia

— Acer InstantOn Arcade

— Acer Bio-Protection

— Acer Crystal Eye

— Acer GridVista™

— Acer Launch Manager

— Acer GameZone

— Acer Video Conference Manager with support for Video Quality Enhancement (VQE)

— McAfee Internet Security Suite 60-day trial version

Adobe® Reader®

CyberLink® PowerDirector® trial

— NTI Media Maker™

Microsoft® Works 8.5 with a trial version of Office Home and Student 2007

— McAfee Internet Security Suite 60-day trial version

in Addition to the above programs, we found significant selection of demo games publisher Oberon media and manual reading RSS news eSoby, demo. You will have to spend about an hour of your time to remove all the games, if they do not need.

the operating system Disc attentive reader is not correctly saw in the description of the configuration. The recovery disk you want (we highly recommend) you can create your own by using Acer eRecovery. Despite the existence of a hidden recovery partition on the hard disk in advance made a DVD backup disks will help you to save a certain amount of nerve cells.

Set preset shareware software demonstration period will allow the user immediately after removing the laptop from the packaging to start to work and relax. The only thing that may need to duck this additional codecs, which are usually distributed freely and can easily be found on the Internet.


In this section, we look at what could the manufacturer to fit in a huge 18-inch laptop case and what are the objectives of this stuffing will be able to cope.

For computing power is responsible Intel® Core™2 Duo P8400, belonging to the family Penryn and running at a clock frequency of 2.26 Ghz. The processor is manufactured on 45nm technology, the L2 cache is 3072Kb, FSB 1066 MHz, TDP 25Watt. In addition to conventional technologies, which are present on most dual core Intel processors, such as Enhanced Intel Speedstep® Technology, Execute Disable Bit, Intel 64 Architecture, the processor supports Intel SIPP, Intel® Virtualization Technology and Intel® Trusted Execution Technology (TxT)and Intel® Stable Image Platform Program (Intel® SIPP). The processor also works with the latest set of instructions SSE 4.1. Maximum CPU temperature is 105°C, and the range of the used voltage 1.00V-1.250V. This processor is about in the middle of the list of processors from Intel low power series «P».

As you can see from the graphs, the performance of the processor at a high level, and given its index TDP of 25 watts, the performance is at a very high level for mobile solutions. Processor did not fall to the serious tasks like processing of footage on the camcorder or video encoding DVD video. These tasks will be performed within a reasonable time. Processors manufactured by Advanced Micro Devices, Inc (AMD) can’t compete with this processor.

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