Smartphone Acer Liquid Metal: iron arguments. Site Of Sergey Villanova


Smartphone Acer Liquid Metal: iron arguments

We are all accustomed to the popularity of laptops Acer. today it may seem strange to recall that recently, five years ago, on the Russian market were leading very different brands. Roverbook, iRu, MaxSelect — remember these? It seemed that the domestic producers (or, more precisely, peremarkirovana/doberski inexpensive Asian ODM products) invincible. But when Acer was offered at the same price their initially flawed, but great-looking laptops, Russians trembled and were massively to do unpatriotic choice. How it ended for Russian companies and Acer is well-known. We will not delve into the discussion of brands, just note that Acer, apparently, know how to make products that match the expectations of the masses, and to expose them for the right price.

Developing area of mobile computers, the company has long sought to expand the range of personal digital assistants. First attempts have not gained great popularity, but released in 2006, Acer n311 PDA has turned out very good. He combined the big screen with VGA resolution, support ligaments Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, and also worked without recharging for up to eight hours in a row, which on Windows Mobile was a rarity. All this, combined with very reasonable for its functionality price ($360), made him very popular purchase. It seemed that it was necessary to develop success, but a full-fledged heir n311 Acer did not make it (released a year later n320 differed little from n311, in addition to using less CPU), and a couple of years under the brand name of the company were only very sad PDA with QVGA screens, the only advantage of which could be called the built-in GPS receiver (Yes, once a satellite navigation system was not the most common option).

But in March 2008 gramignano: Acer bought E-TEN. quite popular Taiwanese developer and manufacturer of Windows Mobile communicators. In our country the company was ranked second in the market of smart phones after HTC and was famous for its innovative products at quite affordable prices. Indeed, characteristics E-TEN Glofiish was impressive, but on closer acquaintance with them remembered a joke from Soviet times. It Brezhnev asked why in shops no meat? And received a reply saying that we go to communism by leaps and bounds, and life for us is not keeping up. In the role of cattle in this case acted firmware, which was simply disgusting. If not for the efforts of many enthusiasts, dorabatyvalsya the official version of the firmware file, it is normal to use the Communicator E-TEN would be impossible.

Smartphone Acer Liquid Metal: iron arguments. Site Of Sergey Villanova

M600: Logo-Acer, but essentially — pure water Gloofiish with all the attendant

Finally the control of E-TEN went to Acer only in the autumn of 2008, when it was storming across the global financial crisis and was, to put it mildly, not phones. Perhaps that is why the first time under the brand Acer sold the same Glofiish. But the work went: first of 40 engineers E-TEN has only 20, then hired about 80, and the efforts of this new team was directed to the creation of smartphones on the Android platform.

the Results of her labors we observe today. Did not have time in January 2010 to begin selling smartphone Acer Liquid, as already in February at MWC 2010 announced its improved version of E Liquid, and after three months Acer Stream. And this is just the flagship model, while just on the official website mentions fifteen smartphones on Android and WM. Not managed to end the year as the Liquid preupgrade again — this time totally. First spy pictures Acer Liquid Metal appeared in early September, and the official announcement happened today. With a deep sense of udovoletvorenie reported that by this time the engineering sample of the smartphone was made available 3DNews for two weeks, and we had time to get to know him very tightly.

Smartphone Acer Liquid Metal: iron arguments. Site Of Sergey Villanova

inside and Outside

Home news: Liquid Metal — not just another cosmetic repair of the first Liquid a, and a completely new smartphone. On its exterior designers worked from the command Packard Bell division, which produces the Acer Group of so-called «premium» laptops. Despite the name, metal in the new Liquid, relatively little is made of it only the sides and the back cover. However, it was enough to give the smartphone a pleasant (but not excessive) visitest and forget about the creak of the hull, so irritating some owners the first liquid. Very unusual looks bezel: plastic, which protects the TFT-matrix, not flat like other smartphones, and a little convex. This does not affect the ease of management, but adds in the design of Liquid Metal some zest. Regarding the fact that the front plastic, not glass, do not worry — in «just Liquid» used the same material, and resistance to scratch it more than sufficient.

Smartphone Acer Liquid Metal: iron arguments. Site Of Sergey Villanova

from Left to right: Acer Liquid E, Acer Stream, Acer Liquid Metal

the same three, rear view

All the buttons on the front panel touch. For me it is rather an advantage than a drawback, but for fans, it felt really will have to consider the proposals of competitors. Somewhat puzzling is the location of the Power button till it is equally inconvenient to get and forefinger, and thumb. This, of course, still better than the first Liquid, where pressing Power certainly gone and the volume control on the opposite face, but still happy except that left-handers.

Smartphone Acer Liquid Metal: iron arguments. Site Of Sergey Villanova

Very pleased that, despite the total processing design, Acer has not forgotten about the most convenient screen on the top edge of informing you about new messages

the Camera is only 5 MP, but got a flash. About the effectiveness of the ligament still too early to judge, because in our sample there was a serious difficulty with post-processing of images. On a flash drive they held approximately two times more than similar shots taken on Liquid E, but the quality… well, see for yourself.

article Summary: We are all accustomed to the popularity of laptops Acer, and today it may seem strange to recall that recently, five years ago, the Russian market was leading Gadgets and cell phones acer

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