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Nadia: do Not have sufficient budget, but with a great desire to buy something sort of, I went to the store and bought the phone. The phone, which at that time had a remarkable and unparalleled in our city battery. It’s hard to believe, but in standby mode, the phone lives a very long time. Leaving all the emotion regarding beauty and image, it can be noted that the apparatus of the ideal man, very busy. For whom the salvation of the 2 SIM cards and a very long battery life.

Heroin: One stole second I dropped from 11th floor, third welded together with the broth (gurgled there). I buy and fourth E7! I with the appearance of it. With him nothing is impossible to compare. What phone does not fall into the hands disappointing.

angelina: Good day,

Tell me, do you have the model of phone Ericsson T39.

Thank you, waiting for an answer.

Gennady: Two years the phone and it is time to change, I think to take or flashier and more expensive of the new on kitkat. Quality immensely satisfied, not tupit even in old age. Once fell and was once wet. Fought six applications were demolished UV.

Edward: female telephone, mom, of course, will not give, but sister or favorite at the time, the firmware in my opinion cheese, but my friend did not particularly bother. Pamuru settings make a good photo day.

Anya: Good touch screen, bright, I have the film on the screen, but have read that you do not glue, the screen is scratch resistant. The processor of the phone is of average power, for use and application enough games girls usually are serious don’t play (like races). VA for the rest, no problems, loud speaker, not buggy, not overloaded. I am pleased with the gift.

Olga: as My once a year. Fell 100500 times on the pavement so many times. Scattered in 3 standard compound all the time ) raised, gathered, turned, and forward ) just Changed the cover because from the constant drops her broken antennae. More precisely — had to buy a fully body 210 UAH. Because the caps are not sold separately. Else rules. One time, on the Internet at the Opera a little buggy sensor (in the Internet sit with him for days all the time) just had to press the right button of the Opera more to the right, as in the other case was pressed neighboring ) now this is how it goes over. Here.

Katie: the Phone is good, but the firmware is not very. Had to reflash, now with the screensaver problem disappeared and the efficiency increased. The film on the screen is already there, in the second set. I’m happy to change until I’m, Yes and no money.

Victor: Who writes what rules apply don’t hear used more than one year phone is very problematic rather after buying it said to itself any more Nokia not buy, all previous were only Nokia (5pcs).

the Problem with microphone (service really does eliminate), often buggy, with each update to play new posts etc., etc.

Nicholas: think the Price tag is quite high, but the quality is fully satisfied. Needed a phone with two SIM cards and a good battery.

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