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The Acer Stream review: new flagship Google phone


Acer Stream Review: new flagship «Google phone»

New smartphone from Acer — Stream — replaces model Liquid. which was quite popular in our country. The secret of success is simple — Acer offered good functionality for a very reasonable price. In particular, Liquid was the first Android smartphone in the Russian market for 17 thousand with screen 800×480 pixels (now it is even cheaper). Of course, with such WVGA displays were still SE X10 and the HTC Desire. but they cost about 23-25 thousand. The Liquid had their disadvantages (in particular, it is not very clear and bright screen, average design, an outdated version of Android 1.6), but the price was justified. And a large community of users carrying their advantages — in particular, for the phone pretty quickly appeared improvised firmware 2.1 and even with a beautiful shell HTC’s Sense. Replaced the Liquid will soon come on Stream. The phone has already been announced officially, but the sale will be approximately in August-September.

Judging by its characteristics, the tube may compete with such tops as Nexus or Desire. AMOLED screen 480×800, 512 MB of RAM and 2 GB flash memory (where the software is to put it), 1 GHz processor, video card, HDMI port, codec support for DivX (you can watch the videos without conversion), 5MP camera with HD video recording, GPS, bluetooth, Wi-Fi 802.11n. Well, the price will certainly be democratic, although the exact data about it yet.

just note:review prior. since our test got the «raw» version of the device is not the final version of the software and even slightly different «iron». The main functionality it shows, but to be full of opinions about the future novelty on this «sample» is not — works extremely slowly. As soon as available phones with final firmware version, we will update this test. But while most will tell you about what I can :).

specifications Acer Stream:

  • OS: Android 2.1 with the brand Acer shell UI
  • Processor: 1 GHz Qualcomm QSD8250)
  • Memory: 512 MB RAM, 2 GB flash memory, card slot standard microSD
  • Screen: capacitive, technology, AMOLED 3.7 inch, 800×480
  • Camera: 5 MP, autofocus, macro, record 720p video at 24 fps, no flash

Package contents

as for our office got the demo version of Acer Stream, to judge her set early. With the device «arrived» charger (consists of two parts, it «stuck» USB-charging cable and data cable. Memory card or headphone in the parcel was not found. But of course, these accessories in retail is not going anywhere. However, what they will be, we do not know. According to preliminary data, the memory card supplied will have an impressive amount of 8 GB.


When only appeared spy shots Stream, we discussed it in our weekly podcast MFcast and came to the conclusion that the design is unusual, but some weird and possibly rude. Especially scolded convex Home button and buttons to control the player located at the bottom of the device.

In reality, the model is not particularly different from his first photo or promotional renders. Plastic, the design is not to say that an excellent, more on gourmet. But he stands out from the crowd, and that is good. Front screen glass protection, and the panel under which it is located, extends from the rest of the body (according to official information from Acer, in the final version of the model, the screen won «stick» out of the case so clearly, and he will get more cute edging). Hands display «very easy to get dirty» much, however, this is a problem all sensorical.

Color of the case is only one — black with gray bezel around the screen.

In his hand, the phone is good, however, it seems to me, a few wide. The thickness is small, the weight is also in the pocket tube without problems fit and don’t interfere. Plastic rear panel, soft-touch. However, as I «tried» soft-Tachi, Stream it’s not very «soft», closer to the usual plastic and feels less enjoyable than, for example, the HTC Desire.

the Back cover is removed easily enough, under her — the slots for SIM and microSD cards. To replace the battery has to be removed.

Basic control buttons located directly under the screen, touch. I thought it was very uncomfortable (I use myself Desire with regular keys), but actually turned out to be not so bad. False positives no, when the touch is vibration. The only serious disadvantage is when the backlight goes off in the dark keys on the touch not to find and even their outlines not see, «poke» has at random. But then only a matter of habit. The Home button is not convex, as it seemed on the advertising images of the phone, but physical. It could be touch, but here applied to design — around the keys slim bezel, which is led. Lit when charging (orange — charging, green — charged), when missed events (in white).

no Joystick, and it’s sad. Android is not the iPhone. there is no magnifier and put the cursor between the two letters of a word or two words (to correct a typo, for example, or to select text) it is necessary to accurately point a finger. Mostly to do with the first, and even second, times impossible. The joystick useful here.

player Buttons are located directly under the touch keys. They are tight, have a small stroke. Pressing is inconvenient because it is located right at the very edge of the housing. If you push with one hand, telephone, telephone in danger of slipping out of hands. However, these should be used when holding the phone in landscape mode, and then itself involves two hands. The music keys are all pre-installed in phones, iPods, and third-party applications, too.

the power Button I have found not at once. She so skillfully squeezed into a side braid housing (left side)that it is difficult to notice. The button is fine, move it minimal and very tight. Given that it is lock-unlock, you will have to get used to. The volume buttons are located beneath it, also miniaturise and tight. Only the camera button on the right side is stronger out of the case and therefore has a more convenient way. Also from the right side, there are connectors microUSB/HDMI under a plastic cover.

the headphone Jack is on the top, which is convenient, it is standard to 3.5 mm At the bottom end only the microphone.

article Summary: Review Acer Stream new flagship Google phone Review Acer Stream new flagship Google phone acer

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