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March 10, 2012

The-eBook : Acer Much of what we face, there are invisible and conditional border, where one edge action is possible, and the other categorically no. It’s all in our head — either a positive or a negative sense. Our attitude is compounded by the — one-sided education, which, after the Soviet Union back in a few generations will influence, if not to say «aukati»on our worldview, regardless of how we will feel free, democratic, not blinkered. We are categorically not only for others ‘ beliefs, thoughts and utterances, but also to themselves. We ourselves much prohibited, although could use certain fruits information.

Reading paper books is not associated with piracy, unlike e-books. No matter how honest neither was the reader, the attitude changed radically. This categorical sense affects the publishers and authors of books, just look at what intensity is saturated market of electronic content and abroad with us.

If you think that paper and electronic books are on two sides of the same border, the transition from one state to another is punishable own thoughts and doubts — as a crime. Most think that if you started to read in electronic form, then read in the paper anymore, but on the other hand faces a similar belief becomes even harder, and just when one thought about how it is impossible to betray the book»for electronic hardware.

There is not even a border confrontation, but the feeling that one carrier as if out of date, and the other too advanced again to sink to the level of the paper book. In this situation, the book loses one value, but does not restore it when switching to another carrier.

the Book itself is the value. There are no universal means for reading. Just the text can be read electronically, but who said that the same thing cannot be implemented using paper books? If you consider that it can be read one way, this reader will understand that in each case it is permissible to use different media and it is this fearlessness will increase the value of the book. At this point, should not pop up in my mind the question — «what was the book in question»? Just about the book. About the text with illustrations, worked for the author.

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Acer LumiRead with access to Barnes & Noble and

may 28, 2010

The-eBook : Acer E-books are one way to get information from the Internet, making books available to users. Hundreds of new publications are released daily and are in great demand.

Acer picks up this trend and shows a new device with LumiRead E-Ink screen on Android.

Lightweight, compact and easy to use, Acer LumiRead is a welcome companion on the road. Now there is no need to choose which books you want to take, you will always have your entire library at your own disposal, on the beach or on a mountain top.

Acer LumiRead uses 3G module and allows you to download the latest bestseller!

Acer CEO Gianfranco Lanci has demonstrated a new device in the form of a conventional device for reading E-Ink screen. The screen minimizes glare and even can be read in bright sunlight.

the Device has 2GB of internal memory and expanding MicroSD cards.

Already signed an agreement with Barnes & Noble (USA) and (Germany). The device now supports English, German and planned support for Chinese, Italian and French languages.

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Acer will deal with e-books

August 6, 2009

The-eBook : AcerAs stated yesterday, the head of Acer’s Stan Shih, the company considers the market of electronic books and TV as a promising direction for its future work. The Taiwanese computer maker, according to Shih, feels more comfortable, producing consumer electronics and industrial devices.

Noting the maturity of the PC market», the head of Acer believes e-books are good and very promising option for the development of business. Judging by recent news, Apple, and Dell share this opinion. «We should become a full participant in this market segment, otherwise after some time there will be very difficult to get to,» said the head of the Taiwanese company.

Shih also let slip that the company is considering the launch of their own TVs. Compared with books is a far more serious challenge to the current leaders of this business (Samsung, LG and Sony). This Acer intends to transmit television production companies and only engage them in the design and promotion.

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The-eBook : Acer

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