The history of the company Acer, how it all started…


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History Acer

Acer is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of personal computers in General and laptops in particular. It would be more correct to say «especially laptops», whose owners we are.

the Company operates in more than hundred countries of the world. The state of all units included in the Pan Acer Group, constitutes more than 39 000 employees and total revenue of about $13 billion.

sales Acer with its subsidiary companies firmly holds the leading position in the computer markets of Latin America and Asia, and is considered one of the leading computer companies in the United States and Europe. Meanwhile, back home in Taiwan, Acer is known primarily as the Creator of the first national PC.

ACER was founded by entrepreneur Stan Shih in 1976 and was originally called Multitech International, the authorized capital was $25 000, and the state — only 11 people.

Stan Shih, founder of Acer.

the Company was initially focused on the production of microelectronics. However, the first five years the company was engaged in development of products for the Taiwanese manufacturers of games. Eventually Stan Shih has come to understand the fact that to catch up with the world’s leading manufacturers of home appliances will not be easy, and the company began to concentrate on just then nascent market of personal computers. Since then, Acer actually did not deviate from the chosen course, almost entirely focused on the PC market.

History Acer begins in the early 80’s thanks to the support of the government, the company was able for the first time in Taiwan to establish the mass Assembly budget IBM-compatible PC and to enter the international market. The first Acer computer, called a MicroProcessor-I appeared in 1981, in the following year the company introduced a MicroProcessor-II, the first Taiwanese eight-bit PC. Almost immediately appears and a new model based on the 286 processor.

In 1984, is based subsidiary of Acer Peripherals, which later began to operate under its own brand BenQ. In 1985 opened representative offices in Japan and Germany, and in 1987 founded the firm Acer Laboratories Incorporated — division on the development and production of its own chipsets. Next year all of the Corporation was renamed Acer (it comes from Latin and translates as «maple»).

Acer was named in honor of maple.

Generally Acer peculiar not to concentrate all resources within a single company, and to develop separate directions. Take the same AU Optronics, one of the three world’s largest manufacturers of LCD matrices, or ALI (Acer Laboratories Incorporated), is quite noticeable chipmaker, or AOpen, a manufacturer of components for the PC, these companies are almost never associated with Acer. By the way, in addition to the «adults subsidiaries, in Taiwan there are many companies, founded by former employees of Acer. The most striking example Asus, founded by four people, who previously worked with engineers at Acer.

just in 1988, has been a major breakthrough leadership: Acer acquired the us company, Counterpoint Computers (San Jose, CA) — at that time a major developer and manufacturer of mini-computers.

In 1989, the same way taiwanica was bought by a Dutch company Kangaroo Computer B.V. which then became the basis of the production capacity of the unit AcerEurope. Also in 1989, Acer and Texas Instruments is a leader in the semiconductor industry the USA — has created a joint venture for the production of memory chips.

In 1990 for $94 million Acer acquired Altos Computer Systems, one of the leaders in the production of multi-user systems.

In 1991, engineers Acer has developed the technology ChipUpTM, the license to use which in 1994 was acquired by Intel.

In 1992, the headquarters Acer was moved to Singapore: the company grew rapidly, and in this city-state was extremely favorable business climate.

In 1997, already published in a number of computer industry leaders Acer acquired division of Texas Instruments, specializing in the development and marketing of portable computers. Even before that, in March 1996, the company Acer has opened an Assembly plant in Finland, market-oriented Russia and CIS countries.

Extreme restructuring, rapid growth has its drawbacks. In the second half of the 90’s the Corporation has grown so much that it has become difficult to manage. Began to experience problems with financial accounting, coordination of work in the markets of different regions, etc.

In 2000, Stan Shea, then charge the Acer conducted a radical restructuring, which was established Pan Acer Group. Simply put, a single conglomerate called Acer owner was divided into three industrial groups: Acer, Wistron and BenQ. It is possible to expand production activities, focusing on the development of new technologies and promotion of trademarks under the new computer and telecommunications equipment. Itself from Acer industrial activity declined and focused on the promotion of the trade mark.

General crisis industry hi-tech could not get round the Taiwanese Corporation.

Pan Acer Group was in a difficult position in 2001 because of a confluence of circumstances that naladivshih each other, did drop especially rapid. As a result of recession in the global market corporate customers stopped purchasing new computer and telecommunications equipment. The Acer business in that period consisted of two parts: the first is the production of components for IBM, Motorola, Hewlett-Packard, Dell, the second — manufacture of computers under its own brand. Reduced demand struck around the business of the company.

to the End of 2001 was very unhappy for the Pan Acer Group. Its revenue decreased by $1.6 billion compared with the previous year. The main business units of the holding — Acer Group and Wistron Group — decreased by 20.6% and 25%, respectively. In September 2001 the share price Acer fell almost to the historical minimum of $22.9 per share. Foreign bankers, who established a credit line for Acer, became nervous. Stan Shih, founder and Chairman of the management Board of the holding company, was never inclined to centralized management. According to Western recipes of corporate governance in the moment of crisis was necessary to concentrate all resources in one hand. Representatives of Western bankers turned to Liana Kuo-Shu, Chairman of one of the largest Taiwanese banks Chiao Tung Bank, with a request to clarify its position in relation to Acer. Kuo-Shu said that he will not withdraw support from the company. Believing that Stan Shih will be able to retain control of the company, the investors were not mistaken. In 2002, the Pan Acer Group quickly regained lost ground. Its turnover for the year amounted to $12.9 billion, an increase of $3.4 billion compared with 2001.

In January 2005, Gianfranco Lanci was replaced by the legendary Stan Shih as President of Acer incorporated. Starting his career in the Italian representation Acer as managing Director, he was soon elected President of Acer EMEA (Europe, middle East and Africa) in 2003, the same year he was promoted to the post of the President of Acer Inc. OBG (Business group on regional development Acer), coordinating sales and marketing activities in Europe, middle East, Africa, North and South America.

The history of the company Acer, how it all started…

Gianfranco Lanci, President of Acer.

the Appointment of Gianfranco Lanci as President of Acer Inc is a consequence of the recognition of the outstanding results achieved by them in Europe, thanks to the original style of management and the development of effective models of doing business. In his new post Gianfranco Lanci will be able to realize all their experience and knowledge with the aim of further developing business Acer worldwide.

In 2006, the company Acer, which made such an enormous contribution to the history of the development of the IT industry not only Taiwan, but also around the world, celebrated its 30th anniversary. 30 years of continuous growth in the rapidly growing industry testifies to the correctness of the chosen company of course. Long-term strategy, which puts at the forefront of research, innovation and marketing, has created the basis for the comprehensive development of the company and ensure full readiness Acer facing any challenges of tomorrow.

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