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When the name is important: review and test monitor Acer B276HUL
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Sometimes a single letter after the numerical designation in the name of a device can talk about that before you model with other characteristics. Typically, monitors no problem. It is easy to remember a couple of digits or letters in the name. But everything changes if your eye fell on the displays Acer, in which like unpronounceable or very difficult to explain to us the names.

Previously was considered the 27-inch model with the old *VA matrix Acer B276HL. not received a positive response. Later in the range of our partner — company regard was detected twice more expensive B276HUL with identical design, which are not initially attracted my attention. The difference in one letter, and the class of the device and the corresponding audience is different. But I will not make, and will immediately proceed to the review and testing.

due to the identity of appearance, ergonomics, menus, and other material partially used text from previous reviews of the Acer models B276HL and B296CL. Meanwhile, measurements, implying the identification of opportunities and quality ustanovlennoy matrix, were again in full.

test Method

This article is written according to the new methodology. dated January 27, 2012. It is based on the experience gained by me over the last couple of years with monitors (both as a writer/tests, and the person who is constantly faced with the configuration and calibration of different models, displays). Of equipment used instruments X-Rite (two different colorimeter and one reference spectrophotometer), and as a software — only freeware programs and utilities.

Obtained by the new method the results can easily be compared with all other materials published up to February 2012, with the exception of only a couple of moments.


this model appeared on the shelves of Moscow online shops in early August 2013. Presents she was a month earlier. The full name in the spirit Acer — B276HULymiidprz, hereinafter simply B276HUL. At the moment, its average price is 22100 rubles, which is the norm among devices of this kind, where, however, there are displays and cheaper.

Among direct competitors large number 27-inch monitors with a resolution of 2560×1440 pixels and matrix type IPS and PLS companies such as ASUS, Dell, HP, Fujitsu, Samsung, Viewsonic, DOG and even EIZO. You can remember and a considerable list of Korean monitors, especially Crossover with a more down-to-earth price tag.

Now consider the main characteristics of the hero review:

When the name is important: review and test monitor Acer B276HUL. Overclockers.ru

Acer B276HUL is AH-IPS panel LM270WQ1 in the most likely modification SLB2 manufactured by LG Display. It’s a familiar eight-bit panel (true, without FRС), which has led W LED-backlit 27-inch diagonal when the desktop resolution WQHD. The pixel size standard and is 0.233 mm Among producers panel is in high demand, more preference is given similar characteristics PLS matrix.

the Monitor has simple design, matte body and ample opportunities ergonomics. Did not disappoint and a set of interfaces, and the present speaker system. Other interesting data on your device, the company does not provide. The difference in comparison with direct competitors only in the smallest details, design and warranty policy on a particular market. It remains to understand how the monitor is assembled that is offered in the kit and how well the manufacturer has coped with a known matrix.

Package contents

Monitor Acer B276HUL comes unassembled in a regular cardboard box impressive size without additional plastic handles for carrying.

On each of two sides meet slightly different pictures of the device and the same set of logos, labels, and icons that tell about the main features of the model.

On one side there is a sticker applied at the factory.

you can find the following information: basic technical data number and version of the model, the date (July 2013) and place of manufacture (China), the serial number, batch number and other interesting facts. Data on the audit of the display is not presented.

Full package Acer B276HUL includes the following:

  • Power cables of two different standards;
  • DVI-D Cable;
  • Cable DisplayPort;
  • Audio;
  • USB Cable 3.0 to connect to a PC;
  • Quick start guide for installing and configuring (Quick Guide);
  • Book for warranty issues and conditions;
  • Mini-booklet with telephone numbers of offices in different countries.

the Kit did not disappoint. It is filled with all the necessities to get started, and the number of cables in General meets the most hassle-free interfaces on Board Acer B276HUL DVI — D and DisplayPort.

the Use of W-LED backlighting made it possible not only to reduce the thickness of the body, but also to save on electronic parts of the device. Throughout the test, regardless of the luminance of the monitor was published intermittent electrical hum from the upper part of the body depending on the image on the screen. He clearly heard, but after a couple of days, it can be used. Besides, it all depends on the susceptibility of such sounds. Similar behavior was observed for many other WQHD display with AH-IPS matrix LG, and therefore should not be surprised. Equivalents, PLS do not have this drawback or features. You need to take this into account.

Design and ergonomics

Monitor Acer B276HUL — third among those to my hands, displays the company with a strong design. This solution with straight lines, cut faces, dark and performance without the inherent glam glossy colleagues on the shop floor. On the other hand, all of its major competitors like strictly and certainly not worse.

the Use of led backlighting almost no effect on the mass — 7.67 kg Assembly. When dismantling stands and racks figure drops to 4.9 kg, which is still a lot.

the model incorporates several types of matte plastic two different shades of black and dark gray. The monitor looks is strictly business. No wonder it was considered to be a professional.

mounting stand (and indeed the Central hour) much like almost all solutions from Dell. If necessary, Acer B276HUL can be hung on the VESA-mount bracket standard 100 x 100 mm For this is in place attach the stand it is necessary to Unscrew the four screws that can be used in conjunction with the selected bracket.

the Monitor is shipped disassembled. The user must connect the stand with a Central stand and attach the finished design to the body. Both actions are performed without the use of additional tools.

Large rectangular stand inspires their weight. Half of its surface is made of ribbed. Practical this makes little sense, but it looks interesting.

System cables (cable management) made exclusively due to the presence of slits in the Central column. It is more than the latest solutions from Dell, and so problems with the conduct of thick cables with ferrite rings will not occur.

the Whole body is made of matte plastic. A large part of the back surface is also made to match the stand — by application of ribbed surfaces. Due to them, by the way, the marks of the fingers practically does not remain visible.

a cursory examination of the patient may be a view that made it perfect. But in reality, if you begin a more detailed analysis, it becomes clear — Acer B276HUL made on their price and corresponds to the status of the company on the market monitors. Simply put, the quality of the machining and Assembly leaves much to be desired. But the button-lock stand this time is fixed properly and no flies.

the body of the display can not be rigid, but with such thick differently should not be. Moreover, he does not even crunches and no squeaks when changing position or moving to another location. But the plastic burrs (not as strong as found in B276HL) and unimportant grinding edges create a very positive impression. Although it may be considered subjective quibbles.

In the end, the quality of the materials claims were not, but for their machining and Assembly can be safely put four points out of five, because the resulting instance was more fortunate than the recently tested B276HL. On the other hand, on such details simply should pay attention when buying, so that in future they would not corn eyes with his presence.

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