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the Only thing I didn’t like so much, it’s my retarded player, which is made actually in China! He constantly trebuetsya, frost does not work, MP3’s drives some even refuse to read, buggy to horror. But the center of his I am happy. Affigennyi sound (wooden speakers with subwoofers) and the design is very even nothing :) Monitor 17-inch, hmm, now it look — not Julius))) But my brother is the same pixel of the one true accidents, to change neither. My E700 phone, everything is fine, but the flaws are still there and they are connected with NENADOBNOSTIU. If there was a column in the middle, I would like your comment had been sent down. Gnusmas 50/50

Now many people see writing against this company, and I nravitsa. I have the video recorder to Samsung for more than 10 years and nothing is working though further already have a DVD player but also samungli Samsung too many years already plowing, and LCD monitor samung not buggy (came to me to replace CRT thesame company)Capacites not every company is at risk to give 3 years warranty. Mobile I also samunge nothing satisfied. And even pricing them very good always stylish design. A serious company.

Yes, you would first examine the goods before buying, than to make any conclusions. Defective equipment found in Sony and Panasonic and all others. Because we usually carry the most stuff, but there’s nothing to do about it.

Not to say that I’m a fan of this firm’s products, quite the contrary, but their policies in the field of mobile phones makes me very happy. Thanks to Samsung’s new technology used in phones are getting cheaper faster than should be. Because Samsung is releasing on the market just a bunch of functionally similar devices, thereby forcing down the price of other vendors. They are forced to market faster, cheaper counterparts of the well «filled» devices. Due to the huge number of models and low cost firm and came in second place in terms of handset sales, surpassing the Motorola. Although the latter itself well have tried to reduce their sales in 2007-2008, but that’s another story.

in General, Samsung — it is a global company. After buying any Tehnologichesky product of any company, there is a good chance that some of the money you give it to Samsung. Samsung many manufacturers supplying the processors, RAM, oled and tft displays, and other parts. So Samsung around us :). And yet the subject is often a pioneer in technology. For example, a standard cellular 4G has developed this company (and we are still 2.5G use) and now is testing. Now Samsung are the first who released SSD drives 250GB serial production, adesivi technology. So well done, respect them.

Have a great TV, good phones, cool DVD player is shorter than the list goes on. I have a Samsung DVD although it is old, but will propose for a long time. My friend’s Samsung TV. TV 6 years. So they don’t need to drive!

Normal technique, the medium price range. About their phones XS I also Nokia more pin(although the wife like Samsung). But lcd Teleki are good, I’ve chosen to take, I was very satisfied with the Samsung. I compared the quality in its price range the most attractive looks of Samsung. Phones from Sony being even a little expensive for the quality of the picture even inferior(I’m not talking about top-end Sony models). Air conditioning in them. And the fridge is good. So my IMHO if you take all the equipment Samsung, it pulls on 7.5 points out of 10.

Since 2009, in the field of mobile phones Samsung vomits all. Issues such technological devices that others, including Nokia and ACTICE :), nervously Smoking in the hallway. One family Omnia (apotheosis in ViDi 8910 Omnia HD). On — more. In 2010, the first phones with bluetooth 3.0, Pervy unit with the projector, first phones with the new type of display — super amoled. And again, all this is Samsung. Yes and the first AMOLED also they have first been applied. The first Samsung introduces new technologies that honor and respect from me personally. The most functional phones — the dream of a geek :)) — it is a Samsung.

StarcraftER, a few years ago it was. But in the last 2-3 years Samsung in terms of telefonstroy made quality szkutak. And now You described is no problem. Apparently You don’t watch this market, such things write. And if followed, you’d know that the subject — almost the only one who plays phones reconvergence video. Normal dvd rips. Neither Nokia with Motorolla or Sony Ericsson’s mobile phone with this ski still can’t. Also about the game and the archives — a long time is not relevant.

I Feel that my next phone will be it is from Samsung. Or Galaxy S, or that the company will present in September. Yesterday at the presentation he fiddled with it Galaxy S (and today, too, will be :) ) — just super apparatus. Features beautiful, but the camera I do not want 5 and 8MP (many have to take a picture of the phone), and design, and in ruce lies perfectly. Unfortunately, my favorite Nokia has long lagged behind in technical terms. NTS I don’t really like batteries and cameras, Skis always playing catch-up, Motorolla in Russia appear sooooo very late, and time to time be out of date. But the Samsung guys, recently really like their phones. They — the leaders, and it is deserved.

Samsung translated from Korean means «three stars»Obyasnite me,how can you not love the three bright stars that make your life bright dark nights?

neponimau why so many negative reviews about the Samsung. for me, probably the only manufacturer that is acceptable to all. already 7 years are ti inch LCD monitor, never was in the SP works fine. a year and a half had used s5620 mobile phone, while not recessed, now go with the usual tube e1081t. 2 months ago bought a galaxy tab 10.1, no complaints about the performance and quality is not available. it has a very smart, had a bunch of options, the choice again fell on the Samsung. I’ll take galaxy nexus.

Monitor SyncMaster 710N — the best and most favorite our monitor. Phone GT-C-3010 — the most successful phone in the world, a Laptop that I bought — good, I can’t say anything, but a phone with 3G, which I wanted to buy I did not like because there is no video, and it should be, since it supports 3G. Actually, it all — the Chinese one.

by Itself, the firm niceguy machinery & TV excellent!In my house most of the household appliances and Samsung TV too and everything is fine rabotaete cell phones Samsung sucks

Normal company home appliances) and for me the production of mobile phones and tablets Samsung is not worthy competitor apple.Я love this company because of home appliances and TVs

in Vain you so. Samsung is very good company, I always came across instances of good quality. Maybe it’s not as legendary as Apple, but reliable, faithful and righteous. Pleased with their netbooks as well as laptops, phones-Lopatina, TVs and all that use or usal ever. The only thing that struck me — this is the Galaxy S4 Zoom. Psychedelic creation — smartfon-camera. Don’t know what to eat to invent it, but at least it looks funny. In General hood.

for many years I have used Samsung appliances, very good production, quality, and most importantly simple and convenient in handling it. Especially give preference to Samsung phones, they are very reliable. I personally, in addition to any Samsung phones don’t like. For so many years so accustomed to this technique, which is already unlikely to change other manufacturers.

Shokurov D.. 28/08/02

I hate Samsung because it is a crappy company that produces lousy technique. In their head office hangs a red banner with white lettering: ‘ll beat that price for the quality!

Gnusmas (and still plus Skis) are the epitome of cheapness and misery for the masses! Everything would have touched their gnarled hands of engineers and designers is a deformity in the external plan and neccesary stuff in tehnicheskoy. New cell phones might not work IR, sticks debility antenna, and they look scary. Bad taste! My house will never be defiled by the presence of their products. We must remember that advertising expenses are included in cost of goods, means investing huge money in advertising Gnusmas saves on quality. In short, Gnusmas — to the dump.

They cattle, because of their stupid policy a year ago I lost money. Took to the warehouse TFT Monique 17-inch and the next day Respublica sho he burnt pixel. Back impossible, and the warranty does not take — you see, the policy of Samsung is that the presence of less than 1% of burned pixels (for 17″ is a 3 or 4 pieces) is not a marriage. And this pixel is really so noticeable — well, now turned on the monitor and it is like a lantern lit — then white, then green shimmers;)) shorter hanged on me this Monique six months, while I didn’t sriharsa literally for a song. Here such pies, Samsung shit forever

Samsung has taken root in Russia due to the impression of reliability and 3-year warranty. All reliability — oak design with sturdy handles, still bright tube monitors and Teleki. And in fact — electronics shitty. LCD monitors are just shitty, many dead pixels and not samsungusa flimsy case. Another joke about the warranty, Yes, 3 years is not required documents (in CR. if the release date will take). But the service must use original spare parts — wait until you order and receive. Repair will be long. In short, anything but Samsung.

my friends burned 4 (!) LED drive gnusmas, 1 DVD drive and 1 DVD drive is buggy and half drive does not read. Refrigerators would .. (neighbors died six months after purchase, cameras, too (lots of complaints have met online), kosmoski split-system sufficient for a year (on yourself tested). The only thing that they have — this is a great monitors CRT and LCD. Well, relatively good phones

Very good phones, don’t know what the people rejoice, I heard foist off this nonsense. Then another wonder (bought), so good, and why is it so buggy?

Microwave Samsung (R.) — warranty 3 years — died as soon as come with warranty. Hard drive Samsung (3000 RUB.) — died together with him all the information. Hard under warranty returned, the information cannot restore. Camcorder Samsung (R.) — a hideous color DVD-player Samsung (6000r.) — after 1 hour of playing disk overheats and the movie starts to hang Combi player Samsung (R.) — half of the video didn’t read the rest of the stereo sound was choppy. From the DVD read-only 30% drives — else wrote «No Disk». How much money for youth wasted. Never buy anything this horrible company! And nobody Sowerby.

the Main cause of dislike Samsung is enclosed in a washing machine,firstly when buying it I was deceived in the store «Bering Strait»(said that it had a stainless steel tank,and that it was worth about one and a half times more expensive than other analogues with plastic tanks,the choice fell on it,the installation was revealed that her tank is PLASTIC,and although the shop was ready to exchange it or return the money,we decided not to bother,BUT in VAIN.)Machine in the washing process moves away from the wall about two feet(as far as the length of the drain hose)Predpolaga that has not removed all the shipping bolts ,wrote on the Samsung-specific models,was that the washing machines are generally installed from go bolts(dogadyvalsya itself). With the Samsung I realized that «machine» it’s just a rant more than 50%of cases it is not pressed,stops with an error after manual redistribution of the Laundry in the drum-not the fact that she still presses,automatic balancing,it simply will throw all in one

will Continue: a bunch and stay again with Osobaya previously used Ariston-here where there are no problems ,threw ,washed ,poveselelo when moving left her old apartment,people still use it. As well. -please note,Samsung is not cheap,and I say some people,there will always be similar from another manufacturer,a more attractive price,and from their friends,who used the products of Samsung,not heard about problems. My verdict — Samsung sucks,I’ll never deal with them!

Washing machine gives error this is true the dog had eaten it. I don’t know how their products (phones) could be called mobile phones: these ill-conceived firmware idiotic inscriptions on buildings of type (FM radio) or directly on the beautiful black casing written Bluetooth. Why do they spoil this kind of phones which God forbid anyone to buy. Well they have the cars are not produced. I believe that when choosing the products you need to study the market and find firms which produce professional things. As an example: why bother to look at the Samsung refrigerator if there is a German Liebherr-this refrigerator is real. The camera is a Canon,Nikon and don’t need to even look at another pokupiti those firms which have reached the level of Professor in this segment and can really make a good product! If you view the market that the company Samsung and the word professional is like ice and fire. Samsung is for those who are not versed in the technique. All scaccia in life!

the Glorious country called South Korea (DPRK — it is a separate song) became famous in the whole world is a product exclusively bellacasa brands: «Ski» (ex «Goldstar»), «Hyundai «, «DEU». «Gnusmas» is also not an exception. To face in real life with that stuff I have seen several times. LCD monitor «Gnusmas» (in the kit to my comp sold only such) living out my last days in the first flight I took with a computer, monitor apalsa one of the built-in speakers — as soon as the ship left Vladivostok and left in Peter the Great Bay. I had another cell phone «Gnusmas A-200», raskladah. I am two weeks suffered this miserable life and not taught even to open the phone book(!) due otvratitelnoje management, gave to someone. And even Predica (my Stratego cousin) was music center «Gnusmas»where the CD changer in a few months after buying the copper basin was covered, and after a year and a half nothing except radio did not work. Adios

they have the most sucky technology, especially phones only for the sake of their crap here and gone, the phone I have so Nokia I with her problems sovsem did not know until the 3rd floor, not dropped and it is said that only need the display to change, and for a time took Samsung XS knows where, initially did not like the interface and appearance a week after similar as I spoke with my Nokia it fail was here I sat on the jerk)))

Samsung — all of which makes this brand sucks, what the latest developments of this company you say? everything now has been developed in the 80-90 years of Japanese firms, when Samsung has not existed. Samsung bought only by those who are not versed in the technique in General, this company never produced professional technicians(this is a reason to think). prefer to buy equipment only from those firms who specialize in this.

Mobile from Samsung is a piece of shit, not adapted either for gaming or for Internet, or music that is nominally it’s all there, but to enjoy the full force monoosnoc kills the impossibility of removing apps,saved games to a memory card,a limiter on the size of the downloaded archives. the darkness

SAMSUNG — a typical example of a huge faceless multinational corporations. Indifferent to ordinary people, they just devour all competitors in all areas of the market from iPods to cars. Essentially produce all the same as the competitors, but cheaper and more diverse. And destroy competitors.

recently, too, in the right column, for the reason that neither grobet market only. Although I have a monitor Samsung, old yet, 753dfx, still works perfectly, already in 2002. But then they went went. Well, you will agree that it can, the company which produces EVERYTHING, to produce good technique, so should be a specialization. And especially hate them for what they have done with the market of mobile phones and smart. Flooded the market with their second-rate products, with the same filling, the same appearance, and dumping the market. In General, that they are not released, they will always remain a second-rate manufacturer soulless technology (especially mobile).

Writing as a technical specialist. Major appliances Samsung repair extremely ugly. Access to the sites is not very convenient, you need to disassemble half of the unit, and sometimes to turn him upside down to get to the broken part. Plus will ponastavi any unnecessary and excessive svistelok-pondelok(for example, advertised cerebrial water on washing machines), which are also broken. European techniques in this regard, better, and access is convenient, everything is simple and easy to disassemble.

Passed the monitor in for repair Samsung service centre Plaza. Asked to make a diagnosis and to call before something to fix it. Diagnostics paid immediately, 300 p. was Kept for a week, rang with the words — «Ready, burned down one resistor, we replaced it, you still 1950 R!». Arenas-behold! Two tons of money for the replacement of a cheap resistor! Because double-pointed soldering iron! Five minutes of work! Maybe you and the Kuril Islands to give? Waiters it, not repair. Or racketeers.

I work in MVideo and not for the first year to meet with their garbage,people are obsessed with their advertising,and the level of marriage is simply not real,they are very focused on our market,because the Ivan the fool’s easy to cheat,do not get a Samsung,they are always served. Earlier he had experienced with this technique,but anything from phones to refrigerators do not live more than a year.

Bought a few months ago Duos, wanted HTC first, but someone I talked — brake it, they say, and charge bad holding. Eventually it was revealed that Samsung holds a charge pretty well, but after just three months the phone started to slow down wildly, saying this is the problem with all phones on Android.

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