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the Desire for beauty is not alien to anyone, especially if it occurs when you want to save a wonderful moment, personally experienced is the first step of the child, incredible scenery travel, smiles relatives. Samsung has taken care of it, creating a versatile palette of digital cameras, in which each customer will find exactly what he needs.

world Corporation Samsung covers all facets of contemporary life, bringing comfort and joy from exploring intelligent appliances. Easy control, an incredible amount of useful and simple features, sophisticated design are the main components carried by employees in the development and production of high-quality fotopribor.

Considering the individual needs of the person, the firm’s specialists invest in every model of Samsung cameras all modern achievements of science. In a wide range of products are series of digital cameras such as Samsung GX, WB, IT, ST, PL and ES.

Professional SLR digital camera Samsung GX series is not only a high degree of color rendering, but also fine-tune the color temperature in increments of 100K, allowing more control over white balance. The camera is equipped with the latest processor, image processing and fast memory module DDR2, providing instant high-quality images, while 14.6 megapixel APS-C matrix with the highest resolution in its class.

Creative approach to the art of photography gives You Luggage series WB

from the new line of Samsung cameras. To capture all the details of the object is now not a problem, if You are in the hands of a model equipped with a CCD sensor 12.2 megapixels and a 10x zoom lens. From now on all the details that You see in the viewfinder with high resolution will appear on Your photo without much effort. The world’s first camera with Samsung 10x wide-angle 24 mm lens, which helps to make professional photo quality.

Hardy, compact and stylish camera Samsung series IT, ST and PL is designed for people who make their first steps in the process of photography. But they are in no way inferior to professional cameras Samsung, because they have gorgeous set of technical features and functions.

Samsung Cameras have the ability intelligently determine the type of plot, smile detection and blink. For example, a series of cameras Samsung PL with high quality 5x wide angle optical zoom lens, which can be placed in the frame the maximum number of objects and to provide in-depth perspective of the shooting.

the Smart Auto Function is one of the existing systems survey, which will help You to take pictures of exactly how You planned, but in order to quickly find, but seeing the finished frame in the camera memory, use the «Smart album», because all the files are organized by date or color tone.

whatever Your knowledge and ability in photography, now You can feel free to start a career photographer, lover with high quality cameras Samsung!

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