Free download Skype (Android)


free Download Skype (Android)

with Skype on your Android phone. you will get a lot of advantages: for example, will be able to save on calls and always connected.

Free download Skype (Android)

Free Skype to Skype calls over 3G and WiFi.

Free download Skype (Android)

instant messaging.

In the zone WiFi using Skype doesn’t cost a penny*. If you use Skype via mobile data transfer system, your operator may charge you for the traffic, so we recommend purchasing an unlimited data transfer.

What’s new this version:

· Super saving battery

· If you are a user group chat and want to continue to receive these notifications, go to the Setup menu> Notifications and check the «Sync group messages. «

What’s new in version 4.5:

· Picture-in-picture lets you see your video call even when you switch to other applications;

· a Lot of contacts? Simply hold your contact list to zoom out to the alphabet, and then press the letter to zoom in;

· General fixes and performance improvements for all users;

· Fixes compatibility video messages.

What’s new in version 4.4:

· Added support for more than 14 languages. Catalan, Croatian. Czech, Greek, Hungarian. Latvian, Lithuanian. Serbian ( Latin ). Slovak, Slovenian. Romanian, Turkish, Ukrainian. Vietnam.

· the Screen will light when dialing. After the call is connected. the sensor will operate in normal mode.

· Bugs fixed

What’s new in version

· Fixed bug

What’s new in version

· Completely redesigned Skype for Android to be faster and easier

What’s new in version

· Video Messaging — preview function

· it is Now easier to enable video calls

· improved sound quality on all devices

What’s new in version

article Summary: free Download: Skype for Android download free Skype for android samsung

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