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typically, the way any giant Corporation begins with a small «garage» production. The history of Samsung Electronics is no exception. Created in 1938 Korean entrepreneur Lee Byung-Cheol company at first was a small family business and was engaged in trading — what do you think? — rice and dried fish. And only in 1948 the brand Samsung was finally registered, got my first logo — three stars, as translated, and it looked like the two first company logo. In 1969 (from this point on, the story actually Samsung Electronics) the company entered the market of semiconductors and began its rapid development as a member of the high tech industry. Some time later to emerging corporations joined the Korean Semiconductor company Co. marking the beginning of mass production of washing machines and refrigerators. In 1983 began the production of personal computers. In 1986, the Korean Association of management was awarded to Samsung Electronics prize «Best company of the year». The same year saw the release of ten million color TV, opening sales offices in Canada and Australia, research laboratories in California and Tokyo (Japan).

Samsung Electronics first appeared on the Russian market 12 years ago. For the last period of its products have won wide acceptance among the Russian consumers. About the success of the company show deserved acclaim and huge popularity of home appliances brand Samsung, thanks to which the company became one of the three leaders of the Russian market of electronics.


Refrigerators Samsung series Side-by-Side c function Multi-Flow distribute the cooled air at the same time from 4 sources (bottom, back, left, right side of the fridge). Method of sealing used in refrigerators, allows you to completely eliminate leakage of cold air. The products remain fresh for a longer period of time, and the amount of energy consumed is reduced.

In a series of Combi refrigerators from Samsung recently introduced a new silver model RL-33EAMS created using the most modern technology companies. In General appearance Combi is designed in the same vein as the famous line of refrigerators Side-by-Side. Modern European design of this elegant model (standard sizes — 60×60 cm with a useful volume of 290 l) distinguish two soldered handles-«tube».

the leader of the series — fridge RL-33EAMS, — has a cooling system Multi-Flow and deodorizers, which maintains the freshness of the contents of the fridge. Multi-threaded cooling system does not allow mixing of odors in various departments and allows you to set each of them desired temperature. The model also uses the refrigerant R-600A and the system No Frost. Electronic control panel with digital display supports clear and accurate indication of temperature and current freezing modes. Bottom freezer refrigerator has three drawers and rotating the ice tray. As with all new models from Samsung, shelves made of tempered glass and provide greater durability and reliability of the device.

Developers line Combi didn’t forget about popular mode ’Defrost», in which the refrigerating chamber temperature is maintained at about 15 C. The mode is used to prevent mold and odors at a time when refrigeration is not used for food storage. The power consumption in this mode is minimal. The audio signal open door will prevent breakage. Approximate retail price of this new model Combi from Samsung — $ 600.

currently, Samsung is among the three leaders of the Russian sales of refrigeration equipment, which undoubtedly confirms the highest quality products. In addition, Samsung Electronics promises buyers a 3 year mandatory warranty and free maintenance service for all kinds of their products at authorized service centers.

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