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General information about the receivers «Samsung»

Without a doubt, one of the leading companies in the market of satellite receivers is a South Korean firm Samsung.

the Real popularity of the receivers Samsung brought the machine «Samsung 9500 VIA CI»which appeared in early 2002. Prior to that, in the Russian-language satellite television was dominated by the receivers of the company Humax. In many respects the new receiver was better than a very common receiver «Humax VACI 5300». The main advantages of the new tuner were, comparatively, not a high price and the ability to provide a view channels encoded in multiple coding systems. The device never liked television providers and under their pressure, the manufacturer was forced to take measures to impede the illegal viewing of closed programs with this receiver.

will Attempt here to analyze the stages of the struggle for this unit is between the «pirates» and by the manufacturer. The funny thing in this situation is that this struggle is purely «show». Samsung as the manufacturer, is interested to sell more of their products, this is only possible if their receivers will have a good «pirate» opportunities and this will be beneficial to differ from many receivers of other companies. And so:

With a soft V 113 V 114 and loader V 500 appeared these receivers on the European market. In this form it is common receiver module «Viaccess» with the possibility of replacement of the software through an open port(RS232)

— C software V 100 (Bootloader 500 V), the device with the appropriate cards, provided already decoding of kanalov closed systems coding «Seca», «Viaccess», «CONAX» and «NAGRA»and AutoUpdates. (Automatic search keys)

With a soft V 118 and 117 V receiver opened 4 coding system on the embedded module and, unlike soft 100 V, when using conventional Eurocam Irdeto module in the CI slot, it was possible view channels closed systems coding » BetaCrypt» and «Irdeto».

it Seems this was the final straw for the owners of the coded channels. There was a big scandal and the company Samsung was forced to fight pirating their receivers.

With a soft V 120 walked from the manufacturer the latest receivers have been opened to replace the software port(RS232)

With a soft V 122 produced devices which port it is possible to drive only the channel list (the setting), the software, for example, V 118, upload already failed. There is a new loader V 505.

«necessity is the mother of invention» — were used to change the software inside the housing located on the Board connector interface.

at this time, the firm «Samsung» the strongest way «ran». The company that created the coding system «Viaccess»stripped «Samsung» rights to produce receivers with built-in on this encoding, and the European court of justice promised in General to separate Koreans from feeders for friendship with «pirates». He strufoli Asian friends seem pretty — software V 124 and 125 V, c which now went receivers were full of shit.

With a soft V 124 and 125 V did not work even a simple GW card on «Viaccess». If I’m not mistaken, someone on the Internet howled that even some official card stopped working. It was a bust! Added a picture big blammo glue on the inner Raziel interface. Now, to reprogram the receiver to other software, it was necessary to use specially made interface-jtag and pripisivaetsya Klemme on the reverse side of the card.

When they came new receivers, which was covered with glue and the reverse side of the Board, I said:- «Ich hab’ die Schnauze voll !». Literally translated from German it means — «the Face I already full!»

From the new party «Samsung» I refused. See, not everything is in order with the muzzle was not only me — firm Samsung immediately began to organize assistance «pirates» straight from heaven.

No, God was not involved! They are directly from the satellite drove into the receivers of new software V 127.

Using Asian radio giant has had and the Belarusian boy with the party alias «Sidd». Its firmware based card Pic-2, with a modified version of the software V124, doing wonders.

in General, I believe that the company Samsung, life should filibuster «Sidd» to erect a monument. Man has done a lot for the General case. If it «postat», in many countries will begin mass protests under the slogan: «Hands off Sidda!» » Pirate community» send in Belarus is a small boarding teams, 2 to 3 million from each country. But, I hope to God that if it did not come.

With a soft V 127 firm little rehabilitated, but this software does not work new Cam-module «Joker».

With a soft V 129 normally work ITSELF-modules. Enthusiasts continue «pachit» receivers using «jtag»- find the point on the Board where you can put the needle contacts.

my guess is that to avoid this in the new receivers had to pour a bucket of glue. Probably glue in Korea was over and went to new receivers with loader V 701 — it is a complete «Nepomniaschy»even «jtag» not «takes».

With a soft V 132 and loader V 701 receivers «Samsung 9500 VIA CI» are a real slap to all noble, pirate community. And I want to put forward the slogan: — «Put our «devices» on these devices!»

With a soft V 133, on which they perelivajutsa satellite, though-modules operate on built-CI slots, which cannot be said about despicable 132 software.

Good consolation was that a new generation receiver Samsung, whose name after the numbers «9500» the letter «And». These new receivers burst onto the market a few modifications. For example, «Samsung 9500AY VIA CI» and «Samsung AH EAT» on its two integrated modules, support and «Viaccess» and «Conax»

These devices have been designed for the Scandinavian countries, where the system is used for channel encoding — «Conax». Craftsmen, with appropriate maps, used these new receivers to view channels German Premiere as she walked back in the old coding system. (BetaCrypt).

it’s Funny to observe, that the speculative demand for these receivers continues by inertia, although with the new coding system Premiere (Nagra), these receivers can do nothing about.

whatever it was, new, «And one» Samsung this event again in the market of satellite receivers.

Original constructive solutions helped to get rid of many problems that were associated with older devices. New Samsung almost not heated, fully and without bridging scan all the satellites very quickly switch between channels, go with almost all cards.

there is Already information on the Internet that it has become possible «pachit» under several coding systems. There is already a program for these devices, which allows this receiver to work without a map. (Codes are not in the map, and right into the processor of the receiver)

the Future of the receivers Samsung has.

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