In Kazan, Samsung presented the main mobile new year

Samsung Electronics presented in Kazan main mobile innovations in 2014. Kazan became the fifth city in the program of all-Russian regional road shows Samsung’s mobile after St. Petersburg (September 10), Rostov-on-don (September 16), Krasnodar (19 September) and Samara (September 25). Until the end of October, similar events will be held in Ufa (October 3), Perm (October 9), Yekaterinburg (October 14), Novosibirsk (21 October) and Vladivostok (28 October).

«Samsung never stops in search of innovative solutions based on the most recent trends and changing consumer demands — and so firmly maintains its leading position in the global market of mobile technologies, including in Russia, said Jay Sul Yu, Vice President of consumer electronics at Samsung Electronics in Russia. — Due to its geographic extent Russia is a very special market for Samsung, so this format regional presentations is for us a very important event aimed mainly to support our regional partners.

the Head of Samsung Mobile in Russia Arkady Earl presented the latest mobile devices Samsung, including the main hit of the season — the long-awaited flagship smartphone Samsung GALAXY ALPHA, which embodied an entirely new approach to the design of their mobile devices. This year regional road shows Samsung coincides with the Russian launch of the new flagship, starting from September 25 to Russian residents can purchase the Samsung GALAXY ALPHA, which is a top refined design that carefully designed structure is compact and pleasant to the touch body thickness of only 6.7 mm, fine metal bezel and technical advantages and advanced features of the smartphone generation GALAXY.

in Addition, Samsung has introduced a number of other key new products, including the revolutionary Samsung GALAXY Tab’s, which made a splash this summer. Powerful yet thin and very light, the Samsung GALAXY Tab’s became the first and only in-class tablet with a unique adaptive Super AMOLED screen.

Another innovative new product in the spotlight regional road show is a unique smartphone Samsung GALAXY K Zoom, which was the first to market a hybrid of a smartphone and a full-fledged camera with 10x optical zoom in such a compact body.

Finally, as part of the road show the people of Kazan the first saw another hot new season, which was presented in the beginning of the month in Berlin at IFA 2014 — smartphone Samsung GALAXY s 4!

Samsung Also demonstrated the full range of wearable devices — stylish and functional accessories Samsung Gear S, the Samsung Gear Circle and Samsung Gear Live.

in Addition to the presentation of mobile devices in all the cities of the event will be held the contest «Tab’s Challenge», in which can engage the General public, visitors to shopping malls and electronics stores. The participants of this contest will be asked to distinguish the Samsung GALAXY Tab’s from other manufacturers of tablets. Hint: the Samsung GALAXY Tab’s will stand out from the competition thanks to the bright and colorful Super AMOLED screen, compact size, and innovatsitsonnym features such as multitasking and the fingerprint scanner. Winners who correctly guessed the Samsung device, when buying a innovative tablet last generation, will get a fashionable case.

list price new products on the Russian market: the Samsung GALAXY Tab S — 19 990 to 26 990 rubles, Samsung GALAXY Alpha — 24 990 rubles, Samsung GALAXY K Zoom — 24 990 rubles.

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