Radio for all, Samsung2



SAMSUNG CK-3351/3362/5051/5314/5342/5361, SUPRA STV-2094 (Chassis: P68SA/SC), SAMSUNG CK/CW-3335/5035/5041/5081/5082/5318/5341 (Chassis: P69SA), (Not less favorite devices technician :-).

does Not keep the frequency settings on the TV show. These units are built on the multi-function chip TDA8362, which has only one tuning circuit at the frequency of the inverter connected to the legs 2, 3 AFC DET (T104). Again guilty built-in capacitor of about 68 pF. Change it on the wall and consistently adjust the circuit to its normal autoshut stations (configuration is quite sharp).

P.S. these recommendations can be applied to other devices on the same chip. If after replacing the capacitor circuit is not tuned to the desired frequency, you can try to vary the capacitance of the capacitor in one direction or another in increments of 5-10 pF (nominal value 47 pF)

520.) SAMSUNG CS-2085R came after the storm, the PSU does not start. About R803 and R804 visible traces the arc discharge. Faulty Zener ZD803 27v on the power supply circuit chips. KA5Q0765RT survived, works perfectly and without Zener but just in case, replaced with a new one. After repair of the power supply, the TV does not resume from standby. Thought has failed TDA9381PS/N1/3S0250, but as soon as he switched the firmware on the programmer Orange-2 operable unit are all earned.

528.) SAMSUNG CK-5385ZR. The problem was that, no start when the TV is turned on, the led lights up yellow and immediately red and then begins blinking red every half a second. Apparently once the back cover got a little water and Othniel wire of the primary winding TMS (T). In any case, we recommend even unsolder SLE under it, too, has accumulated a lot of plaque and the TV when the setting is not captured in the program.

531.) Samsung PCO 4A. The defect can be repeated on any PSU, assembled TDA 4601. TV is periodically turned off when the voltage PSU sailed. Defective proved capacitance 15PF, included between the second and third leg of the chip. Leakage of this capacity worked the overload protection in Shamcontrolled.

534.) SAMSUNG 3385 When the power is turned on continuously blinking red led — fault indication. The signal analysis showed the presence of pulse start horizontal and idle output stage. The reason is that breakage of the primary winding interstage line transformer. W1=wet. W2= 45 Vit. Winding to wind in one direction. The wire diameter of 0.15mm and 0.6mm, respectively.

544.) The SAMSUNG tuners (any). After a certain operating time lost one metre ranges, usually, — VH. The reason is, the violation of brazing coils near the chip from overheating. You can see that the solder has acquired a grey, grainy look. Using a good magnifying glass is often visible ring cracks. Solder with good flux.


dry joints — this is not the only cause of the abnormal operation of the tuner, it’s just in the first place (after broken input jacks). In addition, from our own statistics, in descending order, you can list the following issues:

— failure (breakage or breakdown) of the switching diodes. Checked continuity;

— failure (breakage or breakdown) of the varicaps are given. Nearly always possible to determine by poll;

— the faulty resistors, transistors and chips. Without measuring the frequency response in this case can help the analysis of the modes of the cascades. Perfect — comparison with healthy tuner.

For example: tuner SHARP(without marking) from the TV DAEWOO, Uzbekistan. There is no reception in UHF bands. The TV had always been used as a monitor to the satellite tuner. After moving found this fault. The sensitivity for the VHF channels was reduced by 40 DB. The mixer is working (checked AFR meter). Was detected abnormal operation mode of the transistor UHF. The drain and the source was 11,8V. The cause was a faulty chip resistor stokovoj circuit of the transistor. There was therefore no signal on the mixer.

NOTE: according to the owner of this fault data for TV was in Uzbekistan mass. If we proceed from the fact that most tuners SHARP is designed for a supply voltage of 9V, but the TV he worked from 12V, it could be the main reason for this failure.

575.) SAMSUNG SW5314AX chassis P64SMRM107 no blue. On the basis of Q533 instead of 5.4 volts have 4 volt = embossed TA8750AN. It also sluggish picture = increased R534 som to om.

589.) Samsung SK-7271WP When enabled, the led lights up,no sound, and images. On the collector line of the transistor punched capacity 2,2n 2Kv.Установка fan on the vertical scan. Struck capacitor C 222k 2kV

616. SAMSUNG CK-5039ZR. After 10-15 minutes the screen goes black and no audio, while TV remains in the operating mode — all voltages power supply is normal, horizontal and vertical sweep work. Kinescope locked — on the cathodes R,G,B 180W. In the measurement mode/CPU M52309SP it was found that at 12 o no three levels of the pulse. Reason — a breakdown of the capacitor C PF 50V. After replacing the capacitor in the normal operation of the TV was restored.

628.) SAMSUNG CS721 Until cold is included with the duty room is OK, with warm-not included — the reason RL802 — burnt contacts.

643.) Samsung 14F1 (TDA8842 & TDA6107) After switching channels raster disappears, the sound is there. Output computer signal is. It turns out that the RGB channels are blocked by a scheme ABB. At this point additionally specifies that when you touch the probes of the oscilloscope or multimeter pins output of the video amplifier or rotation of the accelerating voltage, the image appeared. But laws no this was not observed. Check (and eventually replace) the radioelements in the channel signal processing has not produced results. In the end, was defective capacitor in the circuit of the accelerating voltage on the Board of the kinescope 1000pF x 1,6kV. The leak was determined only high voltage megger. Since the measurement of the voltage on it when it brightened and dimmed the tube gave the same results, suspected it did not fall.

SAMSUNG CK 2185VR. Because the capacitor was the next problem. The image, as if a small accelerating voltage. The voltage for accelerating the withdrawal of the tube were not higher than 240 volts. After replacing the capacitor 10nF-3kW chain accelerating — the voltage is increased and the image was normal.

651.) SAMSUNG chassis SCT11B came with a faulty TDKS. After replace the new, horizontal scanning started, but no personnel. TA8445K was intact, no start-up pulses. Ceramic Assembly VPG101Т was broken the first transistor (working VPG digital multimeter between 1 and 5 feet measured resistance of 100 kOhm, and diode test base-emitter transition of the first transistor). After replacing C1Y on the Assembly, on a conventional PNP transistor revealed that the pulses of the start vertical blanking don’t go with 18 feet M52309SP. Made in secret No. 325, start personnel made from 19 o M52309SP, and it worked. Two transistors and a resistor solved the problem replacing M52309SP and VPG101T.

672.) SAMSUNG CK-5051( chassis P68SA). Defect: intermittently not turn on from standby mode by pressing the CH button I can hear soft clicks. The problem: dry capacitor C855 (after drink underneath traces of electrolyte), which led to the failures of the voltage at the point of activation of the Dej. mode.

681.) Samsung CK5366 Defect: no vertical scan. Do not rush to change the chip, personnel, and video that was done by the masters before me (why me and it was easier). Blame was notorious Krenke — C.

688.) Samsung CW28C73W. Chassis KS3A. In the repair came with a defect: the periodic disappearance of the image.

Check pulse V-SYNC and H-SYNC showed that on the conclusion of No. 11 VDP3120B the amplitude of the H-SYNC is only 2 volts. In this mode, constant voltage was inflated to about 3V. Blame D203 (RB441Q), the reverse current which periodically then increased, then disappeared.

716.) SAMSUNG CK-5373 no raster, sound is on all programs. According to the owner has failed to howl at the point of activation of the heater to tee, which was already included working TV. Adding SCREEN appeared raster with the noise, the graphics are. In configuration mode, you can tell by the sound that the programs are configured on all ranges. After replacing the memory S it worked even without adjustment in SERV. Along the way, in the same apparatus was fixed defect with which the owner put up probably a year. Strong inversion below HR with heating was reduced, but not completely eliminated. C303 2,MCF on the fifth conclusion TA8445K

728.) Samsung CS-2139R chassis KS1A. Pours dark blue in SECAМе. Cause: defective capacitor 0,mcfhs, S230.

729.) Samsung CS-1448R chassis KS1A. Skips the channels when configuring. Cause: defective capacitor 0,mcfhs S.

732.) Samsung CK-5085ZBR, CK-3339ZR. No vertical scan, TA8445K and M52309SP — a working. When selecting a threshold VPG101 (voltage adjustment on the 5th leg) CU starts, but unstable. Faulty input SMD-transistor in VPG101 (vonitsa as healthy). Opened up the world and replaced by KT315G. Repetition was not.

743.) Samsung chassis SA, SA1, AT. collected on TDA8362. When enabled, the sound goes, over time, the sound is reduced to zero and does not appear. The reason R640 — 820 OM increases your face value — to REPLACE

760. SAMSUNG rejection BP (SMR40200) — before this TV set a year or two ago green SMR, I was surprised, well really and these fly — went, in place of the ordered green SMR me the supplier sends an ordinary black (he is on the firm said that these cheaper (R) and better (on request replacement on the green with a fee of us refused) because at the time I these black ate then had our Council 638 and making all the rules forgot to change na (then pomerjali-MCF) — Bang — the departure of this black — change the following corrected his mistake — as declared in the secret, I think, but the green break-it was not. Put it back AND IT TURNS out TO be a LOSS of THIS CAPACITY WAS dismissed in a couple HISкой — WORKS all the problem — that converged in the replacement R2M Yes this capacity. This is the question of the reliability of the repair Samsunga (and greens, I think we do), THESE TWO may be special cases, but there is something to think about.

768.) Samsung — TV, mark wasn’t looking, PSU at SMR40200 and HIS 0169B. Both were burned, and R2M — KS. In fact, I think burned R2M, it is in the standby state — U can throw what was, I don’t know, but the owner decided to show the ability of the repairman, he changed the fuse and turned on — the — both of hybridge flew, and HIS 0169B — bummed. Checked the capacitor 22,0 x 35V — only 6 UF. Changed it to 2 consistently 47.0 x 25V, SMR40200С and HIS S, R2M — by itself. Everything is working now. Just before 3,15A as written on the Board began regularly to fade. Was the current increased when connecting loop degaussing exceeded 3,15A to Put more would not have put resisting film to prevent 2 Ohms x 2 W sequentially in a loop. Okay. No complaints.

801). SAMSUNG CK-5338ZR. Not included. Whistles BP. Broken line transistor 2SD5072 (replaced by 2SD2333).

803). SAMSUNG CK-5373. No vertical scan. Cliff R410 power 24V TDKS on human IC.

806). SAMSUNG CK-5079ZR. Not included. The failure of SMR40200C, HIS0169C and R2K in PSU.

807). SAMSUNG CK-3339ZR. Pojeta bottom frame scan, and the top of the screen the lines reverse. Burned R302 and IC TDA8356.

815). SAMSUNG TVP 3370W. Not ejects the cartridge. Not the engine load. There is no voltage 15 V due to faulty IC LM7815.

826). SAMSUNG CS-5339Z. There is no picture. Defective IC video amplifier TDA6103Q.

844). SAMSUNG CS-5038ZВ. Not included. Broken line transistor Q401 2SD5072.

849). SAMSUNG CS-5038ZB.

is not included. Broken line transistor 2SD2499.

High output voltage power line scan. Replaced IC SMR40000 on SMR40200 and HIS0169C.

873). SAMSUNG 20F1VR. Not included. Led flashing. Faulty processor SZM-173ER3.

925.) Samsung chassis SA, SA1, AT. collected on TDA8362. When enabled, the sound goes, over time, the sound is reduced to zero and does not appear. The reason R640 — 820 OM increases your face value — to REPLACE

926.) Samsung CX-528 does Not start the power. Drip e-lit MC*400V. After replacement the same result. After

replacement capacitor cf*V in the base of the switching transistors of the power fault. By the way after You have identified a faulty capacitor, do not forget around it all wash solvent.

950.) SAMSUNG CS-5039Z No glow tube, all voltages after FA is greatly reduced, heats the transistor in the horizontal scan. The problem: small amplitude of the flyback pulse at the base of the transistor due to faulty transistor Q402 — 2SC2331 (tester transistor is defined as faulty). You can substitute 2SC2271 or CT.

952.) SAMSUNG CS-5039Z IN the upper part of the image light in the horizontal bar. Failure: the loss of capacity C (68 µf, 100V)

954.) Samsung 5020ZR symptom — the missing line, the line flyback. Ragged resistor 220 Ohm are connected in parallel HR coils. One had only to look at the saw, oscilloscope, so that all became clear.

962.) TV SAMSUNG chassis SCT11. The TV only accepts channels UHF, although the ranges are switched, according to the menu settings. ON ANY range setting — is THE SAME. However, replacement of the tuner wouldn’t work. Defective was%. SZM137M3. After replacing — came the rest of the ranges.

971.) SAMSUNG TVP5370W — The same one where there are two tuners TECC2889PA19C. No settings on the channels of the first frequency band. The reason is the same as the SONY tuners (see secret # 3). You need to solder masses, especially to pay attention to the joint edges of the Board to the chassis of the tuner.

985.) SAMSUNG CK-5062K. TV does not turn on, the mains fuse is intact. The power supply is built on a PWM controller SDH104. Punched protective Zener D806 — R2K in the supply circuit of the output stage horizontal. Remove the Zener diode, switchable output stage CF and plug load (incandescent lamp 220V*60 watts). The power supply starts, but the voltage inflated by 2.5 times. Replaceable electrolytic capacitor S — MK*25V power supply.

1029.) Monoblock Samsung is switched on for 10 minutes and shut off, after cooling turns on and works again for 10 minutes and so on. PSU standby pulse .The faulty transistor (stands next to the PWM controller) began to issue 30V instead of 12V. This voltage is fed stabilizer 7805 which feeds the processor. The stabilizer periodically goes into thermal protection and disconnects the main power supply.

1052.) SAMSUNG CK-5341 BP on STR6707 When turning on TV the led standby blinks and the PSU shuts down,

if 125V. to connect additional load «bulb 220V 60W «the TV turns on and works fine. The same effect is uvelichenie o. e.g. from 125V to 135 or more. Defective were: Zener diode in the harness STR6707 DZ801 replaced by KS-168, and S 4,MKV. Moreover, when the Zener diode continuity test was zvonilsja as healthy.

1083.) Samsung CK-2173VR — does not start horizontal scanning, the led standby light flashes once every 1.5 — 2 sec. Faulty capacitor C (680pF), although the capacity gauge stated that he is healthy.

1086.) Samsung CS-20C8R (chassis KS1A). BP on KA5Q0760TR. After an unsuccessful search of this chip decided to install KA3S0680RF. To do this, unsolder the TPI and damotte two turns MGTF 0,35 to the winding OS 6-7. Wind clockwise (if viewed from the side of conclusions TPI). R831 820 Ohms to change at 120 Ohms, respectively R808 -680 Ohms, R834 — 20 k? 2W, R840 — exclude, DZ801 — 6.2 V, DZ805 — 8.2, DZ803 — exclude, S — 47пF. Diode degennaro mode D808 it is better to exclude.

1091.) Samsung SC-5339 (chassis RV). When turning on TV the led flashes red 1 time/sec, an audible bursts of high voltage. After 3-6 blinks TV turns on and works fine. 18 foot IC901 voltage below normal, so I had to exclude R911 (cm), TV works for six months without comment.

1097.) Samsung CK-5361. Defect — is turned off after a few minutes or just not included. All of the secondary voltage with Tdxa underestimated. Can knock out line transistor. Reason — periodic breakage diode D405. Through this diode begins to rated TMS after running horizontal.

1098.) Samsung M52777. Defect: After 10 minutes, it begins to twitch chart by row, if menus are enabled, and after 2-3 minutes the TV starts to turn on and off without stopping. Reason: periodic breakage of the winding filament Tdksa. With this winding pulse OX goes to the microcontroller and it is without this impetus that includes the off WED.

1129.) Samsung TVP5070W. There is a strong interference channel. Digital tuner TECC2889PA19C Their installed 2 pieces — swapped. The second is used when writing to the VM.

1137.) Samsung CS-20C8R (chassis KS1A). BP on KA5Q0760TR. After an unsuccessful search of this chip decided to install KA3S0680RF. To do this, unsolder the TPI and damotte two turns MGTF 0,35 to the winding OS 6-7. Wind clockwise (if viewed from the side of conclusions TPI). R831 820 Ohms to change at 120 Ohms, respectively R808 -680 Ohms, R834 — 20 k? 2W, R840 — exclude, DZ801 — 6.2 V, DZ805 — 8.2, DZ803 — delete S — 47пF. Diode degennaro mode D808 it is better to exclude.

1142.) Samsung SC-5339 (chassis RV). When turning on TV the led flashes red 1 time/sec, an audible bursts of high voltage. After 3-6 blinks TV turns on and works fine. 18 foot IC901 voltage below normal, so I had to exclude R911 (cm), TV works for six months without comment.

1154.) SAMSUNG chassis SCT-11D Is in the duty room lights 2 LEDs. Reset low to 2.4V. The cause of the leakage on noge processor 0,47*50v.

1156.) SAMSUNG SMR40200 and HIS 0169 — calling on the house — was the smoke. Include, shows, capacitors 100 ?f*200V swollen, notching broken, apparently from them and it was smoke. Measure the voltage on them. 230 v. R2K is missing. Find out from the owner that the previous repair was 2.5-3 years ago, in the regional center. Change in BP capacitor 22 ?f, and 2 capacitor 100 microfarad 200 volts. in series with the choke set R 120 Ohm, set R2K. The TV works, but the tube thoroughly lost issue, apparently the capacity gradually dried up and the voltage going to a lower-scan gradually increased. Represent the state of the owner, TV worked fine, only smoke went, and after repair, the image faded. Removed the resistor from the circuit to the filament 1 Ohm, but it’s not much give. A week later called the owner, asked how the TV works, can increase the filament voltage, but he refused. The conclusion is unambiguous — R2K IS REQUIRED.

Guys, on operating experience prom. monitors VALMET say — it is necessary to have protection against excess voltages in the PSU! The tubes Toshiba of those years it endured, but many others are getting used to working with high heat, and then they will not help! From USCT to Samana. Exactly the situation when refurbished TV refuses to show. In any case, the protection does not harm. From re-explosion I saved Erisson 2102, by using a Zener diode. Much better to hear from the owners «beeps, but does not work», than «exploded, and the whole place lit».

1179.) Samsung CK7271WP and similar models of Samsung, where line driver made TDA8143 instead of the transformer. Fly line transistor, or TDA8143, or all together. Reason: capacity 220mkf power TDA8143 (3rd leg), and capacity going into the base line of the transistor in the 2nd leg TDA8143 too 220mkf.

1180.) Samsung power supply unit in STR-S6707. Defect: shuts off after a couple of minutes or just not included. This decrease of the secondary voltage of the power supply and B. p. begins to make sounds as if overload. Cause: overload no no, under voltage flows transistor (he’s the one in the HOT side of the power supply)the error amplifier PWM (collector through the resistor goes to the 7th leg STR-S6707). This vonitsa transistor normally

SAMSUNG CK-3385TR.Обрыв R410 1WT 1 OHM power 24 volt output circuits TA8445K.

1205.) Samung with BP on SMR. After alteration of the power supply unit according to the scheme on BUZ90, SE115, PC120 (see secret # 412 — the perfect scheme, reliably and cheaply, thanks to the author, only — in my opinion — the old SMR-ku is better to change to no thought. We twice had left and there was one repeat)until the TV is cold is normally included, but after 5 minutes of work — include — goes to the control room, and so clicks until will not be disconnected from the network and will not allow to cool. The reason was the throttle (3pin) in the PSU. After replacement all was fine.

1213.) TV Samsung PLANO CS-21A8Q producer made a miscalculation with the horizontal scan transistor 2SD5307 without a heat sink. This is well illustrated by the color of the fiberglass PCB under the transistor. Not only that, Samsung is practically not invest funds in service after 2-3 years after the release of a new model, so also in the manufacture of «lays» a potential problem for the future. Today, got to repair Samsung confirmed it.

1219.) The Samsung. When turned on, and switching channels in two seconds out of frequency channels. Remove the old air conditioners is not, and has set parallel to one another, pF, and funneling the core. Everything became OK.

It is not our methods. The apparatus may soon again be denied!

1222.) SAMSUNG CK2173VR, no picture and sound, high feature, the screen is dark. Accelerating when measuring only 80 C. After replacing S 0,01 mcfh kV chain accelerating it work.

1230.) Samsung CS2039X (chassis KS1A). There is no sound. When the measuring chip TDA935X, the output leg 44, the waveform of the sound was absent. Upon further inspection and measurement of this chip was found not sealed capacitor C709 47/16V. 29 foot TDA9351. Were soldered, everything is OK.

1235.) SAMSUNG TVP 3350 WR monoblock. Defect — when you exit standby after a couple of minutes off. The voltage of the string scan falls from 125 volts to 80. When the optocoupler is left open, i.e. guilty stabilization. Replacement SE125 and optocouplers nothing gave. The cause was a leak Zener DZ805,it is included between the 2nd leg of the optocoupler and the earth.

1237.) SAMSYNG CK-5039ZR on M52309SP.Дефект-frame rides graphics (the picture is fine), no graphics on the screen jumps a dark strip of 2 cm width. Reason — break capacity C304 standing parallel to the personnel of the OS.

1245.) Samsung CK-2139. Not included. Flashing led Dej. mode. All the details of the primary circuits of the power supply is normal. Connect the secondary voltage from another power supply. Faulty IC802 — KA7630 (TDA8133) — output no voltage is 8V. Change. The TV tries to start, and the PSU goes into protection. Faulty IC301 — TDA8356. Change. the TV works with external PSU. Native PSU behaves the same. Defective was DZ803 — KA431 (AN1431).

1272.) SAMSUNG TV-14F1 chassis KS1A. The control panel is not stable, i.e. the photodetector, then sees the IR beam, there is, at intervals of 1 second. Faulty proved himself the photodetector OEC-195VE(S), such at hand was not, set SFH-506-36, 1 and 3, the leg of a sensor swapped.

1274.) SAMSUNG CK5379ZR Inversion with the bottom, enabling almost invisible, and in a few minutes rises in the form of a thin bright lines ( image fragments nija of the screen ) to the top. Replacement VK CU TDA8356 gave nothing, check strapping — too. Tried to put on the socket does — M52777SP B — does not help. Replacement VPG 101 and checking strapping device just wouldn’t work. Was the voltage on the 20 foot video processor 12 volts instead of 8. Guilty stabilizer TDA8133.

1276.) SAMSUNG CZ-21F32T. The image shifted to the right, the left side — dark vertical stripe width of about smese to the left you can see the missing part of the image is distorted. Was the capacity pF in 2Q,in the cliff. Through it with the collector line of the transistor was shot pulses 34 leg TDA9351.

1279.) SAMSUNG-PC04A. Defect — metre waves lose two channels (first and fifth), to the other channels and bands of all right. It was checked all the capacitors in the binding of the tuner, the processor, but all to no avail. The defect was in the tuner. After replacing everything is working properly and the settings did not leave.

1282.) Samsung ck3385. During operation, the led standby lights up yellow. TV does not start and does not respond to commands from the remote control and the panel. Higher secondary voltage power supply (instead of 125V. the voltage comes up to 300V.) Replaced (apparently the previous wizard) Zener ignores this increase, although labeling in normal — R2K! (As it turned out, all the Zener diodes R2K purchased in our city suffer the same. The moral: most likely — it was pirater conventional diodes). After replacing the capacitor and inductor in the power supply voltage has returned to normal. 18 foot (power) processor SZM voltage does not change. The signal at the input Remocon (pin 36) in norm. During the detailed visual inspection found a group of adjacent selenographica elements on the background turned black PCB. (R914, R915, D901). The voltage at the Zener diode D901(as well as on noge (hold-in) CPU SZM) — 0V. instead of 3.8 — W. Search for chain has led to the next blackening of the PCB under the Zener diode DZ903 (MTZ7.5C). The Zener diode in the cliff. After replacement, the TV works fine. Moral: if You don’t have a normal Zener diode, do not be lazy, replace immediately the capacitor and the inductor in the power supply, and put the Zener 15V. the second voltage is 13V. and that in fact, the increased voltage of the cases can mess things up a lot. «Good», line transistor, which, as a rule, the first goes down, in this case stood.

1300.) Samsung 62/72 see a constant problem with staffing chip TDA3654. After replacing within 3-12 months will fly again. Helps neither the increase in radiator, no reduction of power through the quenching resistor (where there was a Board). Cause the capacitor between 6 and 8 foot (electrolyte — not looking to change — vonitsa normal). At the same time change «conduce» power HV are 2 pieces (manifested as poor inclusion of the duty room ), and if BP collected two STRках (110V — 220V), often die network electrolytes HV connected in series. They just break and not expecting such a primitive can be perepat entire BP.

1301.) Replacement SMR40200 rassypuha. Download

1344.) SAMSUNG CS-7277PTR. Everything works fine, but when off is in the control room and immediately re-enabled. If several times quickly press then goes to the control room. After checking the power supply was found defective. He was in the transistor (TIP102). Was zvonilsja transition base-emitter leakage compared to the original. And the inscription on it kind of jammed, it seems from our CT relabeled. The composite transistor, so better not to risk and to put TIP102. After replacing everything fell into place.

1351.) SAMSUNG CK-5318 (BP on STR-S6707) the TV works fine, after some time, the PSU goes into protection, the ST indicator-BY blinking. After a full off (cooling) the TV can be turned on and worked for a day, or may not earn. Suspected all: line, TDKS, OS, PSU went over everything. The trouble was in the TPI. Its primary winding is wound in two wires, now twisting these wires «dry», and periodically opens. Good soldering twisting solves the problem forever.

1361.) Samsung CK5073 Fault: a defect vertical blanking — top stretched, bottom — compressed image. Cause: capacitor to ground from 5 feet chip TA8445K loses capacity. Treatment: Replace with a similar, preferably with a voltage of 100 or 250.

1365.) SAMSUNG-CF143A (chassis KS1A-on-chip USDA TDA9381). After the fall. The crack on the Board of the tube — propyl. TV, image, OSD, no sound, ULF works. Based ON the chassis KS1A collected 2 options-full and economical. The difference in handling if sound. The full -1 if sound(31,5 MHZ)on a separate chip and only after its conversion to 6.5 MHZ she arrives at n TDA9381. The cheap option, the sound is processed completely in TDA9381. In the fall there was a failure in the memory and the TV went to work in the full version. Repair — you need to sign in (on TV — translate in Dej. mode. sequentially press on the remote control DISPLAY-MENU-MUTE-POWER ON), to open an item OPTION. Change the menu item 2nd SIF on 2nd SIF off. Exit — POWER OFF.

1380.) Samsung SMR40200C. Increasing power in the duty room to 180 C. Setting resistor 130 ohms between L803 and 3 output microassembly HIS-0169, replacing the inductor, capacitor 22,0 x 35V, — indeed often helps, but after some time, some TVs are returned, for example with pierced personnel chip. Therefore, I suggest to immediately change and «a sweet couple» (SMR best to take green). There will be more confidence in the future.

1401.) SAMSUNG CZ-28V53N chassis S56A. The defect is such that after activation via half a minute left part of the screen starts to twitch unwillingly, then shrink to the center, then flickers and completely goes off, no picture, no information on the screen. When this raster and sound features. When measuring voltage 8 was lowered to 7.4 Century After replacing the regulator IC 802 KA7632 the defect has been corrected.

1404.) Samsung CK-5339Z Periodic clapping as if it was a break of the TDKS. But he did it with. The thing instability BP. Occur regularly throws voltage. To find out who is guilty of 2 components, a sweet couple Samsungа was not — replaced both (SMR HIS). Attention — replacing SMR40200C «green» if you decide to replace, drocell ,you must use the value 580 µh for Example when installing 470 µh we after warming up the TV get in the duty room of more than 170 vovlechenie value of Drosera also leads to instability of the voltage at the Dej. mode.

1405.) Samsung CK-5339Z. After elimination of the surge over-voltage PSU. -There is no picture (screen light) ,the signals menu and sound normal .If reduce accelerating ,you may experience sluggish image after switching channels again disappears. Defective was video M52777SP( you can put M52777SP). At the entrance EX (26 turn) the voltage at the working video processor = 2.6 ,and slightly change when the current ray AND the dead Videoprocessor voltage jumped from 4.2 when the video channel to 2.1 in the lock.

1414.) SAMSUNG (chassis KS-1A) — 30-40 minutes turns off in standby mode. He propyl charge, everything is OK. After a day — repeat. The feature that when removed the back cover off does not occur. Had a good look at the back cover and saw in it the trace of the transistor vksr. it installed without a heat sink. Apparently it is tightly pressed against the back wall and overheated, hence the disconnect. Vipal transistor, curved legs, so that the transistor was far away from the wall, soldered in place and everything is OK. It’s been 2 months, the TV works fine — retry was not.

1434.) SAMSUNG CK-564BZR, dark Screen, OSD and the sound is there. 22 conclusion TDA 8844 voltage is 0 C. Leak in C (0.1 ?f). After replacing S the image appeared.

1449.) SAMSUNG CS-14C8R all power is TV not included — check replacement quartz 12 MHz.

1457.) SAMSUNG CK-5373ZR the screen is drawn in from the bottom to the top with white stripes — replace C308 3.3X50V

1465.) SAMSUNG CK5338ZR TV does not turn on replace 3S0680R. PC123. F802.

1472.) Samsung SCT11D. A strong inversion of the frame at the top. Punched the Zener diodes DZ301 and DZ303 (33v and 22v, respectively).

1499.) Samsung SC-5081ZR. There raster, sound and control, no image and no OSD display. The model is applied to the controller SIM-135-2R (C69540Y). His 30 foot (FBL) showed internal resistance with 54 foot m/K (7 Ohms). After disconnecting FBL appeared a picture but of course without the menu. Of course not everyone will be able to configure the telly intuitively, therefore, only one solution: to change the processor.

1569.) SAMSUNG CX-5013 When on (PSU on TDA4601), LD — Dej regime is exposed and slow marzamemi goes out. On 9pin 12v low to 9-10V, check replacement S 100/16V running on base BU 508.

1570.) Samsung CX-558 chass P-88M TDA4601 no run BP, artificially submitting 12V are generation 7-pin chip, the output B instead 125V there is only 20V, replace C812 1,0/50v.

1606.) SAMSUNG CK-3382ZR (chassis P69SA1 04). During operation, the led standby mode will blink 1 time and all. The power supply STR-S6707. After checking the details of the power supply was detected defective diode (D824), which gave the leak. The diode was replaced by RGP-10. After that, the TV is turned on, the voltage 125V normal. He worked for exactly 5 minutes. Suddenly for no apparent reason the screen was dark, the sound remained. Was in charge of the kinescope not receive the RGB signals. Instead, on the oscilloscope, a strange glare. Checked all the piping processor TDA8362B and found nothing. Instead of the gate on the 38th foot also has some stuff. After analyzing videotrack concluded — defective TDA8395P. After replacing the image appears, but without color. Then had to replace the delay line TDA4661 and everything fell into place. Yes, when I lost the image, it just was not with video input. Service information was present. It feels as though with CPU constantly comes the signal lock signal. So, this is what miracles are.

1610.) Samsung CK-5320TR. Set a new «a couple» SMR40200 and HIS0169. Voltage «Stand by» 170V, tried the recommendations from the Internet (R=om between the 3rd leg HIS0169 and choke L803, ran a new throttle L803, set the condenser C851 47.0*25V instead 22.0*35)nothing helps. To achieve proper operation BP managed selection C803 2200pF up to 1500 pF (Possible options). Voltage «Stand by» 137V working 124-126V choke replaced the standard resistor R=a and capacitor C851 47.0*25V left.

1612.) SAMSUNG chassis KS1A the Problem: the image is shifted horizontally, but in my case the capacity of the collector line of the transistor was intact. The most important thing was to gain a foothold for repair, which was the 34th output of the video processor TDA8351 (huge thanks to your site, how much time and money is not wasted). In short, the cliff was a resistor 145 ohms, consistent with this capacity, and in this circuit there is one resistor and one tank which may make the leak and the Zener diode. Only five possible causes for this fault.

1616.) Samsung CK-5385ZBR after the storm. The power supply is live, SZM-137M3 no 5V, Korotin the processor. Changed, the TV on, but no personnel. Looked oscilloscope — really on the 18th leg M52309SP pulses is greatly reduced. Used 19 th — not helped departed was VPG101. Replaced, scan appeared, but the image rattles vertically. I had to change and M52309SP. Only after this TV normally earned.

1625.) Samsung CK-3351. The power supply is built on SDH209B. Fault: low output voltages. Failed S 470,0х16V. After replacing it work.

1638.) SAMSUNG SMR40200 & HIS0169 as usual, all fake, all the details — China. To reduce the output voltage in standby mode is a good idea to try to replace the capacitor C under the scheme, namely to increase the capacity with nF to nF. And in series with the inductor to supply the resistance of 330 Ohms. Without schema — Noga SMRки through 10 Ohms through this conder, for a total disadvantage. Just in case the gap nogi HIS enable the condenser 2-MKP 400V disadvantage on the world, you know why. A couple of Teleki so screwed up. In standby mode 140V temperature in the range of 40 degrees, 127V temperature is about 50 degrees

1641.) SAMSUNG CS-5339Z Chassis SCT-11C. Went clear smell of burning, but the TV worked. Just in case, turned off and did not include me. Include all work, the smell is, but explicitly do not smoke. Two minutes later began to decrease personnel. Check power — R302 in the middle of the dark, the resistance of 330 Ohms (instead of 10 Ohms). 46 volts normal, without pulsations. Change the resistor and the chip (worth TDA8356) — all OK. But just in case check Century. And then the surprise. In the work — 146, in the duty room 190. And R2K is not lit, holds. Automatically make revision (resistor 130 Om, the secret of 182). Op-PA! No effect! Substitute homemade throttle doesn’t help. Change the capacitor C 1000 PF ( secret 638). Nothing changes — 146 Century in the work and 190 in the duty room. Remains capacitance of 22 ?f. But if he was dead — would be left SMRка. Measure ESR-meter — similarly, the capacitor Dahlia dead. Replace — and immediately in the desktop 127, in standby 138 C. the Outcome, decided to experiment. Return to the position S back 2200 PF instead of 1000. Almost nothing has changed in the desktop 128, in standby 139″ title=»Source»>Radio for all — Samsung2

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