Review TV Samsung UE55ES8000, TV and high-definition video


TV Review Samsung UE55ES8000

Samsung, perhaps more than any other made in order to reach today’s level of quality of the image on the screens of LCD TVs. Although designed Samsung LCD panel type SPVA can’t boast the same wide angle as the panel type IPS, which are used in TV their main competitor, LG, Panasonic and Philips, SPVA panel technology undoubtedly wins from the point of view of the depth of the black color, which is crucial for high-quality video.

the Flagship series LCD LED TV Samsung in 2012 is ES8000. Let us consider in more detail the 55 inch model. This HDTV is made on the basis of the signature panel Samsung Ultra Clear with a resolution of 1920 x 1080. Lateral system LED backlighting allowed to accommodate the entire design of the TV in ultra-thin body. To increase contrast, is technology local dimming Micro Dimming Ultimate. In the TV series used to complement standard RC innovative control technology using voice and gestures. Some smart TVs Samsung this year introduced the ability to upgrade is to replace individual module Smart Evolution, which will allow for several years to update smart functionality without replacing the TV.

Let’s see whether UE55ES8000 to provide high image quality and advanced functionality.


Since then, both in the mid-2000’s, the company has thoroughly updated the appearance of your HDTV, they embodied the best elements of the style of some other companies. UE55ES8000 is very similar to last year’s LCD LED TV Samsung series D8000.

Review TV Samsung UE55ES8000, TV and high-definition video

a New element in the design of this TV was the desktop stand. Last year, all high-quality displays Samsung relied on the four-toed support, which some buyers called «chicken foot». New stand made in the form of sleek and stylish arch. Especially good that it leaves no fingerprints, unlike last year’s version. The only downside is that the stand does not swivel.

Review TV Samsung UE55ES8000, TV and high-definition video

Standard remote control similar to last year, but became more rounded and thin. And also added a few buttons. The remote is very easy to use, although there is one problem. With the disappearance of the button «aspect Ratio» to change this function in the menu you will have to perform ten clicks on the remote.

Review TV Samsung UE55ES8000, TV and high-definition video

as Well as Panasonic VT50, Samsung has equipped the top TV extra touch remote, which allows you to change channels, adjust the volume, and supports basic functions. In the case of the remote has a built-in microphone that makes it easy voice control if the TV is far from you or loud work. All this on the fan, we soon returned to a comfortable standard remote control.


Strangely, on top of the Samsung UE55ES8000 uses only three HDMI inputs and USB ports are also three. But this is probably enough for most users. For massive SCART cable provided adapter adapter. However, for cables component video provides standard connectors, unlike last year models. Of course, it may seem strange that Samsung and many other manufacturers, continues to sell TVs with format support TV, DVB-T, when all Russia this year should be transferred to DVB-T2.

Review TV Samsung UE55ES8000, TV and high-definition videoClick the image to enlarge


the System menu in the Samsung TV was changed last year, this year we see the same design with blue oval Windows and legible font. The only drawback menu can be considered animation, which can slow navigation through the menu during intensive process settings. Not very convenient that the menu doesn’t function «Copy all». This means that the application of the calibration settings for all inputs will require only a few clicks.

Review TV Samsung UE55ES8000, TV and high-definition video

in Addition to a variety of controllers for calibration, Samsung UE55ES8000 has two built-in test pattern. Unlike some other high-quality (and even medium) models in Samsung TVs don’t support third-party technologies to improve image quality (e.g., THX certification, ISFccc controls). This does not mean that the picture quality in uncalibrated or calibrated condition may be unsatisfactory.

However, users should take care of the additional adjustments to obtain optimal image quality. In Samsung TVs most accurate mode with the factory settings is a Movie. Selecting it in the view menu to enable complete filling of the screen, to avoid cutting off the edges (overscan). Then you need to disable any system noise reduction and dynamic contrast.

taking into account these adjustments, we received from UE55ES8000 the following results, using the software Calman Professional.

Calibration in 2D mode


Review TV Samsung UE55ES8000, TV and high-definition video

RGB Curves and color errors (dEs) before calibration

the default preset «Teply″ gives good performance for grayscale, and this means the natural chromaticity of the image. But if you look at the screen in the dark, black areas of the image have a purple-blue glow, which is usually inherent in LED TVs with lateral illumination. The tests revealed a slight excess of red at low brightness level (20% -40%). Perhaps Samsung thereby have programmed some additive red to compensate for the blue tint? Fortunately, these errors are not very noticeable. At higher brightness accuracy is excellent. This is a very good result for uncalibrated HDTV.

Review TV Samsung UE55ES8000, TV and high-definition video

RGB Curves and color errors (dEs) after calibration

Samsung UE55ES8000U has a 10-point regulator grayscale, so achieving almost perfect grayscale is not that difficult. Generally grayscale all LCD TVs is relatively flat, in contrast to plasma models. However, LCD displays demonstrate the same accuracy only for the audience at the center of the screen. Plasma TVs can easily be moved around the room in search of a more comfortable seat.


Review TV Samsung UE55ES8000, TV and high-definition videoClick the image to enlarge

the default gamma curve in movie mode takes place at the level of about 2.35, which creates a high contrast and a dynamic image areas with normal illumination. The slider range in the TV menu can be configured by selecting 2.5 for viewing in a darkened environment and 2.2 for normal viewing conditions. For consistency with previous reports, we have chosen the position of the slider« 1″, which after calibration gave an averaged level 2.2. The most important measurement result that the gamma curve is almost linear.

the Color of the TV when the default settings were good. LED sources ES8000 provide full coverage color palette, according to the recommendations of Rec.709 video in HD resolution. Only the blue color remained slightly undersaturated after calibration.

Review TV Samsung UE55ES8000, TV and high-definition video

Review TV Samsung UE55ES8000, TV and high-definition video

Review TV Samsung UE55ES8000, TV and high-definition video

the Color saturation after calibration

Calibration in 3D

In 3D, we had to lower the contrast potentiometer to a value of about 68 to fully restore the color detail in bright areas. Color temperature «Teply″, which is usually the most accurate when viewed through 3D glasses, has developed a very red hue. With the setting «Standard» for tint managed to get closest to the standard white point color — D65.

grayscale 3D

Review TV Samsung UE55ES8000, TV and high-definition video

RGB Curves and color errors (dEs) before calibration in 3D

Before calibration curve grayscale 3D was mostly accurate, but due to excessive contrast was observed discoloration of the individual shades.

Review TV Samsung UE55ES8000, TV and high-definition video

RGB Curves and color errors (dEs) after calibration in 3D

In the 3D mode for the correction grayscale only available standard 2-point controller. So we were able to be reduced to an imperceptible level, only 30% of the errors. Actually bluish tint became more obvious. Errors in the shaded areas can lead to inaccurate image. So we just went back to default settings and lowered the contrast that decided noted above the problem of discoloration and became the best compromise.

Color in 3D

Although the 3D menu and has a full three-coordinate the color management system, it is combined with the settings for 2D mode. As a result, we have chosen the most accurate preset Natural mode (which is saved regardless 2D/3D).

Review TV Samsung UE55ES8000, TV and high-definition video

the Color palette in 3D mode after calibration

Review TV Samsung UE55ES8000, TV and high-definition video

the Color brightness in 3D mode after calibration (color stripe — pattern, black — measured value)


largely due To Samsung picture quality of LCD TVs reached the current level. Important role was played by the development of the company and continuous improvement LCD panels type SPVA. The most common competing type panels — IPS (used in LG, Philips and Panasonic) has excellent viewing angles and produces fewer blur parts of the image in dynamic scenes, but has significantly poorer black. The index contrast is extremely important for obtaining high-quality video, so we prefer to recommend the LCD displays the type of SPVA, such as the ES8000, in comparison with other types of LCD panels, assuming that in all other respects they are equal.

Maximum brightness

Brightness opportunities LCD LED TVs confirm one of the most obvious advantages of this technology. These TVs can play a very bright image, while consuming a relatively small amount of energy. The intensity of the light sources of the backlight at the UE55ES8000 is controlled by the [Backlight].

Keep in mind that the minimum brightness level of the screen (or black level), and the maximum brightness of the backlight sources are interconnected parameters. The increase in the intensity of the light sources of the backlight increases the light output of the screen. In other words, if you set a very high value of the backlight, which is a super bright picture, black colors will be gray. Conversely, if you decrease the backlight level that is more suitable for viewing in dimly lit conditions, you will see dimmer bright areas, but more natural blacks. Adjustment range from 0 to 20 will satisfy the majority of viewers and is suitable for different viewing conditions.

We used the backlight level 8, which gave a peak brightness of 120 CD / sq.m. which usually aim at calibration. (We regularly calibrated TVs so that they were estimated to be equal, but in practice we recommend you to install the controller in a position that provides a bright enough image to existing conditions).

Uniformity of the backlight

super-thin Samsung UE55ES8000, demonstrated good enough LCD TVs with system side LED backlight uniformity of the backlight. The darkened screen in the dark, there were only small «opacity», dimly lit area in the upper-left and lower-right corner. However, in contrast to similar manifestations in the previously tested the TVs they were minimal. After we lowered the dimmer to adjust the TV to our terms moderate lighting, not already noted the uneven when viewing real materials.

the fact that Samsung can produce large 55-inch LCD panel with a good uniformity of the backlight is very encouraging. Earlier IPS LCD panel (LG, Philips and Panasonic) showed better uniformity of illumination. It can be assumed that less haze on IPS LCD panels can be connected with the fact that they have poor black levels. Maybe if they could produce the same deep black shades, as SPVA displays Samsung, they would show something similar.

Still ultra-slim LCD LED models last year was inferior in the uniformity of the backlight is a bit more cumbersome LCD CCFL counterparts. Now, it seems that the difference in performance disappears.

Dynamic resolution

setup Samsung [Motion Plus] enables you to independently decrease in dynamic materials blur and judder. However, as it was in previous LCD TVs Samsung, we have found that this configuration can lead to interruption of alternating between nicotinamide and dynamic content (example clips from the film interspersed with video interview). In the end, the best compromise was the mode «Clear» [Motion Plus], with a little interpolation, not a calling effect «soap Opera» and dynamic artifacts in any content. In any case it’s good that Samsung gives the viewer the opportunity to fully adjust for dynamic content.

The Samsung 55ES8000 had no problems in the display all 1080 lines in the test material, although, as we expected, there was a small blur when black parts when driving leave a thin gray shadows. On the real material we’ve seen only a few examples of this phenomenon, the most important of which is moving across the screen actress with long black hair, which merge with the physical tone, creates a slight reddish-brown tinge on the face. Dynamic materials still not as sharp as on the plasma. Function Samsung [LED Motion Plus] is also designed to reduce motion blur. In practice, we found only a very small improvement. But the screen brightness is almost not reduced, we left it enabled. In General, the dynamic resolution was expected from the top LCD LED TV, but not as good as plasmas.

overall, the Samsung UE55ES8000 brilliantly copes with displaying three-dimensional video. There are still some flaws, but the quality of the 3D image is approaching the standards for regular 2D image.

Plasma TVs are high quality 2D images provide the best 3D effect due to the almost complete lack of ghosting (crosstalk). However, we’ve seen each plasma TV is in 3D signs of low gradation (rougher transitions between colors and shades) and a large number of generated display image noise. Plasma TVs are more high-speed processing 2D and 3D images, free from ghosting of objects, but respectable display technology is no Saint when it comes to the overall quality in 3D mode.

UE55ES8000 demonstrates absolutely full HD resolution in 3D, without serration along the contour of the objects. Almost every little detail of materials from sources to 1080p reaches the screen (we say «almost», because the smoothing film grain can be seen as a form of blur). In any case, the three-dimensional image on the screen of the Samsung ES8000 are as sharp and without steps, as in 2D mode.

Here is more crosstalk than IPS or plasma displays, but they’re not too noticeable. Despite some shortcomings Samsung ES8000 creates a very attractive 3D effect, especially due to the aforementioned indicators in gradation and resolution.

We did our usual tests on the dynamics in 3D, which allow you to detect any problems with jitter on the screen of the Samsung UE55ES8000. The inclusion of high levels of exposure [Blur Reduction] allows to get rid of vibrations in the test materials, but not in any real content 50 Hz, 3D. However, like last year, we found that the inclusion of game modes (which, by default, produces a very sharp picture with a bluish tint, but can be calibrated to a high degree of accuracy) eliminates any vibration and smoothly plays the materials in HR format 50 Hz.

3D materials in the 24p format, you will get with 3D Blu-Ray discs appear essentially identical to the above-mentioned content of 50 Hz. Unfortunately, failed to solve the problem by enabling game mode. But fortunately, the jitter was negligible. You will not be able to get cinema quality dynamic scenes in 3D, however, you need to enable smooth movement and find a good balance settings, which allows you to avoid vibration, seriously not adding effect «soap Opera».

Standard resolution

System scaling Samsung is still one of the best. Although she can’t make SD pictures look so detailed as real HD, the picture still is surprisingly smooth, without any traces of steps. There are no signs of serration and when converting interlaced TV pictures in progressive-panel high-definition.

As the most expensive plasma TVs company 2011 ES8000 does not deinterlacing mode Cinema for materials 2-2 PAL. This means that the movies in the TV standard PAL will be displayed with some additional aliasing and loss of vertical resolution. Wants to hope that Samsung will correct this shortcoming in the new firmware. Fortunately, this is not a big problem.

High resolution

In General, materials in high resolution looked on the screen of the Samsung UE55ES8000 is very attractive, provided that we were sitting right in front of the screen. In PVA panel, color may lose its brightness when viewed at an angle, which is important for large and wide rooms.

looked Especially amazing calibrated UE55ES8000 when viewed in the daytime. LCD panel «Ultra Clear» remarkably reproduces vivid images with minimal reflection. The main problem LCD LED TVs — the uneven illumination of the test instance Samsung ES8000 was very small, limited viewing angles were also less visible in bright outdoor light.

Review TV Samsung UE55ES8000, TV and high-definition video

In a darkened conditions dark frames of the movies on the screen UE55S8000 still differed with depth, although, as with other LCD LED models appeared a touch of violet. Very accurate grayscale, gamma, color tone, good saturation, and brightness, in combination with high efficiency SPVA LCD panel provides a very convincing image.

Some models of LCD TVs Samsung in the past had such not very nice feature, as the forced removal of noise on any video, even with switched off in the menu filter noise suppression. Which caused excessive blur in movies shot on film with a large grain. It would seem that this defect is now fixed. But when viewing familiar films and test templates to identify dynamic processing, it was found out that the noise reduction system is turned off actually not completely. Fortunately, the impact is quite easy. As always, the Game mode plays back in HD movies all the details until the last pixel, but has other problems (no 10 point white balance control, vibration footage 24p format).

of Course, if you are watching a noisy / fuzzy low light video noise reduction system Samsung 55ES8000 is a good thing. Removal system noise from Samsung is one of the best, remove the fluff with minimal impact. However, this does not mean that we want to use it constantly.

Use games

the Standard modes of viewing the Samsung UE55ES8000 have noticeable input delay and suitable for step-by-step games, anything that requires constant interaction / feedback from the player, can only be run in Game mode. By default, it has an excessively sharp and bluish image, but can be adjusted to a high level of accuracy. Input latency in Game mode is reduced to 31 milliseconds, which is not very fast, but enough to provide a pleasant pastime.

in Addition, the game mode allows you to solve the problem of excessive exposure to the system noise, which allows you to display the entire texture of the film image. It also has a higher color resolution, clearly showing tiny colored details. In this mode involved the dynamic backlight, which automatically changes the brightness of the backlight sources based on the average intensity of brightness of the scene and leads to a luminance shift relative to the original. For this reason, we decided not to use Game mode for watching movies.

voice Control

the voice control System and using gestures attractive primarily to people with limited physiological capacity and unable to press buttons on a conventional remote control.

of Course, in reality the technology is still in its infancy. Samsung faces a number of challenges in the process of making this sci-Fi interface from a dream into a reality. To ensure recognition of the teams in the room should be quiet enough and no echo effect. It is necessary to distinguish the voice commands given in many languages with accent. About the need to speak clearly and TV will remind you.

Samsung has partially solved this problem by embedding the second microphone in the remote control, which is activated by pressing the button. This solves the problem of distance, but in this case you already hold the remote and can simply press the corresponding button.

In fact, voice control in some cases works well. With the increased level of noise has difficulty in recognizing commands. Samsung recommends that you set the volume to level 10, but it’s too quiet for the real view. We look forward to an improved version of the voice interface, and still prefer to use the usual remote control.


Samsung UE55ES8000 is a high quality LCD TV with side LED backlight. He provides good depth of black color in dark rooms, in bright light black objects look inky black. Compared to last year models considered instance is much less suffered from uneven backlighting. But minor light turbidity were sometimes noticeable in dark areas.

Like most LCD displays, UE55ES8000 looks good in bright lighting conditions. He has a huge stock of brightness in order to get a clearly-visible image in the conditions of a room filled with bright sunlight. With glossy Ultra Clear panel no different serious reflections from sources of light pollution. In a darkened areas of the image quality of plasma TVs is undeniable, but the Samsung ES8000 and here is a worthy competitor. Black depth remains at an acceptable level, provided that the viewer is sitting in front of the screen.

UE55ES8000 has 3D almost the same quality as in 2D. In 3D mode provides Full HD resolution, not, as in plasmas, limitations in colour gradations and specific plasma noise. However, the ES8000 more noticeable crosstalk, and materials format 24p differ on screen ES8000 3D some trembling.

UE55S8000 another display Samsung’s video processing system, in which you cannot completely disable noise suppression, which leads to blurry grainy texture filmed movies and reduction of detail Blu-ray sources. Most users are unlikely to notice this defect, but connoisseurs of high quality images may prefer models of competitors that provide full control over this function.

it is Possible, among other less expensive TVs (mainly plasma), there are models of the best in terms of price/quality, when it comes to viewing a 2D image in dark conditions, but the Samsung UE55ES8000 is one of the best LED LCD TVs we’ve seen recently. It is certainly worth to recommend to those who mostly watch TV in a bright room, and fans of 3D who crave a three-dimensional image comparable in quality with the picture in 2D format.

publication date: 17.06.2012

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