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Samsung Galaxy S5 Duos (G900FD) — waterproof LTE phone with two SIM-cards

the South Korean giant company, has already taken over half the world’s mobile phones with the Android ecosystem. And even the Almighty Empire of good Google is unable to compete with the Koreans in terms of the production of mobile phones. Just over laudatory moaning about the next flagship Galaxy S5. and fans of the brand are already languishing in sweet anticipation of the announcement of another flagship Galaxy Note 4*. But, suddenly the market has resurfaced a very interesting modification S5.

If the original S5 with support for LTE technology is the model index G900F. the new product appeared on the market in the middle East, is encoded by the index G900FD. And a small pristavka D makes the phone unique for the 2014 year. In a nutshell, G900FD currently the only waterproof Android smartphone with LTE support and two SIM cards on the Board. Consider the phone a little closer.

At the time of writing, officially G900FD sold only in the middle East, and in Russia this model is officially available. And according to rumors, will be available not just it, and G900HD, ie model Galaxy S5 with two SIM cards, 8-core CPU, but without LTE. About a year ago, I did a review of the phone Sony Xperia Z and complained that though he is equipped with LTE, but it a big no because of the 4G network has just begun to unfold across the country. But a year has passed, and without LTE life has become much harder. The number of mobile Internet users has increased, and the network of the 3rd generation simply cannot cope with the flood of requests for data and voice traffic. And they have phone support networks 4th generation, real outlet, which saves you from problems with communication.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Duos. Packaging. The box is plain cardboard.

Though the phone and «grey», but in skilled hands, who will be able to set it up right, it will be only to please his master. By the way, some users who bought this phone, argue that in the special service menu it has a code G900MD how the phone is made for countries in South America. But in the loaded firmware, the model is displayed as G900FD, phone for EMEA countries (including Russia and the Middle East). I hasten to assure the reader that the firmware installed in your phone as usual multilingual. And when you activate the phone, just select English as the language system and subsequently there will be no problems in the form Arabic ligature in the menu.

Pick nothing special impressive. The phone itself, lace USB2, headphones with flat-wire and removable silicone inserts, a pair of skinny booklets in English and other languages, Yes monsteroideae multivoltine charging. As I understand it, impatient Arabs can’t wait until their favorite phone recharged in four hours. They need much faster, therefore, included charging two ampere-hours with a sly fork. What, two, two.


So, what, aside from having LTE Samsung Galaxy S5 Duos still remarkable? Well, the fact that it protects the phone. S5 Duos certified industrial standard IP67. Six in the index means that it is completely dust-proof. Dust no way to get inside the device. And seven, that he freely experiencing temporary immersion in water to a depth of 1 metre. I, like many others, am a rather active lifestyle and constantly get in a situation where regular, unprotected electronics may be damaged due to getting wet. Or will fall under the pouring rain in the campaign, or just drop the phone while shooting photos in the pond. Certification standard IP67 there is a real magic wand, now all the fears of dying phone due to ingress of water unfounded. And the dust seems to be more need, therefore, to the Arabs in the desert, they go a lot of sand, but water is insufficient.

For providing water-resistance your phone meets the seal on the back cover. Headphone connector has a built-in valve, and the USB connector is closed by a separate cap-valve. All speakers, microphone, flash, and the camera is protected independently. To not worry, but the cap protecting the USB gradually put out. To charge it every time you want to open and then close. It’s annoying, Yes, and how many will last the half-belt, which it holds, is unknown. The experience of the Sony Xperia Z, the same half-belt served for about six months, and then went to hell. Although, Sony has wisely and got transferred to your phone complete with charging cradle.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Duos. Without a battery.

dual SIM

the Presence of two SIM cards and there are cards MicroSIM size, allows, as conceived by marketers, to separate personal contacts from business or just to save on calls. It is, of course, but there is a more interesting application dvuhnitochnyj devices. As you know, modern smartphone, almost nothing if it has no connection with the global network Internet. While traveling, especially abroad, one has to make a painful choice. Or you can pay your carrier a tremendous amount of money for roaming mobile Internet, or to remain without their rooms and change the SIM card in the phone at the local, or rent a mobile WiFi router with 3G/4G. But with phone dual simcard, just enough to buy a local SIM card with Internet tariff and put it in a free slot. And voila! Have and IP telephony to call home, and a normal Internet connection, live in General! By the way the phone itself, as well as its close relative Galasy S5 supports the following frequency 4G LTE FDD Cat. 4: 800 (Band 20) / 850 (Band 5) / 900 (Band 8) / 1800 (Band 3) / 1900 (Band 2) / 2100 (Band 1) / 2600 (Band 7). And partially supports LTE-A with data transfer rate up to 150 megabits. So that in many countries of the world, will have access to 4G network. However, such speeds for phone excessive, sufficient and regular 3G speeds, only would work consistently everywhere.

Speaking in detail about the two SIM cards in your phone. This is not so simple as it might seem at first glance. Technical progress does not stand still, and sometimes in his flight takes engineers so far as mere mortals just don’t understand what do those or other technologies. That is exactly the situation with technology Duos Samsung. Earlier, in the good old days when phones were with buttons, two SIM cards in your phone serviced by two separate radios. These phones can be had with one SIM card to call another. But, this scheme has two significant weaknesses. It consumes twice as much energy from the battery and is twice as expensive than the implementation on the same LAN. So was invented technology, when two (or sometimes more) of the SIM card is served by one radio module.

the Trick of the method is that a standard phone and cellular base stations are not in constant contact with each other. The phone only occasionally connected to the station, which would register on it or just confirm that the device is still in the coverage area. And it is on this assumption produces the most modern dvuhnitochnogo. A characteristic feature of such devices is that in case you are on the phone line with a single SIM card to phone on the second, it will be impossible, it will be out of reach. The situation is not pleasant, but it is not fatal. And all was well, right up to the moment, as the phone began to use mobile Internet. Before the invention of transfer protocols standard 3G phone during the communication of the mobile Internet could not receive calls, the line remained busy during while working modem in the phone. After some time, appeared on the stage of the 3G network and then, in some cases, during the call was disconnected data transmission, and in the most recent modifications of the data transfer is not interrupted even for a second.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Duos (G900FD), waterproof LTE phone with two SIM cards. Megabuck And because modern smartphones, there is always something downloaded from the Internet, update the weather, checking e-mail and statuses in Facebook. And it is OK to work with two simcard on the same LAN without tweaks impossible. Samsung took up the challenge and rolled out to light their own technology as possible to avoid potential problems when working with two SIM cards on the same LAN. As expected from Samsung, the end user, however, as retailers, no clear information about how it all works is not available, and you have to think about all by yourself. If before mobile was applied comprehensive instruction, where each menu item is meticulously written and decrypted, it is now at best a couple of lines of help under the tick and a beautiful picture, in the key «you will be fine» web site.

let’s Start with the fact that the Manager SIM cards, one card is placed priority on work in networks of the 3rd and 4th generation, plus Internet access, and the second card is forcibly put in the 2G and no Internet access. Thus, both SIM-cards working simultaneously, but do not interfere with each other. The exception would be the moment when a user with a telephone get in terrible wilderness, where the full spectrum of services will be available only 2G connection. Here, the mobile Internet is already way to make voice calls on the second card. And, if the mobile operator will not interrupt the data transfer from my side, and on the first card will have problems with incoming calls. Alas, it is a cruel reality and especially anything to do with it.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Duos (G900FD), waterproof LTE phone with two SIM cards. Megabuck What would, at least, it will make this a very bitter pill, Samsung took up two interesting points in the settings Manager SIM cards. They are called as «to Receive incoming calls» «Active». First configure «to Receive incoming calls» is responsible for the continuity of active data connection when the call comes on the SIM-card, which uses the data transfer mode. When you call on the second SIM, the data transmission will stop. It works only when the phone is in idle mode, 4G or 3G. If the SIM card with Internet, works in 2G mode, the Internet will turn off during a call when calling on any SIM card. Please pay attention to the fact that most operators in Russia, a voice call is not performed via the 4G networks. When you receive a voice call, the phone switches to 3G network. That is why, sometimes, when in an unstable network coverage 4G card with 4G mode can show even zero «sticks» on the display network, but at the same time, the voice call will be held on well (the phone it will switch to 3G mode).

Active mode, is a little for another. Since the phone uses a single radio, while talking on one SIM card, or in some cases, when working online, the second SIM card will not be available. Active mode implies that included mutual forwarding between two SIM cards if it is unaffordable. Thus, if to speak SIM, the subscriber of the caller on SIM will be redirected to SIM. And there, or hear the signal «busy», or will attempt to connect to the subscriber via the «holding the line», depending on the settings of the subscriber’s mobile operator. The reverse is also true. But forwarding is usually a paid service and it must be supported by the cellular operator. It can be programmed independently, through personal study of the cellular operator, or use the configure «Active». Active mode can be selected, both for one and for two SIM cards installed in the phone.

in General, work with two SIM cards in S5 Duos performed tolerably well, you can choose your preferred SIM card, which will serve as the basis for calls, Internet and video calls. You can switch between them via the curtain operating system. It is possible for an outgoing call or when sending SMS to choose which card to use. And in the call logs and SMS is displayed, what card was used for a particular call. The only drawback is that in the selected contacts (quick call) you cannot choose what maps will be made up, always card is used by default.

And again about functionality

Samsung Galaxy S5 Duos (G900FD), waterproof LTE phone with two SIM cards. Megabuck » in Addition to opportunities to work with two SIM cards, the phone is Packed with various features to the maximum. For example, there is a built-in IR transmitter. Gone are the days when the infrared range phones were used to communicate. Now, using the phone, it is convenient to control the TV. And not only just to change channels, and to select a broadcast program and switch to it (available for satellite and IP TV channels and broadcasters).

Samsung is well aware that they are market leaders Android phones, and they will hack all possible ways that would harm consumers. Therefore, in the phone from the South Korean giant paid a lot of attention built-in security systems. You can start with the fact that the phone itself can block or unblock a number of different functions. There are also the usual swipe, pattern, pin, password, optical recognition user. And, now, unlock the phone, such as a fingerprint appeared only recently. The thing is certainly interesting, but in practice, if the phone all the time under supervision, not very convenient. For unlock need two hands, which is not always easy and not always available, for example, while driving. On the other hand, if the phone is locked more or less reliable way, a password or a fingerprint, it is possible to prevent the possibility of its reset through recovery mode. The phone lock is reactivated with reference to the Samsung account. So, if your phone was stolen, then just type a new user on it anymore. You will need reflashing, which can handle not every user.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Duos (G900FD), waterproof LTE phone with two SIM cards. Megabuck Some viruses for phones, earn significant amount of money for their owners by sending messages to various paid services. In order to avoid this, the phone has two constraints. First all the time asks to send an SMS to a premium number. And the second just limits the total number of SMS that can be sent on a paid rooms per night.

do Not forget about security. In the phone menu, you can set the alarm button. For this purpose it is necessary to select one or multiple mobile numbers to which, if anything, will be sent an alarming message to the subscriber’s location, a short audio recording, photography with front and rear cameras. Is activated to send the alarm message quick triple by pressing the power button.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Duos (G900FD), waterproof LTE phone with two SIM cards. Megabuck We live in a country where a good half of the year causes us to wrap up in warm clothes, and to wear gloves or even mittens. Finally to the manufacturer realized that you do not want every time to take the gloves off and cocepwa the finiteness of something to type on the screen. So was the function of sensitivity of the screen, which allows you to work with him even while wearing gloves. But, then found another feature. In covers S View, those who made the book and replace the rear panel, you can control the phone without opening the case, and right finger on the lid. Of course, in this case, we can see only the upper part of the screen through the window, but to control the phone still can. The function of the product rather to hit virtually no effect, and the fingers are recognized not only through the case, but also through other plastic objects, for example, through plastic cards.

Not to be forgotten and fans pour the collar. In the SMS settings found very interesting feature, which delays sending any SMS for a certain period. Apparently, that could be given to the sender as it should reflect on the text and the reason for sending the message. And then, as it happens. Fill the eye, and then let’s spam their former. Only nerves translate. Functionality is very useful, though not as relevant. Basically all moved to send messages through Viber. WhatsApp. ChatOn and other programs to send text messages over the Internet. It is more functional and cheaper, especially when you need to pass a lot and often.

health Care

Samsung Galaxy S5 Duos (G900FD), waterproof LTE phone with two SIM cards. Megabuck But, it seems that the focus is on the manufacturer makes fitness enthusiasts. The phone has two interesting devices. This pedometer and a heart rate sensor. Both sensors work with firm application S-Health. S Health in General is very interesting, but little-documented application. Its main task is the tracking of physical activity of the user, consumed them calories and motivation for spending the required level of calories. The application not only gives instant calculations, but also keeps a log of exercise, and calorie, as consumed and wasted. And here you can see how the user completed steps today, how far and how much is spent at the same calories. You can also view the chart in terms of calendar and to celebrate their achievements. The pedometer works in the form of service, consumes almost no battery and can be displayed on the lock screen (that’s how it is important, more important than his only clock and weather)** .

In S-Health can not only show stats for your steps, but also to measure the pulse. For this you need to slide your finger over to a special sensor, which will count the number of beats per minute. Conveniently, especially for the control of active aerobic training. Similarly, as with the steps, the pulse maintains a log of when and how much.

But this application is not limited. It can monitor not only walking, but also other physical activity associated with movement in space. But, most importantly, S-Health is the main application that supports multiple S-gadgets designed for fitness. Here and simulators, and special watch with heart rate monitor, there is even a scale. So that, if necessary, these can be purchased and used in conjunction with your smartphone.

Physical security

by the Way, a little more protection on your phone, on the physical side. Unlike some previous models, such as the Note 2, the Galaxy S5 metal frame around the perimeter of the screen, which is above the screen is an inch. But, thanks to a protection glass does not touch the surface when the phone is lying down, well, or not beating on it when he drops the glass down. Quite a wise decision, because a broken screen, probably the most frequent and most costly damage that can occur to your phone.

For greater protection of the device from physical damage, I recommend using the book cover. It is strictly advisable to use this brand-book-cover S-View. Because this book will provide reliable protection from moisture inside the phone and it will not cease to be waterproof. In addition, closing the top cover protects the phone from scratches and bumps. And on the back, with such a case, the camera now will not stick out from your phone, and Vice versa, is recessed into the case and the glass does so actively not scratched. However, with the camera retracts and the heart rate sensor, and users with registrationkey fingers have to find a new position in which the pulse is read.

in Addition, the edges of the case are to a few millimeters over the phone from all sides, and protects them more from shock if dropped. And the opening in the top allows you to see basic information about missed calls, SMS and so on. Additionally, corporate cover allows you to lock and unlock the phone by simply closing or opening the cover (of course, if you have not enabled a more reliable protection, such as a password). Finally, and most importantly covers with support for wireless charging, allow you to charge the phone, simply by placing it on a special charging station. Very convenient, especially when you consider that for each charge, it is necessary to open, and then close the protective cover from the USB. However, wireless charging, though comfortable, but not as powerful, so charges the phone longer than usual wired charging. And there are very serious doubts that such charging can charge your phone in the car during the navigation mode, when the device consumes considerable energy.

But it should be borne in mind that by themselves cover S-View is different. There are just covers and do not support the function of opening and closing the lid (without contacts on the back cover), and there are cases that support the opening and closing (two contacts on the back cover), and the most advanced version with wireless charging (five pins). So, when buying you need to choose the case that you want for you and not to overpay for the extra functionality.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Duos and case S-View (there are suspicions that the cover is fake).

back to the water. Without water and no amplitude, and neither Sudy.

And a couple of words about the water resistance. Yes, the phone works perfectly fine under water. The water is not filled, it continues to function. Even the buttons are pressed, but only the touch screen does not work. How many do not carry your finger on the glass, the phone no on this motion does not react (and that’s the Sony Xperia Z is quite normal perceives the touch input being in a submerged condition). So that the normal underwater shooting can be arranged only perenaznachen the shutter button on one of the buttons volume control (standard feature Samsung camera). But, surprisingly, under water, telephone only slightly lost reception, Wi-Fi and cellular network and not lost a stick (it is possible that you just had longer to wait). So with due skill, you can accept the call and under water, to talk about working on a theme, for example.

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