Samsung never ceases to delight and amaze!


recently, specifically in early September, Berlin hosted the presentation of the products manufactured by Samsung — it was held by the Koreans in the framework of the IFA 2014 — exhibition, which had worldwide implications. Who watched the broadcast of this event, probably already in case that Samsung has pleased its fans many interesting and practical novelties.

the journalists ‘ Attention was mainly confined to his Samsung Galaxy Note 4, intercepts the baton from its predecessor the third generation. It turned out that technical specifications are almost completely coincided with voiced different independent from other sources long before had been the official announcement of the «newbie». Hurry up to buy the case for the coveted Samsung Galaxy Note 4 in our online store Vejle!

Samsung never ceases to delight and amaze!

the New Samsung Galaxy Note has a Super AMOLED display, the diagonal of 5.7 inches, resolution, format Quad HD, QHD( the number of pixels is equal to 2560 x 1440). The angles smartphone is very wide, it can also boast of excellent contrast. The creators was used to him Exynos 5433 — eight cores, four cores which have a frequency equal to 1.9 GHz, other — clock frequency of 1.3 GHz. In addition, it is expected the release of this version of the device, which would have worked on the Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 is already a Quad-core chip. Built-in hard drive has a capacity of 32 gigabytes and RAM is 3 GB. Owners will also be available a useful function as increase in the smartphone’s memory by using microSD memory cards. The maximum amount that can be achieved by applying the extension 64 gigabytes.

Even this smartphone has an excellent primary camera of 8 megapixels, which will be available to You feature optical stabilization for the best image. Flash then double led. Front camera has a 3.7 megapixels and different wide-angle lens. As stated by the representatives of Samsung, the front camera is meant for photos «selfe» or, in other words, self-portraits, with such pictures will be perfect! Click one frame immediately all the company of friends, including myself, will also be the opportunity, support for panoramic pictures in 120 degree allows them to do it. The smartphone is also equipped with a whole set of different sensors: for example, there are fingerprint scanner, which we cannot see because it is embedded in the button to return «home», barometer sensor for measuring ultraviolet radiation, heart rate monitor, in General, there is everything a soul could wish. Mobile operating system running on this smartphone is the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, which comes pre-installed software, which will certainly think very many useful and well thought out ,as well as a proprietary interface, the so-called Samsung TouchWiz.

Battery Samsung Galaxy Note 4 removable, capacity is 3220 mAh. Even owners of the smartphone available, a very handy feature that allows you to quickly charge your battery as soon as possible. Without too much exaggeration, thanks to this function, the battery can be charged from zero to 50 percent for just 30 minutes! But to implement such procedures will only fit «related» data cable — it is included in the original kit.

the Smartphone has a body which has a metal frame and safety glass 2.5D, designed to protect the screen from strong and not very much damage. The buyers will be given several options of colors at the case, namely: Frost white, Charcoal black, Blossom pink, Bronze Gold (Golden). On sale will be everything else available replacement back cover with decoration in the form of Swarovski crystal — specially for these aesthetes and lovers make even mediocre things were elite. The building has the following dimensions: 153.5×78.6×8.5 mm weight 176, Another new smartphone is now an updated version of the stylus S Pen software was improved, supported such a useful feature as Smart Select.

But digress a little from the legendary Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and for the sake of diversity, we turn our attention to the other new products, carefully designed us in favor of employees of the company Samsung. Believe me, there is something to look at and in addition, the next-generation smartphone. For example, take this innovative development of the company as Gear S — smart watch on Tizen OS. A distinctive feature of this new product was the fact that owners are given the opportunity to install the SIM card nano-SIM format. You can also work in 3G cellular networks. Thanks to the latter, we can easily send hours messages, make calls and even access the Internet without the need of binding hours to smartphone. Isn’t it wonderful? The watch has a Super AMOLED curved, diagonal equal to two inches, dual-core processor and has 512 MB of memory and 1 GHz clock frequency. Along with all these, You will find these miracle — hours and even GPS module, as well as the number of sensors and Bluetooth to pair with Wi-Fi. Thus, these watches on close examination, is not much inferior to a good smartphone, plus they literally always ‘ hand hearth» and on hand! In addition to the watch will be sold and a replacement bracelet, sprinkled with Swarovski crystals.

Samsung never ceases to delight and amaze!

And again return to their smartphones! Along with the already specified model, the public was presented and another new, namely the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge. It stands out mainly due to the fact that the display him with one hand has a curved shape. Considering other characteristics, indicate that the screen is 5.6 -inch diagonal resolution it is h. Curved right part of the display was initially created as a separate panel that must be removed various items required to operate the smartphone, often used by the owner of the icons and stuff like that.

the Clock speed of the processor, which is equipped with our «newborn» Samsung Galaxy Note Edge is 2.7 GHz, the battery capacity reaches 3000 mAh, RAM there is in the number 3 GB, built-in 32 GB, but again the owner is given the opportunity to extend it to as much as 64 gigabytes, unless, of course, you will need to do it. All other features are similar figures to those presented in Samsung Galaxy Note 4. Options colors standard black and white. The weight of the smartphone is only 174 grams. Expect it in the sale is until the end of this year, initially only he will not appear at all markets — only to the elect. But now he did not say which countries novelty will be in the official sale, and what — not, and how such a purchase can do in principle.

Well, the last thing to say about «exposure»is that Samsung also showed the public the helmet, creating a virtual reality. He was named VR Gear. Its creation took place in collaboration with Oculus VR. Unfortunately, that is all there was to know. The only thing about this new product and leaked to the world is that such a helmet — pilot invention, and at this stage it is only possible subject to the availability of bundles with Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

article Summary: Presentation of products by Koreans in the framework of the IFA — Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Samsung Galaxy Note 4 samsung

Source: Samsung never ceases to delight and amaze!

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