Tablet Samsung Galaxy Tab. Price samsung P1000 galaxy tab 16Gb reviews


Samsung Galaxy Tab

the Appearance of the device Galaxy Tab from Samsung is a high-profile event on the tablet market. This «response to Chamberlain» many waited with great impatience.

Tablet Samsung Galaxy Tab. Price samsung P1000 galaxy tab 16Gb reviews

About tablet from Samsung was known long before its official presentation, the image appeared here and there, then came a series of videos, as well as a technical description.

And here he was. To You the official trailer of the Galaxy Tab from Samsung:

Even the President of Russia Medvedev got a new Samsung Galaxy Tab. did his pictures and tweeting.

moreover, that sun-like Apple’s iPad, despite its cult status, still has a number of spots (i.e: disadvantages). Yes and how long can you be king?

it’s Time to move on the throne! Meet the new «Tablet».

Home gromozeka computers people was not enough. laptops and netbooks are also gradually relegated the new tablet PC!

the Apple iPad — it’s not the first tablet on the market, before him there were many attempts, but none of them have proved to be equally successful. That is why all the new tablets (tablets, if you want) will inevitably have to compare with the iPad.

Although, of course, the Samsung Galaxy Tab and Apple iPad devices are very different, even in the same category.

True. many users still tormented by one question: «is not an ordinary piggy (Windows XP) to stick in these tablets — rates would then they were not. «

Overview Samsung P1000 Galaxy Tab 16Gb

let’s Start with the fact that Galaxy Tab is much smaller due to the smaller screen diagonal and easier, due to the fact that the body is completely plastic. In General, a true tablet computer.

«the Pill» is unlikely to put in your pocket, but in any bag she is without problems. Dimensions of Galaxy Tab is very close to e-readers such as Barnes&Noble Nook.

And it is really convenient to use for reading on the go. Hands don’t get tired as fast as in the case of the iPad, besides it is not necessary to hold the tablet with two hands — one is also possible.

the Design and size of the tablet Samsung TAB :

the Body is made of plastic, it is not collapsible, monolithic. Black faceplate, white, glossy heel. Standard scheme, which the market has already become traditional.

unlike the iPad, in the hands of the TAB is not felt as a cold, heavy tablet. Its weight — 380 grams against 680 grams, the iPad. Therefore, reviews of the Samsung P1000 Galaxy Tab often concern this important details.

Yes, and smaller than, Yes so that if desired, you can hold the tablet with one hand near the ear. with him and to call you :)))

dimensionsplachetnice from Samsung — HH mm (iPad — 242.8×189.7×13.4 mm). In pocket tablet will not fit, but the bag will occupy a minimum of space.

the Case is very glossy, Samsung has not stinted on the gloss, so the Galaxy Tab looks nice only on the counter. Fingerprints accumulate on the screen after a few seconds, and about oleophobic coating in Samsung somehow did not care.

the Rear part of the body is made of white plastic (beautiful combination, by the way, black and white), and therefore traces of use is practically not visible.

Bright 7-inch TFT LCD display allows users to comfortably watch movies, pictures, read e-books or work with documents.


Video review of the Samsung Galaxy Tab in English, but everything is clear :) Can be deployed on the entire screen (the quality of the video allows).

Thanks to its compact size and light weight (380g), the tablet is perfect to take along on the road. Support for popular technologies Adobe Flash Player 10.1 for Galaxy Tab allows you comfortably to view Internet pages and use a modern web application.

Another interesting point is related to the approach to the controls. The right sidewall generously studded with all sorts of controls and on the front side there are four basic buttons with a standard for Android appointment, and everything they touch. Why? It is not clear.

they clearly Work, but worth the wait two to three months before frosts — and all the advantages of mechanical buttons will become more apparent. Yes, there is webrootdir, but try to tap frozen fingers.

the Screen supports multitouch, and it is no longer news. But the matrix is installed in the Tab, surprise still was, and unpleasant surprise. Without any fashionable technologies. conventional TFT.

the brightness, saturation, image and range of colors and shades Samsung Galaxy Tab is much smaller than the Galaxy S smartphone and iPad (iphone’t tell). Well during daylight readability significantly reduced.

Samsung has tried to compensate for this high level of illumination. But, I’m afraid, didn’t work. The matrix on the iPad looks much better, it can be seen with the naked eye.

on the other hand, the Galaxy Tab has a number of advantages over the iPad. In particular, it is possible to call. However, to make such a large handset to your ear, of course, quite uncomfortable, but you can also use the headset :)

in Addition, using the tablet to take pictures, however, with a resolution of only 3 MP. There is a front camera of 1.3 MP, which is intended for video and take self-portraits.

Quality in both cases is not to say that high, but the fact that the Galaxy Tab can be used for shooting anything, should be pleased.

Samsung P1000 Galaxy Tab 16Gb

Tablet Samsung Galaxy Tab. Price samsung P1000 galaxy tab 16Gb reviews

moreover, immediately after the announcement of Samsung’s tablet in the forums erupted discussion on the theme «Galaxy Tab is better than iPad because with it you can call». I highly doubt that anyone seriously intends to replace the tablet phone, but as a fallback in case of an emergency, why not?

With a media perspective, the Galaxy Tab is very good. Yes, iOS boasts more spectacular games, great range, a Samsung just comply with its own tradition on the part of the pre-installed codecs.

Any video (including HD) runs without problems the standard Android media player. You don’t have to convert your favorite movies and TV series in order to see them on the road, simply copy them to the memory card. the iPad in this respect is not so good.

Music is also nice to listen to on this tablet :

Tablet Samsung Galaxy Tab. Price samsung P1000 galaxy tab 16Gb reviews

On the screen, a light sensor and front camera for video calls. On the top is a 3.5 Jack for connecting headphones or a headset, the bottom end dynamics, and an interface connector.

the sync Cable and charger for the Samsung TAB is almost indistinguishable from the iPad. Match the shape of the cable, color, but the inscription Samsung says that this is not a product from Apple.

For such coincidences should be responsible for developing a product to be punished. Can’t one company’s product if it does not copy the similar from another manufacturer, to have such blatant similarities.

In General, what we see in the Galaxy Tab, it allows you to call it the most serious competitor of the proverbial «Apple» tablet. The interface may not as stylish, but comfort he did not yield.

the performance of the Galaxy Tab and the iPad is about the same level, at least to the naked eye the difference is not noticeable.

Well, as for battery life, the iPad here just out of competition. When playing HD video «tablet» would not work longer than 6 hours, while the Apple tablet without problems live about 10 hours.

But do not think that the Galaxy Tab is weak. In contrast, 6 hours is pretty good. But, as you can see, it is something to strive for.

For ease of text entry, in my opinion, the Samsung Galaxy Tab and iPad are equally good. The first addition to the standard keyboard supports Swype function that allows you to slide your finger across the letters you want and choose one of the offered variants of ready words.

Most users of this function to use and will not be, but in General it cannot be denied that the input speed in the presence of Swype and minimum skill increases.

it is Worth noting and a good set of software that is installed on the tablet initially. There is a convenient client for social networks, applications to import weather, smotrelka, eReader, convenient browser (it’s a Dolphin, and not the standard Android browser).

A selection of branded widgets soon, too much will increase — in fact, Samsung has launched the Apps directory, which promptly added new software add-ins. And of course, a lot can be downloaded from Android Market.

Apple also there are paid directories. however, you can also free download games for iphone. because there are many websites and services. But whether the same freebie with the Galaxy TAB from Samsung is still unknown :)

Price Samsung Galaxy TAB

Even during the presentation, Apple iPad wondered how much money Apple will ask you for a younger model iPad. What will be the price?!

a Thousand dollars — that’s the price you were willing to pay a lot of fans of this iconic brand. Declared half of it, or $ 500 — a flurry of excitement, cheap and unexpectedly.

But unfortunately, from Samsung for Galaxy TAB pleasant surprises to expect.

On the current price of $850, this Galaxy TAB from Samsung, the person residing in his right mind, don’t need — given the cost of the nearest competitor, the iPad. So. most likely the price of the Galaxy TAB will reduce time in two.

This product is contradictory, which reflects an attempt on the one hand to make the original device in the style of Samsung, on the other — to please those who for some reason love the iPad, but have not purchased it.

Conclusions: to afford the Tab will only be able people are not greedy and not susceptible to the iPad. Despite the smaller screen size, plastic case, picky buyers ripen in the root and see decent functionality, which tablet Tab puts on the blades of his Haploscope competitor.

the Only negative, which negates the efforts of the developers — exorbitant price (only in Russia?!). If for you this is not an argument, will buy this tablet tablet.

specifications of Samsung Galaxy Tab:

Operating system: Android 2.2

Display: 7 TFT-LCD, WSVGA (1024×600 pixels)

CPU: Cortex A8 1 GHz with PowerVR SGX540

Memory: 16 or 32 GB microSD card; 4 GB NAND Flash memory for applications 4 GB SDRAM


Camera: 3 MP, 1.3 MP front camera for video telephony

Communication: 2.5G (GSM/GPRS/EDGE): 850/900/1800/1900 MHz; 3G (HSUPA5.76 MB/s): 900/1900/2100 MHz; Wi-Fi 802.11n/Bluetooth 3.0

There is support for Adobe Flash 10.1, office Thinkfree Office, fast typing, Swype, Hybrid widgets Widget

Power: 4000 mAh (7 hours video playback)

Dimensions/weight: 190,09×120,45×11,98 mm/380 g

Pros: supports cellular 2.5/3G, rich package preinstalled applications, 3MP camera for video telephony. But the disadvantages include: a very high starting price, plastic housing, glossy screen.

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