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Toshiba Corporation

Large Japanese Corporation in the production of digital technology and industrial equipment

Toshiba is a major Japanese Corporation, specializing in the development and production of digital technology, industrial equipment and electronic devices. The main source of income Toshiba is the production of laptops, TVs and other audio and video equipment. Also, the Corporation is engaged in production of equipment for nuclear and alternative energy, and medical equipment.

Toshiba was founded in 1875 by the famous Japanese inventor Hisashige Tanaka (Hisashige Tanaka). Initially the company was named Tanaka Engineering Works and was Japan’s first manufacturer of Telegraph equipment.

In 1904, the company was renamed Shibaura Engineering Works. In the aftermath, the Japanese firm has shifted production of household appliances, Shibaura started production of refrigerators, washing machines and vacuum cleaners in the early 1930-ies [13 ].

In 1939 merger of Shibaura Engineering Works and the largest Japanese company Tokyo Electric Company. Created by associations of the two companies was named To kio Shiba ra Electric. Subsequently, the name was shortened to Toshiba. Its current name Toshiba received in 1978 after a series of mergers and transformations Corporation [14 ].

Toshiba manufactures a wide range of products in four major areas: digital technology (Digital products); industrial machinery (Social Infrastructure Systems; electronic devices and their components (Electronic Devices &Components); home appliances (Home Appliances). Net sales revenues of the Corporation are leading the first two areas, their share in total revenue, 2010 amounted to 34 percent. Within the business segment «Digital technology» Toshiba manufactures LCD TVs, disc players, laptops, computer servers, hard drives, POS terminals and equipment for registration of an electronic queue. The company also caters to the needs of the nuclear industry, alternative energy, and also manufactures elevators, escalators, complex medical equipment such as CT scanners, an apparatus for x-ray and others [19 ].

In 2003, Toshiba together with researchers from NEC was developed HD-DVD [16 ]. Despite attempts to bring to a common format two new media types high capacity, created on the basis of similar technology — HD-DVD and was developed by company Sony Blu-ray — the relevant negotiations to success has not led [12 ]. In early 2008 from HD-DVD in favor of Blu-ray refused Warner Bros, and soon after that Toshiba is about to cease production and sales of equipment that support developed by the format. The press reported that the loss of Japanese corporations from the failure of the project was $ 666 million dollars[10 ], [11 ].

In 2007, Toshiba has established its own record for the sale of laptops around the world they had sold 60 million [19 ]. In 2008-2010 computers Toshiba was ranked the fifth most popular brand in the world, behind Hewlett-Packard, Dell, Acer and Lenovo[3 ], [8 ].

In 2009, Toshiba announced the release of the first TV-based Cell processor — Cell Regza 55X1, which allows you to watch up to eight channels and record them in HD. At the end of 2010 Toshiba has presented TV Regza GL1, which allows you to watch movies in 3D without special glasses[19 ], [9 ], [6 ].

In the devastating 2011 earthquake in Japan, Toshiba has suffered a big loss because he was one of the main designers of nuclear reactors in the country. In the week following the accident at the nuclear power plant Fukushima-1, several of the affected reactor facilities which were built by Toshiba, price of shares of the Corporation fell by 27 percent. However, the company managed to recover quickly, and in may it guide said that this year will receive a record profit. In the press stable financial indicators Toshiba after the 2011 earthquake explained the collaboration with Apple Inc. — the Japanese company produced a flash-card type NAND necessary for the iPad. She has also released a new LCD displays for mobile phones and continued to improve sales performance laptops[1 ], [5 ].

in the Spring of 2011 Toshiba was at 509 in the list of the 2000 largest public companies, prepared by the magazine «Forbes». According to the publication, its revenues for the fiscal year amounted to 68.3 billion dollars [4 ]. In March 2005 Toshiba worked 165 thousand, five years engaged in business units around the world was about 204 thousand. A member of the Board of Directors, Executive Director and President of Toshiba in 2010 was Norio Sasaki (Norio Sasaki) [15 ], [18 ], [19 ]. At the same time, the company had approximately 470 thousand shareholders, and 38 percent of the shares were owned by Japanese financial institutions, 31 percent belonged mainly to private individuals in Japan, and about 25 percent of shares were owned by foreign investors [7 ].

Russia has a representation Toshiba with an office in Moscow, and one of its divisions, responsible for computer system, from April 2011 was translated under the direct control of the Japanese head office in «a sign of a larger focus on Russia» [2 ], [17 ].

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