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Today is Toshiba — one of the leaders in the production of office and consumer electronics, high quality which provide scientific and technical development of Japan’s major research center Toshiba. The main products of the Corporation in this area at present consists of copiers, computers, hard drives, CD-ROM and DVD-ROM drives, TVs, VCRs, DVD players, projectors, Fax machines, and electronic components.

Toshiba was founded in 1875 and became Japan’s first manufacturer of Telegraph equipment. Originally it was called Tanaka Engineering Works. The founder of the company Mr. Hisashige Tanaka (Hisashige Tanaka) was known in Japan by the inventor. Among the most prominent of his inventions — mechanical dolls and watch that you do not want to start. It was really outstanding inventors for the second half of the NINETEENTH century. The company soon became one of the largest manufacturer in Japan powerful electrical equipment. Later, following the market demands, the main direction of its activity the company has made the production of equipment for the end user. In 30-ies of XX century for the first time in Japan began mass production of refrigerators, washing machines and vacuum cleaners, developed by Toshiba. After a long process of mergers — in 1978 — the company got its present name — Toshiba. And shortly thereafter, in 1985, the company has established the world’s first portable computer. For 126 years of its history, the company has become a multinational Corporation and one of the largest manufacturers of electronics and electrical engineering. In 2000, total sales of the company amounted to 53 billion dollars. In offices and production facilities worldwide, the company employs more than 198 000 people. According to the magazine «Fortune», the firm ranks 44th in the list of the largest companies in the world. At the moment, outside of Japan it is more than 100 offices and subsidiaries. They employ more than 40,000 employees involved in the process of development, production and sales of various products. This suggests the involvement of the company in the process of globalization and the following the most modern business requirements.

Today, Toshiba — it is a group of ten companies, each of which focuses on one of the lines of business. It can be called one of the leaders in the field of manufacturing, office and consumer electronics, high quality which provide scientific and technical development of the largest research center Toshiba. The main Toshiba products in this area today are television, video recorders and video players, DVD players, copiers, portable computers and mobile phones. Specialists Toshiba developed the DVD format, which is becoming increasingly popular among all lovers of quality of image and sound. In addition, follow the General trends in the development of microelectronics in the last time Toshiba is increasingly focused on digital technologies and their application in the field of technology for entertainment. In this area already achieved some success — the company has created the world’s first player of the standards MP3/AAC and portable device for viewing DVDs and screen-based liquid crystalline matrix.

As a major electronics manufacturer, the company at the same time attaches great importance to the responsible attitude to the environment. Developed and executed a plan to reduce the impact of production on the objects of nature, including permanent decrease of carbon dioxide emissions and the transition to CFC-free technology. According to our motto «In Touch With Tomorrow», the company entered the twenty-first century, armed with the latest information tehnologiyami and following the rules of doing business in the new conditions of the information age.

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